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I have been a long time fan of Genie Beauty, the range was first introduced to us by founder Lisa Claycomb, her passion triggered my curiosity bell and I have been using Genie Beauty ever since because their quality is up to scratch.

I tend to stay away from physical exfoliates and scrubs for my face (with a few exceptions) due to my enlarged pores, but because it's Genie, I wanted to test it out. So, today I want to talk to you about one of Lisa's latest creations, a triple action exfoliate!

This exfoliant employs a Dual Sensory Performance; Warming sensation upon application enhances the exfoliating action and cooling when rinsed refreshes and rejuvenates.


Japanese Pearl Powder: This powder can be used for multiple uses, i.e., improve skin texture, reduce pore size, control oil and spot reduction.

Bromelain: Is an enzyme extract derived from the stems of pineapples. This enzyme is know for reducing inflammation. Bromelain will help lift away dead skin cells to …

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