Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sealife + Fort Denison + Birthday (PIC HEAVY)

Even though it's almost been a month since my birthday, I've been posting up annual birthday posts to help my poor brain remember exactly what I did each year.

This year we went to Sealife and Fort Denison.

First off... some pictures I took from Sealife Aquarium, look at those jellyfish!

Below are two jellyfishes doing some X-rated baby making business, well, they've already made a lot of babies - see the little white dots? Yup, they're tiny jelly tots

There's me at the rock pool. And below, some tasty treats from Sealife. Battered calamari, fish and sweet potato chips.

*** Fort Denison ***

Basically a historical site with a nice restaurant over looking the harbour. You can reach Fort D by boat from Circular Quay.

Because I'm lazy and spent a good half of today typing reports, here's Port Denison in a nutshell thanks to Wikipedia

"Fort Denison is a former penal site and defensive facility occupying a small island located north-east of the Royal Botanic Gardens and about one kilometre east of the Opera House in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia."

What did you do for your last birthday?

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Monday, September 8, 2014

My First Wishlist

I had my birthday month last month, each August, a few friends would send me messages asking

 "What do you want for your birthday? You're so hard to buy for!"

And I'd reply

"A house and a new car, maybe a Euro holiday"

I guess it's true that I'm a little unrealistic and a little too practical. I would often buy people what they "need" rather than what I think they might like. I might rock up to your birthday with a new toaster or an iron to replace your broken one. So I think a Wishlist is a great conventional way to direct your friends to the right products ;)

Eye of Horus Mascara 
I received an Eye of Horus eyeliner from one of the Bellaboxes a while back, I was amazed by the pigmentation and quality. I have seen a variety of positive reviews and amazing before and after shots  with this mascara.

Real Techniques Retractable Khabuki Brush
Real Techniques is another brands I've came across on various beauty blogs but haven't had a chance to put it to the test. I do need a retractable all rounder brush for the holiday seasons. 

Skindinavia The Makeup Primer Spray
Are you as lazy as me when it comes to priming? My mornings are short (See my everyday work makeup breakdown post). Adding another product means adding more time.. which is why I thought this primer spray was an excellent idea. Has anyone actually tried a primer spray? Thoughts?

OPI Nail Lacquer - Meet Me on the Star Ferry
This polish caught my eyes, I thought it was a very pretty eerie and mysterious purple. In addition, I have never tried OPI -  this is sad, right?

Young Blood Hydrating Lip Creme 
Young Blood is one of those brands I've been curious about. The name itself is intriguing enough - maybe I've been watching too much True Blood and Game of Thrones. I've also seen Young Blood products at my local salon, a very luxurious display!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
This foundation has been on my wishlist for a very long time. I have a variety of foundations at home and I promised myself that I will not purchase a new foundation until I've gone through my current stash. 

ASOS Vintage Style Punchout Satchel Bag
ASOS Quilted Cross Body Bag with Metal Bar Detail
Vintage or Classical? Help! 

Having a wishlist is fun, however, I often have disagreements with my bank account when it comes to making the purchase. Now that I am a responsible adult, I need to pay expenses and understand the value of money, I shriek a little during birthday months - especially my mum's. Mum expects a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and beauty products. Since I work full time and don't have a lot of time to go in stores to shop around, I would often spend half my pay on her presents, which is why I started using a lot of coupons and online deals. I even tried to pressure my boyfriend into buying an online coupon as a part of my birthday present! I remember when a friend asked what my favourite store was, I told her a store with everything in it, well this concept applies across both stores and websites. Now I have a cost effective, time efficient and centralised website for beauty and fashion deals in the bag!

What's on your wishlist? Are you an online deal hunter like me or do you bite the bullet and pay full price in stores?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Nads Hair Removing Products

I must admit that I haven't been paying too much attention to my bodily hairs since my boyfriend and I started seeing each other. I guess I'd make a great cave woman.

 I am so glad that Nad's came out with a cream hair removal product with a little in built compartment to store the sponge,  I am notorious for losing sponges!

