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Unedited photo of bare skin taken December 2018

As per Cynosure website: PicoSure® is the world’s first, fastest and most effective picosecond aesthetic laser. This unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology delivers ultra-short pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second. Picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact for better clearance with fewer treatments and less fluence.

It was explained to me on the day of treatment that Picosure is more effective than laser treatment. You will need lesser sessions and it will achieve better results. Picosure will also assist with smoothing out the textural problems of your skin. 


I was advised that the
level of bacteria on your skin will be assessed prior to your picosure treatment. Treatment may not be as effective if there is a high level of bacteria. Crystal - the owner of Bella Pelle (also a highly experienced registered nurse who had worked as a theatre nurse in plastic surgery before venturing into lesser invasive cosmetic procedures) advised that she would not perform Picosure on clients with a high level of bacteria on their face as it will not be effective. 

My cleansing method is quit rigorous. I double cleanse, gentle exfoliation once a week and mud mask once per week. When I remember, I will do a chemical exfoliation.

I removed all my makeup before treatment and applied numbing cream which was removed prior to the treatment. 


I lied horizontally on a bed and I had to wear protective patches on my eyes to protect them from the pulses. The pulses were only slightly painful... I'd say less painful than laser. However the sensitive parts from my cheekbones did hurt. The procedure lasted for about 10-15 minutes, this included specific spot treatment and overall pulses for the entire face.


Crystal provided me with a cold compress to prevent swelling etc. I also had LED light therapy to help with the healing process at the clinic. I was not allowed to us any harsh skincare including vitamin C for approximately 2 weeks. I also had to be gentle with cleansing. 
Following my treatment the parts that received spot treatment and the sensitive areas were red. Overall my face wasn't too red and Crystal advised I had reacted well to the treatment. 


It is imperative that you protect your skin from the sun after Picosure. I applied SPF 30 sunscreen before heading out and wore a hat. 

approx. 45mins post treatment

Crystal had recommended a further 3 sessions for me to get rid of all my pigmentation


Redness diminished the following day after treatment. The areas where I had received spot treatment got darker and I was able to see the formation of a small scab.


After 5 days, the pigmentation scabs had fallen off my face revealing fresh skin with no pigmentation.

1 week post treatment


Full pigmentation reduction, most of my freckles have either faded or fallen off. My pores were reduced and uneven skin tone looking  a lot better. 


I went to Fiji for a week between the 5 months and got a lot of sun, I did SPF like no tomorrow but I still came home with a distinct tan.

 In terms of the uneven skin tone situation, I think I needed more follow up treatment to maintain the plump skin but the condition is better overall. 

Pigmentation wise a couple of pigmentations did come back (on my nose and on the side of my face) while the rest did not emerge which I was quite happy about. 

I've never had laser pigmentation removal so I can't really comment on the comparison. But I was quite happy with the outcome - after just 1 session. However it is a very expensive treatment so I suppose the result matched my expectations. 


$1000 per treatment. It's quite hefty. If I had the money, I'd go and get the further sessions.


Find our more about Picosure:

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There are many islands surrounding the main island of Fiji and many tours/cruises you can take to go island hopping. These can usually be booked online before your trip or while you are in Fiji, by your hotel. If you are time poor, do a day tour. We did the Robinson Crusoe Island Day and Night Tour it cost approximately $297AUD per person. It was our biggest spend during our trip but it was worth our while. We were taken on a village tour for a couple of hours and then whisked away to Robinson Crusoe Island where the water was pristine. We were able to see all the fish in calf deep water.

Tour link:


There are so many beautiful reefs in Fiji, it would be a shame if you don't go snorkelling! We went snorkelling in Natadola Beach. There was a reef fairly close by the beach so we didn't need to swim out too much we saw the most beautiful fish, I spotted a clown fish hiding in the reef. It was my first experience snorkelling in Fiji and it was the best decision. Make sure you have your under water cameras ready!

We rented our Snorkelling gear through our hotel for $10FJD per set for the day.


A village tour in Fiji is not to be missed. It's a different way of community living. We went on two tours, one to the Sanasana Village and the second one with Robinson Crusoe Tour to Vusama Village.

