Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mirenesse Shona Collection + Brow Sculptor Review + Swatches

I have been eyeing Mirenesse's Shona Collection since it was launched. There's something about ombre sticks that makes my heart throb. This collection is limited edition with original art designed by Australian Artist - Shona. The products are 100% cruelty free.

Today we will go through the products I have been trying from Mirenesse x Shona, I have tried these products for the last few months and ready to now give my verdict. If you'd like to know, read on.


This was one of my favourite products trialled from this lot, I was very hesitant at first but once you know where to draw your lines it is the most simple contour product a girl can ask for. The stick is super creamy and sits on top of your foundation nicely. The application will not shift your foundation and you will be able to blend the contour out with absolute ease. I like to use a dense brush. The highlighter is not as visible. But if you are looking for a natural easy cream contour, I highly recommend this!


When I first saw these Shona eye art sticks I was very curious and wondered how they would work! I have used them quite a few times now and found the stick to work ok with the darker colours closer to my lashes and the lighter colour on my lids. The application is quite easy, two clean sweeps. Personally, I think they would work better for people with more eye lid space than hooded eye lids. However... if I take a brush to slightly blend the colours out and smoke the darker colour out a little, it actually looks decent. The liner colour will stick to your lids so make sure you blend quickly. If your lids are oily like mine, use a primer otherwise this will crease after a few hours.  


I've really started to focus on my brows more now, the automatic pencil end of this brow sculptor is absolutely perfect. The formula is hard, not creamy which is exactly what I have been looking for. The shade is universal and suits my black brows really well. You can draw individual brows and adjust the colour by using slight pressure when applying. Even though I have black eye brows, I found light strokes with this to work well. The mascara end of the sculptor is a light brown shade and to be honest, I was very scared but it actually didn't make my brows look lighter. If anything, it did really well at making my brows look fluffy and stay fluffy throughout the day!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Introducing Sisley Paris Velvet Nourishing Cream + Sisleya L'Integral Anti Age Firming Concentrated Serum

A while back, I attended Sisley Paris' launch of Sisleya L'Integral Anti Age Firming Concentrated Serum and Anti-Age Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron Flowers. Both products will launch in November 2019 - just a couple of sleeps away until you will be able to try these luxurious products for yourself!

The launch was one of the most educational and remarkable launches I have been to, to date. Before I even think about trying new products I want to know what is different about a product when compared to the wider market, this will determine my interest to initiate the trial. When a product is like 10 other creams I have at home, I tend to put it away for later. But when a product incorporates Epigenetics, I am interested!

Sisley Paris invited UNSW genetics professor Dr Youngsen to talk to us about Epigenetics - a term I have never heard of before. I studied two terms of genetics back at university and had a fair understanding of DNA structure etc. It makes sense that the lifestyle and behavioural choices we make (i.e., diet, sleep, exercise, self care etc) can impact our DNA and affect not only our health/wellbeing/disposition but those of our children, children's children and so forth.

This incredible range from Sisley Paris is formulated to re-work and re-activate cells that had suffered from our poor lifestyle choices. This is a game changer! Keep reading for a little introduction.

  • This is a highly concentrated serum that will make your skin is visibly firmer and plumper after 2 months of use.
  • Firmness will be restored with Phyto-complex Pro-Firm 7, a unique plant based extract.
  • Your skin will be boosted with Sweet Marjoram extract, an active ingredient to boost skin's firming potential.
  • The product is extremely hydrating, light weight with silky texture and absorbs extremely well. Instant plumping was noted on my dry dehydrated hands following use. However you will need continuous use for the best, long term results. 

  • This is a dual purpose nourishing day and night face cream that can be used after the serum; it works to protect the skin during the day and restore your skin at night time. 
  • The cream will help to allow your skin to become more resistant; during the day active ingredients such as Buckwheat seed extract helps to protect the skin and during the evening, shea butter will assist with repair.
  • Saffron flower extract will optimise and sooth dry/coarse skin. Get ready for your ultimate smooth and plump complexion!
  • A trio of oils that is rich in omega 6,7 and 9 will nourish and hydrate your skin intensively. However, rest assured, the product is not oily nor heavy. 
  • The cream possess a velvet texture as per most Sisley Paris skincare products. This particular cream will give you a full sensory experience with notes of honey and orange blossom.