The application was simple, I spread the product all over my legs and waited 4 minutes (significantly shorter than previous hair removal products where I had to wait 10-15 minutes) and rinsed it off in the shower, my legs were silky smooth!

This is perfect for sensitive skin, no stings, no rashes, no burning sensation and all hairs came off with ease.

When it comes to hair removal, I've always been a shaver, my friend waxed my legs in high school and bruised it, I never allowed wax on to my skin that day forward.

My boyfriend on the other hand was optimistically keen to try out Nad's nose wax.

This is the most organised kit I've ever seen. I wasn't sure what the moustache stickers were for when I first saw them. Boyfriend thought it might be an element of amusement to counteract the pain factor from pulling out your nose hair.

Oh but we were wrong!

It's obviously a prop for silly selfies!

I'm kidding. It's more or less a moustache protector

Application (really easy!):

1. Heat up the wax, twirl it around with a paddle pop stick to make sure it's melted
2. Apply the moustache stencil if you have a moustache
3. Dip the circular side of the little white applicators into the wax
4. Place it in your nostril
5. Count to 90 and pull it out!
6. Clean your nostrils with the anti bacterial wipe

This is a 2in1 nose wax kit. You can wax your nose and clean your pores!

Pore Cleaning Application:

1. Apply the warm wax onto the surface of your nose (See picture above)
2. Count to 30 and gently remove the wax, it doesn't hurt.

Remember how I said I haven't had wax on my skin since high school? Well, that's changed now, my role as a bystander was unbearable, I HAD to trial this out. I wasn't brave enough for the nose wax but we had a lot much fun with this wax and decided to rid other facial hairs... i.e., boyfriend's monobrow and my upper lid fluff. It did a great job by the way, we are both sold, boyfriend requested to keep the kit at his place. We gave each other the nod of approval.

Check the video below to see the nose wax in action WARNING - nose hairs were pulled in this video.

The nose wax might just be the perfect gift for hairy dads since Father's Day is just around the corner.

Are you a shaver, waxer, laser hair remover, cream user or other?

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lust Have It! Monthly - August 2014

Ah it's that time of the month again! I can't believe August is almost over, Christmas is just around the corner.

August is LHI's birthday month (and mine too!) I had high expectations for this month's content.

Lets have a look ...

BioElixia Bodyshaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Cream
$39 - Full size

Apparently this product will assist in reducing the appearance of stretch marks and improve your skin texture. Personally, I am extremely skeptical when it comes to products that will "diminish" anything from your skin. I believe skincare can assist in reducing and preventing x y and z.  A nice, big full sized product but I don't think this product is for me. Mum might like this!

 Essenzza Fuss Free Natural 
$6.95 for 25 wipes + mini wipes valued at $2.50

As much as I love Wotnot, it's a nice change to see wipes from a different brand in LHI packs. The product claims to remove waterproof products - I haven't had much luck with removing waterproof mascara with wipes. My lash casualties saddens me,  I just cannot bare to use it on my lashes anymore.  On the contrary, I'm optimistic to try this on my face.

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment
$24.95 - full size

This is an all in one miracle treatment, it'll control frizz and flyaways, add shine, smooth, soften and strengthens. I usually quite "meh" about hair products, but I have a lot of flyaways.  I hope it works!

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush
$28.95 - full size

I just purchased a set of bamboo brushes, darnit! I always welcome tools of the trade into my collection :)

Bioderma Crealine H20
$29.99 for full size
Received Sample size  

Bioderma has made quite a few appearances in LHI packs/boxes. I use micellar water on a regular basis - especially when I'm using a crappy cleanser. I don't mind receiving another one of these.  

Oh and I received a lot of vouchers, most will go unused.

What did you think about this month's pack?

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Friday, August 15, 2014

What's in My Bag?

 I remember doing this on Youtube years ago. I love a sneaky beak and seeing what other people carry in their bag, I guess it's a way for me to normalise the fact that I carry a lot of unnecessary items in my bag.

There's a reason why I can never find anything in my bag...LOOK AT ALL THIS JUNK! 

Here I have my two phones, wallet and and coin purse.