We went on the Sanasana Village Tour with our hotel staff, it was $15FJD each, half of the profit went directly to the local village which we were really happy about. We were asked to remove our hats and sunglasses when approaching the village, women had to cover their shoulders and knees. The community living is not what we had expected, people lived in a block of land that is owned by the Chief, without fences or power lines. The houses were mostly made from tin or cement, there were no physical doors or windows. Simply squares or a rectangle. We were taken to the Chief's bure and met the chief. The villagers were extremely happy to see us, everyone was shouting Bula! with a huge smile every time they saw us. On our way back, our guide must've told them that he was taking us for a village tour and I assumed that they knew 50% of the profit goes to the village directly so each household greeted us and thanked us. If your hotel offers a local village tour, don't skimp out. It was the most authentic experience we had and knowing 50% of the profit goes directly to the village, it was even better. You will be taken to a place to buy souvenirs. We wanted to support the locals so we made a purchase.

Our Vusama Tour was different, we were able to see the positive impact brought by tourism. Vusama village was a lot more remote than Sanasana however they had a power lines, physical doors and windows, more resources and a church built in the village.


Kava is the national drink in Fiji, we were told that people drank several cups per day to help them chill, wind down and relax. Kava drinking comes with a traditional Kava Ceremony. It is often a drink people offered to their guests. Kava is made from root grinded into powder. We went through 2 kava ceremonies. The first ceremony was in Vusama Village with the village chief and it was very formal. The second was in a store in Nadi which I will speak about later.

We experienced a numbing effect, we did not experience any high or sudden relaxation. I think this depends on how much kava you drink.


Lovo is a must have when you are in Fiji. It's a traditional cooking method where fish, beef and chicken are wrapped and cooked underground essentially. We experienced this during the Robinson Crusoe tour. I personally found the fish a little bit tough but the chicken, delicious. My partner loved the fish.


This is not such much a do, it's more of a "beware" story. We went to Nadi to check out the town and do some shopping. There were a few tourists wandering around. We were dropped off at Jack's which is one of the most popular souvenir franchise in Fiji. As we walked down the street, several shop owners tried to get us to go into the shop and we did but didn't buy anything. One guy from a shop named "Fijian Souvenirs or Local Souvenirs" who was very charming, very friendly asked us to go into his shop which was all wooden handcrafts. Gave us a spiel about how dodgy non-native Fijians are in Fiji and that we should support local Fijians. We declined and he said "how about I will give you my card so you can come back when you are ready." We stupidly agreed and was lured into the shop for the non-existing card. He started with a Kava ceremony then tried to sell us kava, cigarettes and weed.

Following this he tried to sell a $250FJD  wooden statue to my partner, he claimed that the wooden statues are all locally carved and made - no, we saw the same items at the airport for $16FJD. Luckily we budgeted our shopping trip and only had $100FJD with us.. in which we had already spent $30. My partner declined the item. He tried to push a $150FJD item on my partner. I went over and said we didn't bring much money today and tried to take my partner out of the store. This man strategically placed himself so that he was blocking my partner and the entrance/exist. He kept asking us how much we have, we said not much and that we don't have cards or anything. By this point he was a bit annoyed and told us to go and look at the cheap stuff. Eventually we purchased a turtle necklace for $20FJD. which was still a rip. On our way out he literally forced us to givea donation to the local village into his massive "turtle bowl" we chucked some silver shrapnel into the bowl as it's money we didn't want to take back and left.

An hour after this experience we both started to feel funny in the stomach. I told my partner that I was almost certain that he fed us tap water disguised in a Fiji Spring water bottle. We went and had lunch then I had a full fledged upset tummy 2 hours later. But I was ok once everything came out (sorry TMI!). We were fine for the rest of the trip.

To be honest, this didn't dampen our experience, it was an experience on it's own. I have never seen anyone so pushy before. We still had a great time in Fiji. Bottom line, be careful and try not to get scammed or drink mysterious bottled tap water!

We will be going back to Fiji to do some island hopping in the future

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We have been doing quite a bit of traveling in the past few years. This year we went around the former Yugoslavia and had the most educational and invigorating experience. As soon as we got back, I started to write down a list of countries and cities I want to visit, excited about my next trip! This brings me to Sisley Paris' new Le Phyto Rouge release, their shades are linked beautiful cities around the world. 