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Sunday, October 21, 2018


During my trip with Trafalgar, we visited Slovenia, a hidden gem - picturesque scenery, beautiful food and hilarious locals full of sarcasm who will feed you shots of schapps in the morning. Slovenia was my highlight during my trip throughout the former Yugoslavia, mainly because I didn't know what to expect and BAM, serenity. Slovenia is slowly being discovered by tourism so get in quick!

Also important to note that NONE of the photos below are photoshopped or touched up. I had to increase the contrast of the photo above for Lake Bled due to terrible overcast. I hate seeing heavily edited and photo shopped travel photos in blogs cos when I go there, it looks nothing like the photo. So whatever you see below are untouched with natural lighting taken on my Samsung mobile.

Morning Blueberry Schnapp - Top of Mt Vogel


We took a cable car to Mount Vogel early in the morning, the mountain is 1922m high (our cable took us to about 1600m) and a part of the Julian Alps. Even though it was Summer in Slovenia, the snow caps were still visible. The view was breathtaking. In case you are curious, skiing is available during winter. There is a paranomic restaurant aligned with the cable stop. We didn't dine there but we sure got a shot of blueberry schnapp (pic above) to help with the chilly breeze up on the alps!

Mt Vogel


This is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, it's a 5 minute drive from Mt Vogel - if you are travelling to Mt Vogel you will pass Lake Bohinj. I didn't see any public transport in this part of Slovenia, so driving or going with a tour is your best bet. We saw lots of camps set up close to the lake. This view is a slice of pure paradise, we spent quite a bit of time here and didn't want to leave. We also saw a lot of trouts swimming in the crystal water.


Our accommodation was in Lake Bled (Park Lake Bled Hotel), heavy overcast on the first day but it quickly cleared up. There were an abundance of tourists sitting by Lake Bled as well as holiday goers from nearby cities/countries. We saw a lot of people sun bathing and swimming by the lake. The lake freezes during winter allowing guests to walk across the lake to explore the medieval bled castle by foot. You will get a grand view of Bled from the castle and bell tower. There is an entry fee.


Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. We strolled around the city and markets, the cafes served baked goods, coffee and sandwiches (all very very affordable). At the market, you will find fresh blooms, fruit and vegetables. There were also a lot of university students in Ljubljana, apparently students make up 1/7th of the city population.  There is public transport in Ljubljana, you can also rent a bicycle to explore the city.


The infamous Cream Cake of Lake Bled is readily available around bled - A layer of crispy golden crust, a generous layer of cream followed by another generous layer of custard sitting on a crispy layer of thin buttery dough. It was heaven.We got ours from Restavracija Panorama, just a short walk from Park Bled Hotel. We didn't get time to go to Okarina but it was highly recommended and loved by Paul McCartney.   

The other thing that was mesmorising was their trout. Freshly caught, tender and flavoursome with a side of buttery garlic potatoes and spinach. If you a seafood lover you will love this.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Why You Should Start Using Natural Shampoo and Conditioners

I have not blogged about shampoo and conditioners for such a long time, why? Because I don't tend to find them to be anything special, they will either do the job or make my head itchy. There hasn't been a shampoo/conditioner that's been worthy of a blog until now.

For my entire life I have been using shampoo and conditioners jam packed with silicones, parabens and sulphates. Noughty is the first "natural" shampoo I have used that is free from the following:

  •  Silicones (wider brands uses this for its' anti-freeze benefits. Noughty leaves silicone out because long term use can lead to product build up and making hair limp/lifeless).
  • Parabens (wider brands uses this because it can be aggressive in destroying bacteria, Noughty leaves parabens out because it may cause skin irritations)
  •  Sulphates (wider brands uses Sulphates to allow products to foam. Noughty leaves it out because it can strip your hair and skin of it's natural oils)
  •  Petrochemicals (wider brands uses this as a smoothing agent. Noughty leaves it out because it can sit heavily on our skin and hair resulting in lank hair)

Noughty is also 100% cruelty free.