I always carry an umbrella in my bag, you never know when it'll rain. The Moxie tin for all my lady products, Extra gum to keep the bad breath away. I am currently reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, it's about a psychiatric institution - quite interesting. A work pass and a hair scrunchie.

My bottle goes wherever I go, I started chucking jasmine tea bags into my bottles each day for flavoured tea. Headphones to keep me company. Keys, a pen or two and some strepsils.

I have absolutely no idea why I have so many lip products in my bag!

Top to Bottom:
Shiseido The Makeup Crayon
Carmex lip balm
Klara Cosmetics
Sugar baby Lipstick
Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Strawberry Gelato

I would LOVE to see what you guys have in your bag, if you do post it up, please send me you link :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Restaurant Review: Kobe Jones - Land and Sea Banquet

 I took my boyfriend to Kobe Jones for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. Kobe Jones made an impression with their scallops at a Taste of Sydney. So I thought... perfect I'll take him there for a degustation. This is my second time at Kobe Jones, click here to see the first time.

Onikoroshi Sake

I fell in love with Sake during my most recent trip to Japan.. especially warm sake during winter. This sake was a bit watered down compared to the ones I had in Tokyo.

Number One Special 
 Crab salad with avocado wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish and baked with our secret sauce

This was amazing, so much flavour and texture! I need to find out what their "secret sauce" is!!
Tuna Sashimi Salad
Garden greens topped with fresh tuna sashimi, drizzled with ponzu dressing

Rather average to be honest, not much flavour... vinaigrette dressing more or less.

Seafood Poke
Hawaiian style sashimi cubes marinated in poke sauce

Again... another average dish, the sashimi cubes were quite fresh but where is the flavour!?

Wagyu Tataki
Seared and chilled, served rare with garlic, ginger and ponzu sauce

I don't usually eat raw beef, but this was quite nice, except I had to eat all the meat dishes on my own T_T

Seared Salmon Sashimi Carpaccio
 Salmon flamed with extra virgin olive oil, drizzled with wasabi pepper sauce and baby herbs

This was really disappointing, the flame grilled sashimi from my local sushi train tastes better..

Calamari Fritto
Pineapple cut calamari in our special panko, lightly fried and served with roasted shallot and mayonnaise and smelt roe

I thought this was FISH!? very odd tasting calamari, it was nice though.

Tiger Prawns Kobe Jones Style
Tempura style tiger prawns, seasoned with chives, served with garlic chilli mayonnaise

This was nice, can't really go wrong with deep fried goods ..

Volcano Roll
Oven baked scallops layered on a crab salad avocado roll, with special cream sauce and sesame seed and shallot sprinkle

A part from the fact that the sushi was more or less mush, the flavour was there. Disappointing again, the volcano roll was much better last time.

Golden Crab
Wild-caught succulent crab, grilled robata style to highlight its sweetness, served in shell with fresh lime 

This was quite generous. The crab meat was sweet and fresh. I'm not much of a fresh crab eater so most went into my boyfriend's tummy. He's concentrating hard...

Miso Soup
Kobe Jones' red and white miso soup

Umm... just miso...I'm not sure what this red and white miso is about...

Wagyu Hot Rock
Wagyu 6+ cooked on volcanic rock with special dipping sauces

My stomach was about to burst at this point and since boyfriend doesn't eat meat, I had a lot of trouble finishing this on my own. I don't know how I felt about this, it tastes better than steaks I get at random pubs, but it wasn't as tender as some of the other wagyu I've had.

Chocolate Melting Cake
Exotically dark treat of semi-sweet chocolate melting cakes, served with vanilla and green tea ice creams

The chocolate cakes didn't exactly melt, but it was rich and went well with the ice cream selection :D


Customer service was excellent, we were attended to very quickly, the food came out in a timely manner.

Food ...  a real let down. I purchased the voucher from Scoopon, thank goodness I didn't pay full price. I don't think I will go back there again, I've had better Japanese food from Ippudo.

Value for money? No.... the full price was $165 pp....  I would definitely not pay $330 for an average degustation....

Kobe Jones on Urbanspoon

Would you pay $330 for this meal?