  • Full coverage, long wearing lipstick
  • Hydrates, protects and soften lips all day long
  • Glide on formula that will not bleed 
  • Gold magnetic casing 
  • Active ingredients includes Calendula (softens), Vitamin E (Anti oxidant, Anti free radicals), Vitamin C (anti oxidant) 
  • 23 shades with different finish such as pearly, satin and iridescent 
RRP $65


  • Shades: 21 Rose Noumea (a dusty rose, an everyday shade for me) and 43 Rouge Capri (More of a brick red, this would be my go to shade for events!). I went to Noumea a couple of years ago and thrilled that I was matched with this beautiful city. Capri is on my list! We were planning to head off to Italy this year but found it impossible to budget for it now that we are moving into a 2 bedroom. Both shades are needless to say, stunning. 
  • The Case: I adore the gold zebra stripe casing, the fact that it's magnetic makes it easy to ensure the lipstick won't be twisting out if it's tube. The casing is quite heavy compared to my other lipsticks. It provides a very luxury feel to it. The lipstick also comes with a velvet red, this is great to make sure your case won't suffer any scratches. 
  • The Texture: It's velvet soft, extremely light weight, creamy and glides on with absolute ease. My lips felt soft and did not feel like I was wearing product on my lips. The lipstick did not tug at my lips. 
  • Finish: Matte finish (I think there is a tiny bit of pearlescent in Noumea)
  • How long did it last? I wore it to a few lunches. If I am not eating or drinking the lipstick seems to last until removed. Once I started eating I noticed the lipstick to fade very slightly, however still very visible... until I subconsciously start to wipe my lips with a tissue and notice the amount of product that came off. Overall, really good lasting power!
  • Hydration? The lipstick itself is quite hydrating once applied, it did however feel slightly drying after a couple of hours of wear if I do not prime my lips with a balm. If your lips are naturally dry and prone to chapping, apply a generous layer of lip balm.
  • Did it bleed? Rouge Capri is a fairly vibrant shade and I did not notice any bleeding. Mum tried it and did not notice any bleeding either. Note this was the result with both no lip balm and lip balm applied. We were very pleased with this.
  • Other Recommendations: 
    • I don't tend to use a lip liner, however if you are looking for very defined lips or if you are looking to make your lips slightly bigger by drawing outside your natural lip lines, I would recommend you to use a lip liner. 
    • The lipstick itself is very creamy and silky in texture, so use a semi light hand when you swatch it. Don't let this factor stray you because I assure you that this does not happen when you apply it on your lips. Lip application is flawless. 

This lipstick screams luxury, from packaging to the shape of the lipstick bullet. If you are looking for a feathery light lipstick that is pigmented and true to colour, this might be your pick.

You can find Sisley Le Phyto Rouge Lipsticks here.

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This is my first ever electronic toothbrush. I was quite hesitant and concerned about my level of adaptability in switching from manual to electronic. I can now say that I have been using my ISSA 2 since June 2018. That's a full 5 months of testing and trialling, I am finally ready and comfortable to give my verdict!


- Waterproof design with sonic pulses (with adjustable speed)
- The brush head is made from PBT Polymer and soft silicone
- Tongue cleanser on the flip of the head
- Rechargable via USB
- 365 day charge
- Available inn 4 colours (pink, blue, black and mint)

RRP $235


- Waterproof - This toothbrush is 100% waterproof I have not had any water leakage issues. I use this at the sink and I'd take it into the shower to brush my teeth sometimes.

- Pulses - The pulses are quite gentle. It took me a week or so to become adjusted to it as I have been using a manual brush all my life. The brushing using ISSA 2 is not harsh.

- Silicone - Before I started using my ISSA 2 I read a fair amount of reviews, a lot of people claimed that the silicone bristles fell off within a couple of weeks. This did not happen to me at all. I brush my teeth using a pretty heavy hand and I have not had a single silicone fall off. Unless you are biting the silicone or chewing on it... I can't see it falling off.

- Tongue Cleanser - I found this to be ok, prior to this toothbrush I would brush my tongue with the manual tooth brush so this didn't feel "enough" for me. I personally prefer smaller silicones rather than the grooves. Which is fine! Because I can just brush my teeth with the ISSA 2 brush head.