$14.99 - $16.99

  • I was extremely hesitant when I was using this duo for the first time. I have heard and read many disappointing stories around "natural" shampoo and conditioners in general. To my surprise, the shampoo lathered and foamed, not as much as some of my other products with Sulphates but lathered more than I expected. The only time it did not lather well was when my hair was quite dirty with a build up of oil and dirt over 3 days - in this case I would just double wash, I do this with regular shampoos too.
  • The conditioner applied with ease and provided the same effect as my other conditioners. It was smooth to touch and easy to spread.
  • After just one wash I could not believe how silky, shiny and fluffy my hair was - not to mention my hair smelt great. I was expecting the opposite to be honest... that my hair would look dull and unwashed. On the following day, my hair looked just as good and no itchy scalp effect. 
  • I have read a couple of other reviews indicating their hair appeared greasy the next day after using Noughty. I have a pretty healthy scalp so I did not experience this. 
  • I personally think I am a good candidate for natural shampoo and reacted very well. However please keep in mind that my hair is naturally healthy and quite shiny... but this duo just made it look healthier and shinier MINUS all the nasties. 
  • I highly recommend this duo based on my experience!


You can find a nice range of Noughty Products at Priceline

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


iKOU is an organic Australian brand from one of the most tranquilising part of NSW, the beautiful Blue Mountains. The mountains have a soft spot in our hearts because we hope to move there one day and call it home. Naomi and Paul Whitfeld are the founders of iKOU, their inspiration began in Ubud, Bali. Naomi and Paul wanted to bring home the beauty of spa treatment closer to home, hence creating iKOU to inspire and re-create the holiday routine at home as a part of our everyday life.

iKOU is cruelty free, environmentally and ethically responsible. Their extensive range includes skin care, body care, aromatherapy, lifestyle and travel. Today I wanted to introduce to you their De-Stress 5 Piece Full Size Collection!

Start off with a iKOU Essentials Large Candle Glass De-Stress two wick candle that was hand poured in the Blue Mountains. I have always been a lover of candles, but when I lived with my parents I was never really allowed to light them because dad had a fear that I might burn the house down! Now that I have my own place I love a gentle fragrant candle for some aromatherapy effect after work.

After a long week it's time soak and scrub away your stressors and grime. iKOU's Organic Body Buff is a little pot of exfoliation that is rich in Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic Italian Orange Oil and Lavender Oil. You will feel relaxed cleansed and hydrated. The Body Buff will give you a beautiful physical cleanse from environmental toxins as well as a mental detox; this is iKOU's #1 seller - if you want to give anything a go, it's this! If you have a bath, try iKOU's De-Stress Aromatherapy Bath Soak, it is infused with essential oils. Ever since I started doing Yoga I have become more appreciative of Aromatherapy and it's calming/relaxing qualities, the use of essential oils makes an enormous difference to my mood. Sometimes the week can become stressful and the last thing I want to do is to carry that stress over to my weekend. So a soak on Friday night is always amazing. 

Once I am out of the shower or the bath the first thing I do is moisturise. iKOU's De Stress Body Souffle is one of their best seller and I can see why! The texture is beautifully whipped using a luxurious blend of natural plant butters and oils. It's fast absorbing and long lasting. If you are a regular spa go-er you may have seen or experienced this magical soufflé! Last but not the least is iKOU's De-Stress Geranium and Lavender Hand Cream, this is a triple butter blend with pure essential oils.


You can purchase the full set from TVSN for $226

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Pur Cosmetics 4 in 1 Foundation Stick - Golden Light - Review + Swatches

Pur Cosmetics is a skin perfecting mineral based makeup and skincare brand based in the US. Their products are 100% cruelty free, free of animal testing and environmentally responsible. Pur is free from parabens, gluten, BPA, talc and alcohol free. Their products are designed to be good for your skin. I am new to Pur Cosmetics and this is the first time I have tried their products so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you guys.

  • A creamy 4in1 foundation stick that is formulated with Ceretin Complex and skin nourishing Energy Complex to help with concealing.
  • The aim is to provide brightening of uneven skin tone, provide supple hydration, reduction in dullness and pores.
  • The foundation stick will also protect your skin against environmental stressors such as skin fatigue and signs of ageing. 
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Creates a natural look to suite all skin types.
  • Available in 24 shades
  • Size: 9.9g 

