Sunday, June 28, 2015

Review: Dolly Wink Volume Mascara

This review is long over due, I purchased this mascara during my trip to Japan, I was buzzing up and down the make up isle trying to figure out which mascara I should buy. I picked up this Dolly Wink mascara, purely because it's got the word "Volume" written on it, and it's the only word on the shelves of mascaras that I understood.

I can't remember how much I purchased this for, but it was around $21 AUD, and it was in a duo eyeliner pack. I  believe it's retailing around random sydney stores for approximately $26.

Before and After

Natural lashes - No mascara

Curled lashes - No mascara

With Dolly Wink Volume Mascara 1 coat to top and bottom lashes
My Verdict
  • My lashes are naturally straight and most mascaras make my lashes droop, even after curling. So far, I've found Shiseido's waterproof mascara to be effective in holding my curl, and Benefit They're Real mascara to do a relatively decent job. This mascara tops the lot with a cherry on top. It's ultra-light formula allows my lashes to remain curled and stay curled. It lengthens, creates volume and won't smudge.
  • The brush has small bristles to coat all the difficult to reach lashes, I usually go over my lashes with one generous coat, otherwise you might see clumps.
  • The formula is fast drying... and did I mention that it'll last all day? My eyeliner and eye shadow would've creased into a muddle, but my lashes would remain in pristine condition.
  • This mascara is waterproof, but it's easily removable with make up remover - personally, I feel that it's much easier to remove than Benefit's They're Real mascara.
  • Accessibility is an issue. Quite a few Japanese/Korean make up shops in Sydney stores this mascara, otherwise, I've seen Dolly Wink products on Ebay and Yesstyle.
  • This is a mascara that every uncurlable-straight-lashed girl should have in their stash. Definitely my HG mascara.
Also note that there is a similar mascara with a silver cap, the reviewed mascara has a gold cap.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Event: Glamour Affair Sydney 2015

Glamour Affair was one of my most anticipated Beauty Blogger/Youtuber event of the year. The event was put together by the lovely Melissa Bubbles and Three Bees Blog. It was so good to get together and meet all the bloggers/youtubers, I also had the pleasure of meeting Temporary Princess - whom I felt like I have known for years!

Getting to the event was a bit of a trek with trackwork, together with a train, a bus and a ferry, it took me over 2 hours to get to Daniel San Beachside Dojo, but it was well worth it. I was prepared do whatever it takes to get to this event.

I have never been to an event like this and always dreamed about being a part of a real life beauty community since I started blogging. Well, this dream came true :)

The day was packed with make up talks/demos from Shella Martin, demos from Lush, a Q&A with Boe, networking, activities and prizes. This is definitely one of the most memorable events of the year!

Shella Martin doing her magic

Co-Founder of Boe and beauty guru Jordy

A beautifully asethetic and fragrant demo from Lush

Sarah from Ms Billy (left)
Leah from Temporary Princess (left)

Group pic!

Here's a shot of most of the products we received from Glamour Affair - this includes the Innoxa prize I was lucky enough to go home with. I gave a few items to my partner already. I knew there was going to be a lot of products, but I honestly did not expect THIS MUCh. It was overwhelming. Damn guys, you really know how to top things off!

I had to get my partner to wait for me at Circular Quay wharf because I had no idea how else I would've carried all this home. Then, I spent 2 hours in total doing show and tell to my partner and then to my mother. Mum's got dibs on half of the lot.

A huge thanks Melissa Bubbles and Three Bees Blog for putting this incredible even together, you guys are amazing ^_____^
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Event: Supanova Sydney 2015 {Pic Heavy}

Once a year (some times more) cosplayers, comic/anime/cartoon fantics, gamers, figurine collectors and sci-fi fans come together to celebrate pop culture and meet actors, artists, directors, creators, pupeteers and people behind the scenes. It's been around since 2000 and has developed rapidly in the past 5 years.

I will never understand why it's set in the blazing cold month of June. I had a costume ready but decided to rug up in a giant coat and scarf instead. It was either to remain sick or get even more sick, with little sleep and dreadful flu bags under my eyes, we soldiered on into the cold

 Thanks to Glamour Affair the day before, I was in posession of 4 Gothic Chic lipsticks from Shanghai Suzy, I decided to put Dove (a greyish blue) on, which explains why I look partially ill.