- Charging - I have only ever charged my ISSA 2 once when I first received the product, I use my toothbrush twice a day for about 2 mins per brush.  I also brush my night guard in the evening. I LOVE that it's chargable via a USB cord, this is a big thing for me. I tend to stop using battery operated electronic devices.

- Hygienic - I feel that silicone bristles makes this brush hygienic and very very easy to clean.

- Brush Head- . It is recommended to change your ISSA 2 brush head every 6 months or so, they can be replaced for $27.90. It's probably time for me to change my brush head!

- Recommendations - I have two recommendations, one is to ensure you spread your toothpaste across your teeth and allow it to foam. If I don't do this, I often find a small chunk of my toothpaste to have fallen to the back of my lower front row of teeth. It's been an easy fix but just letting you guys know. The other thing is to store it on a dry surface. I was putting it in a cup that is often wet, this made the bottom of the toothbrush a bit gross. BUT since it's silicone it was sooooo easy to clean.

The end note - I will not be able to go back to manual toothbrush!
Foreo ISSA 2 is an investment but there are always sales going on so grab one while it's on sale, this is a long term investment.


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Mirenesse Shona Collection + Brow Sculptor Review + Swatches

I have been eyeing Mirenesse's Shona Collection since it was launched. There's something about ombre sticks that makes my heart throb. This collection is limited edition with original art designed by Australian Artist - Shona. The products are 100% cruelty free.

Today we will go through the products I have been trying from Mirenesse x Shona, I have tried these products for the last few months and ready to now give my verdict. If you'd like to know, read on.


This was one of my favourite products trialled from this lot, I was very hesitant at first but once you know where to draw your lines it is the most simple contour product a girl can ask for. The stick is super creamy and sits on top of your foundation nicely. The application will not shift your foundation and you will be able to blend the contour out with absolute ease. I like to use a dense brush. The highlighter is not as visible. But if you are looking for a natural easy cream contour, I highly recommend this!


When I first saw these Shona eye art sticks I was very curious and wondered how they would work! I have used them quite a few times now and found the stick to work ok with the darker colours closer to my lashes and the lighter colour on my lids. The application is quite easy, two clean sweeps. Personally, I think they would work better for people with more eye lid space than hooded eye lids. However... if I take a brush to slightly blend the colours out and smoke the darker colour out a little, it actually looks decent. The liner colour will stick to your lids so make sure you blend quickly. If your lids are oily like mine, use a primer otherwise this will crease after a few hours.  


I've really started to focus on my brows more now, the automatic pencil end of this brow sculptor is absolutely perfect. The formula is hard, not creamy which is exactly what I have been looking for. The shade is universal and suits my black brows really well. You can draw individual brows and adjust the colour by using slight pressure when applying. Even though I have black eye brows, I found light strokes with this to work well. The mascara end of the sculptor is a light brown shade and to be honest, I was very scared but it actually didn't make my brows look lighter. If anything, it did really well at making my brows look fluffy and stay fluffy throughout the day!

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Introducing Sisley Paris Velvet Nourishing Cream + Sisleya L'Integral Anti Age Firming Concentrated Serum

A while back, I attended Sisley Paris' launch of Sisleya L'Integral Anti Age Firming Concentrated Serum and Anti-Age Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron Flowers. Both products will launch in November 2019 - just a couple of sleeps away until you will be able to try these luxurious products for yourself!

The launch was one of the most educational and remarkable launches I have been to, to date. Before I even think about trying new products I want to know what is different about a product when compared to the wider market, this will determine my interest to initiate the trial. When a product is like 10 other creams I have at home, I tend to put it away for later. But when a product incorporates Epigenetics, I am interested!

Sisley Paris invited UNSW genetics professor Dr Youngsen to talk to us about Epigenetics - a term I have never heard of before. I studied two terms of genetics back at university and had a fair understanding of DNA structure etc. It makes sense that the lifestyle and behavioural choices we make (i.e., diet, sleep, exercise, self care etc) can impact our DNA and affect not only our health/wellbeing/disposition but those of our children, children's children and so forth.

This incredible range from Sisley Paris is formulated to re-work and re-activate cells that had suffered from our poor lifestyle choices. This is a game changer! Keep reading for a little introduction.