Price: $49.95 from TVSN

  • Packaging: I love the octagonal design and twist up stick. It is easy to store in my purse and  great for touch ups or on the go. 
  • Application: I applied the foundation directly from the stick and drew lines on my face, this is then blended by a dense foundation brush. 
  • Coverage: As per claim, coverage is medium to full and definitely buildable. I did notice a little bit of clinging to drier patches around my mouth, just make sure you pay a little bit more attention to moisturise the area before you use the foundation stick. 
  • Texture: The foundation stick is indeed creamy, however when applying there was this strange gritty sensation which I have read in other reviews.
  • Shade: I am a NC25 in MAC and Golden Light suits my skin perfectly, you can see the foundation drawn on my face in the first photo below, it blends in so well that you can barely see it. There's a great shade range, a good amount of options for darker skin tones.
  • Finish: A beautiful dewy finish and will cover most blemishes, gave me a "my skin but better" feel. It did a great job with lifting dull skin and hiding my pores. Some of the slightly darker blemishes required concealing. 
  • Wear Time: When I did not powder my face, the foundation sat well for 3 hours, at 4-5 hr mark I noticed a little slip on my nose and between my brows. Those are my oily parts. If you use a good setting powder, the foundation may last longer. 
With Pur 4in1 Foundation stick drawn on my face

Pur 4in1 Foundation stick fully blended

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

5 Ways to Unwind


Whilst I never neglect my skin during the weekday I like to pay extra attention to my skin on the weekend. This means deep cleanse, treatment and hydration! Clinique's Cleansing balm will melt away any makeup residue and clear your pores without leaving your skin feeling dry. Once your skin is clean, mix your daily dose of Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C with your moisture surge to treat and hydrate at the same time.

Clinique Fresh Pressed
Clinique Moisture Surge
Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

2. FOOD 

Food, beauty products and travel are probably my three favourite things. We tend to treat ourselves a little over the weekend, whether it's cake or a brunch out. It's a great way to catch up with loved ones or if you are by yourself, read a book or watch the passerbys (is that weird? I love seeing what shoes people are wearing!)

The Tiny Giant Petersham


We watch a LOT of movies.
I think movies give perspective and taught me how to be a better thinker. After a long day at work movies can also help me unwind - especially the really mindless slapstick comedy. Whether it's at the cinema, on Netflix or something a little bit fancy - the drive in.  It's a little piece of time to yourself or with your friends/loved ones.

Skyline Drive in Blacktown


Our apartment is a bit of a mess. Mainly with my mess - beauty products. I have become quite the hoarder and trying really hard to use things up, give things away and throw things out. I really admire people who are able to maintain a large collection of ANYTHING. For me, minimalism really calms my mind. While I don't think I will be able to achieve it any time soon, it soothes me and inspires me to hopefully one day be able to achieve that goal. I saw something I liked at La Porte Space so I took a snap.

La Porte Space

Some of my best ideas come about while I am washing my hair. I guess my sensations are stimulated by the hot water massaging onto my scalp. Looking after our hair is important, this is more real to me than ever as my partner's hair started to thin slightly. So I have given him Aveda's damage Remedy to clean, condition and treat. I went to Aveda's store for a hair consultation a long time ago, and they took a close up of my scalp and hair follicles. I will never forget this experience because I then took my partner there and picked up a couple of items to ease his clogged scalp.

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo 
Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair
Aveda Damage Remedy Conditioner

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Sisley Paris Hair Rituel Revatilising Fortifying Serum

Another year, another innovation launched by the prestigious French brand that is internationally recognised - Sisley Paris. The range takes a "global" approach to hair care looking after your scalp and hair fibre for both men and women. There are 6 phenomenal products in this range to create a sensorial experience during your hair care routine.


The scalp is often neglected post-wash with oils applied to the ends of our hair only. Beneath the scalp, the hair is born and grows from the hair bulb which is a living part of the hair that is invisible to the naked eye. Small blood vessels provide nutrients to the bulb for hair growth, protection, shine and suppleness. The way we nourish our scalp and hair follicles can potentially impact the condition of our hair. I personally found it interesting that we are constantly feeding nourishment to the shaft of our hair that does not have any biochemical activity - in a harsher term, the dead ends of our hair. The treatment applied to shaft of your hair is to condition against harsh environmental aggressors. In conclusion, there needs to be an equal focus to treated your follicles and the ends of your hair.

