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Not all Laser Hair Removal is created equal…

Come again? News to me…I don’t know about you beauty junkies but I’ve been hearing the term “Super hair removal”  or SHR floating around…and it peaked my interest. Afterall, isn’t all laser hair removal the same? No, apparently not. Which kinda makes sense…have any of you ever had a series of laser hair removal sessions only for nothing to happen? Correction, something did happen – the damn hair grew back! 

So, this got me thinking…what is the best type of laser hair removal?  Afterall, laser hair removal machines came on the scene 10 years ago, it stands to reason that there have been some advances in technology since then right? Bear with me as I attempt to break down this new-wave technology, so we can all hopefully work out what’s right for us. 

All of the lights 

So how does standard laser differ from SHR? And what about IPL? Isn’t that a laser too? Well all 3 hair removal lasers use targeted light (the laser) to affect the hair follicle, heating it up and essentially killing it so that it cannot grow hair anymore. The difference is basically the type of light, laser is a one-shot deal; an intense pulse of light, standard IPL laser is similar but uses a scattered light pattern to target the follicle. SHR treats the area by heating up the hair follicle slowly, using multiple flashes of light.  

So, what does that mean for me? 

Well for starters, talk to your clinician about the colour of your skin and hair. They will then determine which type of laser hair removal is suitable for you and if you are a candidate for SHR. Basically the hair needs to be darker than your skin tone as the light is attracted to the darkest thing it finds…and if its not the hair then the surrounding skin cops the heat, so to speak. 

How does SHR work? 

Well, despite heating up the hair slower – SHR is much faster treatment (due to the multiple lights). The treatment takes far less time to perform (we are talking HALF the time people!) as well as your clinician being able to treat much larger areas with ease. Rather than a stamping motion – the laser is rolled back and forth over your skin, making treatments much more comfortable. Instead of an intense zapping, it’s more of a warm tingle. The best part? The results usually last longer!  

Ok so now the super part is making sense – its faster, with zero pain AND longer lasting. I’m pretty sure that’s a trifecta in anyone’s eyes. 

Most places that offer SHR will have standard IPL also, which is great as it’s still a fantastic tool and can be used to treat smaller more difficult areas.  

Extra perks 

A few other honorable mentions – SHR is considered a safer treatment overall. This is due to the slower heating process, making it preferable for those with more sensitive skin types as well. Another perk is that whereas traditional IPL excluded those that did not have fairly light skin and dark hair, there is a bit more wiggle room when it comes to treating those with a darker complexion or tanned skin. 


Another benefit to SHR is its FANTASTIC for those pesky ingrown hairs. A friend of mine was plagued with ingrowns and literally everything she tried failed. Yet she swears up and down since getting SHR, she has not had ONE. Pretty impressive stuff. 

OK so that’s about it folks. I hope that de-mystified SHR and if it’s the right type of laser hair removal for you. It’s important to remember, everyone’s body differs – I have plenty of hair-free friends that got laser many moons ago, the results lasted, and they are as pleased as punch. I also have others who have had to “top up” their results with a couple of sessions later down the line. Speak to your clinician and find out which type is most likely to yield the best results for YOU. 

And on a final note - the body is an impressive thing, capable of healing and rejuvenating itself. Which is why those damn hair follicles are sometimes able to repair themselves after being dormant for a long period of time. I know, so unfair…why can’t it repair those crow’s feet that came in a few years ago? Or those laugh lines…come on body – get on it!!!  

I’ll keep you posted… 

Monday, December 7, 2020

2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Oil Garden's 3in1 Diffuser $39.99 works as a humidifier, air purifier and night light. Uses ultrasonic technology with a run time of approximately 5 hours. Oil Garden also have a range of essential oils for your diffuser, from Baby Sleep to Headache Ease blends, from $13.99. 

Purchase here

The Beauty Chef and I go back to 2017, when I was first introduced to the brand. I reviewed their Hydration Inner Beauty Boost. The Beauty Chef have grown exponentially since 2017 my top pick for the ultimate Christmas gift is their Beauty and Balance Kit. You get it all, their infamous Glow powder, Collagen and Well Spray.

Looking for a serum and can't find a one stop shop?  Boost Lab have your back. They have an amazing range of boosters, to hopefully cover all your skin concerns, eye serum, brightening serum, night serum... you name it. They retail for $29.95 each. 

Glasshouse never cease to impress me with their holiday releases. Just look at that carousel! I have it sitting in my living room and it looks like the most expensive thing in my apartment at the moment. The beautiful gold carousel is in A Tahaa Affair $79 .95. Too big? there's also Christmas Baubles and mini candles.  Try Under the Mistletoe for a fruity twist. If you like your cookies and baked goods you can't go past  Gingerbread House

Every time I write about L'occitane or photograph their products, it is as if I am writing about an old friend. I worked for L'occitane back in the days (we are talking 10+ years ago). They will forever hold a soft spot in my heart as I discovered the beauty of their products. If you are looking for stocking stuffers or tree decorators, These baubles are delightful, Almond Bauble is my top pick!