  • This is a highly concentrated serum that will make your skin is visibly firmer and plumper after 2 months of use.
  • Firmness will be restored with Phyto-complex Pro-Firm 7, a unique plant based extract.
  • Your skin will be boosted with Sweet Marjoram extract, an active ingredient to boost skin's firming potential.
  • The product is extremely hydrating, light weight with silky texture and absorbs extremely well. Instant plumping was noted on my dry dehydrated hands following use. However you will need continuous use for the best, long term results. 

  • This is a dual purpose nourishing day and night face cream that can be used after the serum; it works to protect the skin during the day and restore your skin at night time. 
  • The cream will help to allow your skin to become more resistant; during the day active ingredients such as Buckwheat seed extract helps to protect the skin and during the evening, shea butter will assist with repair.
  • Saffron flower extract will optimise and sooth dry/coarse skin. Get ready for your ultimate smooth and plump complexion!
  • A trio of oils that is rich in omega 6,7 and 9 will nourish and hydrate your skin intensively. However, rest assured, the product is not oily nor heavy. 
  • The cream possess a velvet texture as per most Sisley Paris skincare products. This particular cream will give you a full sensory experience with notes of honey and orange blossom.

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During my trip with Trafalgar, we visited Slovenia, a hidden gem - picturesque scenery, beautiful food and hilarious locals full of sarcasm who will feed you shots of schapps in the morning. Slovenia was my highlight during my trip throughout the former Yugoslavia, mainly because I didn't know what to expect and BAM, serenity. Slovenia is slowly being discovered by tourism so get in quick!

Also important to note that NONE of the photos below are photoshopped or touched up. I had to increase the contrast of the photo above for Lake Bled due to terrible overcast. I hate seeing heavily edited and photo shopped travel photos in blogs cos when I go there, it looks nothing like the photo. So whatever you see below are untouched with natural lighting taken on my Samsung mobile.

Morning Blueberry Schnapp - Top of Mt Vogel


We took a cable car to Mount Vogel early in the morning, the mountain is 1922m high (our cable took us to about 1600m) and a part of the Julian Alps. Even though it was Summer in Slovenia, the snow caps were still visible. The view was breathtaking. In case you are curious, skiing is available during winter. There is a paranomic restaurant aligned with the cable stop. We didn't dine there but we sure got a shot of blueberry schnapp (pic above) to help with the chilly breeze up on the alps!

Mt Vogel


This is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, it's a 5 minute drive from Mt Vogel - if you are travelling to Mt Vogel you will pass Lake Bohinj. I didn't see any public transport in this part of Slovenia, so driving or going with a tour is your best bet. We saw lots of camps set up close to the lake. This view is a slice of pure paradise, we spent quite a bit of time here and didn't want to leave. We also saw a lot of trouts swimming in the crystal water.


Our accommodation was in Lake Bled (Park Lake Bled Hotel), heavy overcast on the first day but it quickly cleared up. There were an abundance of tourists sitting by Lake Bled as well as holiday goers from nearby cities/countries. We saw a lot of people sun bathing and swimming by the lake. The lake freezes during winter allowing guests to walk across the lake to explore the medieval bled castle by foot. You will get a grand view of Bled from the castle and bell tower. There is an entry fee.


Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. We strolled around the city and markets, the cafes served baked goods, coffee and sandwiches (all very very affordable). At the market, you will find fresh blooms, fruit and vegetables. There were also a lot of university students in Ljubljana, apparently students make up 1/7th of the city population.  There is public transport in Ljubljana, you can also rent a bicycle to explore the city.


The infamous Cream Cake of Lake Bled is readily available around bled - A layer of crispy golden crust, a generous layer of cream followed by another generous layer of custard sitting on a crispy layer of thin buttery dough. It was heaven.We got ours from Restavracija Panorama, just a short walk from Park Bled Hotel. We didn't get time to go to Okarina but it was highly recommended and loved by Paul McCartney.   

The other thing that was mesmorising was their trout. Freshly caught, tender and flavoursome with a side of buttery garlic potatoes and spinach. If you a seafood lover you will love this.

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Unedited photo of bare skin taken December 2018 WHAT IS PICOSURE? As per Cynosure website:  PicoSure® is the world’s first, faste...

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