  • Vitalising-fortifying complex (Zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin B6, Pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E derivative) and Arginine (one of the twenty main natural amino acids that make up proteins, particularly keratin) to promote hair vitality. 
  • Rice proteins and a Vitamin Peptide (derived from the combination of a peptide made up of 3 amino acids and Vitamin H, known for its action in treating hair loss) to densify hair fibre.
  • An extract of Linseed and Einkorn wheat to protect the hair's natural colour
  • Soothing Alpha-Bisabolol of natural origin
  • An extract of Sage 

  • Creating stronger and denser hair
  • Contributing to healthier and stronger, shinier hair 
  • Relieves scalp discomfort
  • Energises the hair bulb to help keep your hair anchored making it more resistant and protecting your hair's natural colour. 
  • Fresh fragrance to complement the effectiveness of the key ingredients


Part you hair and use the drop dispenser and apply the droplets directly onto dry or damp scalp. Focus on any areas of hair loss. Massage the oil with your finger tips and use this treatment as an intensive treatment every 2 days for a month, then twice a week for 2 months for maintenance. Do not make contact with your eyes.  


This serum has been split between two households as my mum is a lover of all things Sisley. Since my hair is quite healthy already and I was blessed in the womb with thick glossy jet black hair. I have been relatively conservative in using this serum.. my partner on the other hand wants to bathe his head in the serum. 

There's a bit of a scab on my head and it kept falling off and re-scabbing I can't see it but I can always feel it and it gets itchy. Since using the scalp serum, the scabby patch actually started to heal and the itchiness had stopped. Also wanted to mention that I like to use the serum after I wash my hair.

I've also started to use the serum on my partner who have terrible scalp issues and reported to experience hair loss. I will report back to you guys!


$240 for a bottle of 60ml, let's be honest here - it's not cheap. Sisley Paris as a brand that is established by it's glowing reputation. They do not splurge on celebrity endorsement and put their money into research and science. Personally speaking, there are several luxe brands I will never purchase (especially skincare, I am more open to makeup though) because new products are pumped out with celebrity endorsement. If you are in two minds about purchasing a luxury scalp oil this is something for you to consider. If you are on a budget but looking for an annual or biannual splurge and wanted to try one product from this range - I recommend this scalp serum. If you are happy with what are you are using at the moment and prefer budget items than you can give this product a miss, just make sure you are looking after your scalp! 

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Saturday, August 25, 2018


Grampians Olive Co is Australia's premium organic extra virgin olive oil company, family owned and based in Victoria. I have loved and praised them in my previous recipe post. After a couple of weeks in Eastern Europe my appreciation for top notch olives, cheese and olive oil grew and was eventually instilled as an everyday staple. We had a bottle of regular olive oil waiting for us upon our return to Sydney and all we wanted was quality extra virgin olive oil. We were told in Eastern Europe that most restaurants will only have extra virgin olive oil (the highest grade and best tasting olive oil) served at the table, lower grade refined olive oil and virgin olive oil are then exported out to other countries. So we should feel very proud and lucky to have high quality extra virgin olive oil at our door step.

In the Sampler Gift Set ($22) you will have the opportunity to trial Grampians Olive Co entire range, including 8 organic oils (Signature Organic, Delicate Organic, Garlic Infused, Truffle Infused, Chili Infused, Tuscan Herbs Infused, Blood Orange, Lemon Pressed and 2 finishing vinegars (Roasted Capsicum and Caramelised Balsamic); comes completed in 10 x adorable 25ml bottles.  

Not sure about you but I find it exceptionally difficult to buy my dad Father's Day gifts... for the past few years it's been scratchies and lotto tickets. I popped over to my folk's place recently and found out they've been using vegetable oil to cook (hmmm..) and to mix in a dressing (WHAT!!!). I whispered to mum, "Extra virgin olive oil this year, there's an Australian brand 'Grampians Olive Co' from Victoria". Mum's eyes lit up!

I promise you, any meal can be gourmet with high quality extra virgin olive oil. Sharing another one of my super delicious vegetarian recipe below using Grampians Olive Co.


What you need:
- Grampians Olive Co Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Grampians Olive Co Truffle Oil Infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- 1 bag of green beans
- 1 cob of corn
- A handful of roasted cashews
- Garlic Salt and Pepper
- A pinch of chili flakes

Let's get cooking!

1. Wash your beans and nip the head and tail of the beans, if the bean is too long, snap them in half.

2. Pour a splash of Grampians Olive Co Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil into a pan on medium heat and let the pan warm up for a couple of minutes.