If you are looking to truly pamper your loved one, check out Nu Skin AgeLoc Lumispa. There is an entire range of kits to select from. Acne to Dry skin, there is a duo for all skin types. Lumispa device is the first-of-it's-kind dual action skin refining system, easily surpassing modern day brush technology. The device will deliver a deep clean  and skin renewal in a single treatment.

Love Barbie? Here's one for you. Pur collaborated with Barbie to create a fab pink line. This nostalgic collection had me thinking back to my childhood idol. There are lipsticks, brush sets, palettes and more in this exclusive collection. Photographed is their Endless Possibilities II Eyeshadow palette.
I have previously reviewed Pur's 4in1 Foundation Stick.

Mecca is our national wonderland when it comes to gifts, treats and Christmas editions. From big, bold Locking Eyes Eyeshadow Palette to petite Quads and Party Pout LipGloss Ornament . Mecca is your one stop shop from luxe to affordable.  I went to Mecca's Holiday Showing in 2017.

And back in 2016 - my first ever Mecca Haul!

A little something for Him. I find it incredible challenging to buy presents for men. It's usually socks. Deep Blue is a  woody fresh scent that I probably wouldn't mind wearing myself either! 

Period Undies for Christmas? Think practicality. I discovered Period undies 12 months ago and never looked back. Love Luna was my first period underwear purchase and since then I have also advanced to trying Love Luna's reusable pads. You are saving $$ and the environment.

FACE HALO X  is a highly anticipated launch. I have been using Face Halo for some time and it's incredible. Removes makeup with just water. My only qualm with the original Face Halo is that it's too thick for eye areas. Face Halo X is the answer for all smaller areas and  sensitive eye area. 

Working from home? Me too. This year I have developed a new appreciation for monitors, keyboards and mice. I had to put an office chair in and uber and lug home all the tech items so I can have a set up at home. If you want to help someone pimp out their home workstation, take a look at  Logitech MX Anywhere 3. How is it different to other mice? It's USB chargeable, you can use it on glass surface and you can use the mouse for up to 70 days after full charge. 

And look, we have circled back to Mecca! Mecca Max Brush Over Brush Set ($85) contain all the tools you need for the trade. The set comes with a fabulous travel case and is cruelty free. Eight brushes in total, they are super fluffy!

Trilogy is an Australian brand that I have been supporting and featuring for quite a while now.  I did a Trilogy brand focus in 2015 and reviewed their Bronzing Gel in the same year. They are known for their infamous rosehip oil. Their skincare products are beautiful and ecofriendly. Photographed is Rosehip Three Step Set  ($35.95) and Rosehip Red Set ($14.95).

Nuggett and Charlie was introduced to me this year, their product is worthy of a cult status. It's THAT good. For your chance to trial some of Nuggett's products, you can shop for Christmas bundles. Photographed is Happiness Essential pack ($65 - currently on sale).

I have three sets to recommend from Sisley Paris, a brand that I have supported for years now. I went to their Showing in 2018, reviewed their  AMAZING Blur Expert powder and talked about their incredible skincare here.  I have used and loved their products. They are luxury and beautiful, a little splurge to treat yourself every now and then. 

My first recommendation is Black Rose Cream Mask Collection $200AUD, Black Rose Cream Mask is a must for me on planes, especially long haul flights. Ever since I discovered Black Rose Cream Mask, I never experienced dehydrated skin on planes again. Except excellent  moisture retention, a little goes a long way. 

Eye Contour Care Duo Collection $445 made the list as another my tried favourites from Sisley. If I need a reliable under eye treatment, Eye Contour is my go to. I find the eye contour to deeply hydrate to help me look more refreshed and awake. 

And finally, Izia is a beautiful scent from Sisley. I have it sitting on my bedside table and use it sparingly... usually for special occasions or when I feel like I need a boost. Think floral, fresh and not overwhelming. Izia Eau De Parfum $135 is a fab set if you are looking to try the perfume anyway!

I remember the first product I tried from Ella Bache - their self tanning product. I received compliments far and wide on how nice the shade is. First impression is important! Ella Bache's Rejuvenating Skin Collection $139, is a fantastic opportunity for new comers to sample a variety of products.   

Bobbi Brown requires no introduction. Their holiday palettes are beautiful to say the least. This year is no exception, to your right is Golden Slippers $85 and right is Modern Symphony $85. I have been using Bobbi Brown for over a decade now. One of the first makeup brand I purchased as a teen. This takes me back to 2013 - my first  quick post of their Bronzing powder  and in 2016, I was invited to attend a Bobbi Brown Masterclass with Amy Conway

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Not all Laser Hair Removal is created equal…

Come again? News to me…I don’t know about you beauty junkies but  I’ve  been hearing the term “Super hair  removal”   or  S HR floating arou...

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