My partner and Deadpool Panda 


 Billy Bryan 
 Famous puppeteer who played Stay Puft Mashmallow Man in Ghostbusters, other associated characters includes King Kong, The Energizer Bunny and Cat in the Hat
 I'm not sure who these guys were but their costumes were pretty cool

 The old dude from UP and my new son
Female Darth Maul 


 John Jarratt
He played Mick Taylor in the Wolf Creek movie series. He is as creepy in real life.
I'm not much of a LOTR fan, but here's one of all of those who are - ONE RING... TO RULE THEM ALL. 

 Doof Warrior from Mad Max Fury Road
If you haven't seen it, yo better get a move on! It's probably one of the best movies I've seen this year.
 The Avengers  without Captain America 
 Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and female Hawk- Eye
 My partner with his new Avenger friends

We also got a print out photo from HotShots
How amazing is his costume!!
 Darth Vader
He may look short but he was very tall!

My partner went a bit crazy with purchases, I was tame and picked up a couple of things....

I just couldn't go past the Pac Man ring ($8) I'm not a ring person, in fact I never wear rings, but this is better than Tiffany and Co.

My partner and I both purchased a T-shirt each, again, too funny to pass by...  finally found something to wear on Wednesdays ;)

Did you go to Supanova this year?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: Rimmel BB Radiance BB Cream and Lasting Finish Powder Foundation

I recently had the opportunity to try out some base products from Rimmel, I'd jump at any opportunity to trial foundations and powders. Finding the perfect base has always been a struggle for me. I have numerous different foundations/bb creams on my shelf and I never know which to go for in the morning.

If I don't get my base right... well, it's like a bad hair day.

Silky Biege

Silky Beige
Rimmel Lasting Finish Powder Foundation in Silky Biege

Cost: $17.95 (from Target)

About the product
- Lasts for 25 hours
- Can be worn wet or dry
- Medium to full coverage
- Waterproof build-able coverage
- Available in 4 shades: Light Porcelain, Soft Beige, Silky Beige and Warm Honey

Silky Biege

- This product is quite versatile, I've used it wet - it glides on like a wet compact foundation with light-medium buildable coverage. Do not use a make-up spritz or setting spray to wet your brush or compact, I did that the first time around and the spritz created an impenetrable shell on the compact. Instead, just use water.
- For dry use, I recommend using a flat top brush and dabbing the product onto your face. The powder is finely milled, you won't be able to tell that you've got powder foundation on your face.
- It is waterproof, I purposely went swimming with this on and got out the pool with continous flawless skin! So if you're gonna hit the pool, beach, gig or a heavily sweaty event, and still want some basic coverage, this is your saviour.

Rimmel BB Radiance BB Cream in Medium

Price: $12.95 (From Priceline)
3 shades available: Light, Medium and Medium-Dark

It's 9 in 1:
- Primes
- Smoothes
- Conceals
- Minimises the appearance of pores
- Natural coverage
- Moisturises for 24hrs
- Awakens tired skin
- Brightens skin with Vitamin C Complex
- Provides a radian finish


- Smooth and easily blendable texture when using a brush or your fingers. I peronally prefer using fingers, as the heat assists with a more even coverage.
- I was able to achieve a medium coverage, pretty much all of my blemishes and little acne scars were gone after 1 coat. I wouldn't go ahead with two coats, looks cakey.
- I probably wouldn't recommend this for those who are conscious about their fine lines, I used it on mum and unfortunately it accentuated her fine lines.
- My skin gets ridiculously dry during winter, otherwise I have combination skin. My nose gets really dry and most foundations encourage the flaking of the little dry skin on my nose. This did not, it's great for dry skin.
- I have a lot of pores, it did minimise my pores to some degree, however still visible.
- The scent is quite pleasant, it's lighly floral and doesn't smell like an obvious lab.
- The fact that it only comes in 3 shades is a down fall, luckily medium suits me fine, it's not overly pink. I have light-medium olive skin.
- Longetivity wise, it lasted the working day - most foundation tend to stick on my face anyway.