3. Add your green beans into the pan, warning - it will sizzle!!! You can lift the pan off the fire for a little. Keep tossing the beans around for a few minutes.

4. Add garlic salt, pepper and a pinch of chili flakes, keep tossing the beans and put a lid on the pan to let the green beans cook and char on low heat.

5. While the beans are cooking, put your corn cob in the microwave for 3 minutes (my lazy way!) and cut the corn off the cob with a serrated knife (careful, the cob will be hot, let it rest for a bit before cutting).

6. Add the corn and cashews into the beans, turn the burner off and lightly toss with a cooking utensil.

7. Drizzle Grampians Olive Co Truffle Infused Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your fancy and enjoy! Serve with a bed of rice of eat it as a side.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Pixi by Petra is a brand that I have been dying to try. I have seen it on youtube, Instagram, blogspot, facebook you name it! Thankfully, Pixi by Petra is now readily available from TVSN. I was really excited to try these Pixi products and in this post I will be reviewing the products I have been testing and giving you my 2 cents.

Before we start just wanted to let everyone know that Pixi by Petra is free from Parabens and Mineral Oils


So this lip gloss did not appeal to me at all in it's packaging, it's true when they say don't judge a book by it's cover cos I ended up loving this lippy. A slight peppermint scent and a cooling sensation once applied. The gloss appears peachy when swatched, however the pigments are not as visible on my lips cos my natural lip colour is quite dark, so this lip gloss slightly accentuates my natural lip colour whilst giving it a glossy appearance. I wore the gloss for a few hours and ate a few biscuits with tea in between. My lips felt really moisturised, soft and didn't feel tacky at all. However beware of windy days, hairs will stick onto the gloss. Overall, I liked this lip gloss much more than expected.


This is a beautiful highlighter duo, there are two shades; subtle sunrise (I recommend this for those with a warmer skin-tone) and delicate dew (more of a peachy undertone). The powder is silky smooth, soft and glides on. I have been applying the highlighter on my cheekbones and brow bone. The rose shade of the duo can be used as a highlighter or a blusher if you have pale skin. However be mindful of the sheen (it's not glittery or chunky) - might be better to be used at night if you don't want too much sheen. The powder is absolutely beautiful and will give you an epic cheekbone pop!!! I rate this product.


Available in 22 shades, this long wearing eyeliner glides!!!!! The liner is pigmented, long lasting and applies with absolute ease. This particular shade looks quite metallic on my lids, it will have a reflective effect if I use it on top of a darker eyeshadow, otherwise I can use it on it's own. After a few hours off wear I did notice a small amount of transfer and fading on my hooded eyelids. Because the shade is quite metallic it's difficult to spot. The liner is really soft, so I am a little bit concerned about sharpening it! A little bit on the fence about this product, there are elements I really like and other elements I am unsure about. 


This product can be used as a toner or purred onto a cotton pad and used to tone while exfoliating your skin (glow tonic contains glycolic acid). The aim of the Glow Tonic is to remove dead skin cells, providing moisture for your skin with Aloe and Gingseng, revealing beautiful glowy skin. This is the hero product that many have recommended to me so I was extra excited to try it out. I have been using a cotton pad to apply the tonic during the evening (I don't have enough time in the morning) the tonic provides hydration and absorbs into my skin very quickly. After a few sweeps I noticed a glow, I was so shocked! It didn't feel oily, there was no residue and my face didn't feel greasy. The tonic is scented, quite a strong floral like scent that is not sickly sweet. The glow was unbelievable though, I use "toners" and non have given me a glow like Pixi. Recommended.


This is a two-step concealer, to be applied under eyes with your ring finger to cover dark under eye circles. Your under eye will look peachy, make sure you apply your usual under eye concealer on top of Brightening Peach, otherwise you might look a little bit too peachy under your eyes while walking out the door! I don't really have lines or wrinkles under my eyes, so I can't comment on whether this will sit in creases. But I have stopped powdering under eyes, I find that to crease a little if I smile too much. Overall, I found this product to be effective in covering dark circles.


Pixi highlighter and Endless Eye Pen visible in this photo

Full face using Pixi products featured in this post. Foundation used is Rimmel.

Click HERE to purchase from TVSN

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