What's your favourite foundation?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WHO WHAT WEAR: Wedding at Le Montage

I should really clarify the title, I attended my first wedding at Le Montage. It's my absolute first wedding where I was invited rather than a plus one. I am heavily wedding deprived, this is my second wedding (I've been to another one but it doesn't count because I had absolutely no idea who the bride or groom were, nor have I ever met them, sounds like a bit of a wedding crasher).

My long weekend was exceptionally busy, I spent Saturday preparing for the wedding, Sunday attending the wedding and Monday recovering from post wedding pseudo-hang over (even though I didn't drink- designated driver duties!).

This is hands down, the most amazing wedding I've ever been to (not that I have much to compare with) but I don't have any doubts that it will remain no. 1 in my wedding hall of fame in the future. Everything (including the bride and groom) were breath-taking. The wedding dress was covered in swarovski sparkles during their first dance... I felt like I was at a pop star's wedding.

 View from Le Montage - isn't it gorgeous!!!
A bouquet of flowers, one for every table

Bride and Groom during their first dance

For those who are following me on Instagram, you would've seen this picture... now you can see the works in action - although I didn't wear my Marcs Jacket as it wasn't cold enough!

A break down of what I wore:

- Shoes from Nine West
- Skirt from Cue
- Heat proof tights from Uniqlo
- Black lace top from a thrift store - believe it or not!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Review: Scholl Velvet Smooth and Eulactol Heel Balm Gold {Graphic Pictures}

About the product:

- Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi is an electronic foot file with synthetic diamond crystals, the roller head rotates at high speed to gently buff out rough, hard and flakey skin on your feet.
- It is battery operated (requires 4 AA batteries - included)
- The roller head is detatchable, replaced and can be washed
- Ergonomically shaped with a soft touch handle
- Available in blue and pink

Price: $49.99 @ Priceline

How to use:

-Turn the silver ring of the pedi to activate the roller head, slide the head over the dry/hard skin on your feet for gentle exfoliation. If you press too hard, the roller will stop.
-Rotate around the required area of your feet, do not remain in the same area for more than 3-4 seconds.
- Once your feet/heel is nice and smooth, turn the pedi off
- Wash your feet, wipe and and apply moisturiser

About the product

- Effective in restoring dry and cracked heels, results visible in 3 days
- Non greasy
- Dermatologically tested
- Available in 60ml and 120 ml

Price: $13.99 for 60ml or $21.99 for 120ml (from Priceline)

How to use:
- Make sure your feet/heel is clean, apply a pea size amount of the balm to the dry/affected area of your feet
- Thoroughly massage the balm into the skin until it's mostly absorbed
- I like to apply this before bed and wear socks to trap the moisture

My Verdict

I've seen the pedi been advertised on TV for months, every time it comes up, I tell whoever is next to me that I need it. Nothing has worked for my dry and cracked heels, it gets worse during dry, cool, winter seasons. I also have a bad habit of walking around bare footed and rarely wearing socks - until now. I've been too embarrassed to take my socks during group Yoga because of my heels, so I've stopped going altogether. Amazing that something as little as cracked heels can put a dent in your self esteem.

I've been battling my scaly heels for the past 6 months and tried buffing my heels with sand paper, filer, applied vaseline, body butter, all sorts of lotion/cream for extra dry skin. Nothing has worked to date. These two products are a game changer for me, the pedi buffs out my heel in no timer. I'd apply Eulactol Heel Balm two times per day for maximum effect, the balm has a vaseline-like consistency (but works much more effective). By the third day, my heels were quite soft with colonies of dry flakey skin observed, after 8 days I feel like I have human feet again, on the 12th day the skin on my heels seemed to have almost achieved full restoration.

Ready for the before and after? Sorry guys, I know it's gross.. but look at the results!! it's amazing!

In terms of the balm, I did take a couple of days break in between, but it definitely pays to be persistent. The balm is now sitting on my bed side table with a replacement balm already purchased, the result speaks for it self. Now that my heels are quite maintained, I will be using it once per day for maintenance. I am ecstatic with the results, my heels and confidence has been restored - it made quite a significant difference to my heel and quality of life in general - Scholl products are now officially added to my foot care collection :)

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own

Have you tried Scholls?