Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review: Carol's Beauty Organic Sun Tanning Enhancers

My teenage self spent most weekends sun bathing at the beach. I love looking bronze and beach ready. Now that I am super conscious of the skin damage, the amount of freckles I have on my face and the likeliness of wrinkles under the sun, I don't like to spend a lot of time flaunting my skin to the rays. I dislike fake tans as most tanning products goes orange on my skin. Every now and then, I'd go out to events spend a couple of hours in the sun with a singlet and short shorts in hopes of achieving a gorgeous tan. Unfrotunately, it doesn't seem to work too well.

In addition to all my barriers, I work full-time... I work internally in an office and externally, some days, I'd get into the office while it's still dark and leave the office after the sun's long gone. I get my share of sun when I'm on the road, but always in the same places. As the weekend hits, the rain clouds would often occupy the skies. Sounds impossible doesn't it...

If you love your tan as much as me, yet you're sun safe conscious and time restricted... get excited about Carol's Beauty Tanning Enhancers!
Left: Carol's Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil
Right: Carol's Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion
Carol's beauty is Australia's first certified organic tanning enhancing lotion and oil! As much as I love my high end products, I am a big advocate for all organic products, whether it's food, beauty or the likes. I like to know what I put on my skin or in my body, and I like to know that it's safe/free from harsh chemicals.

Ingredients used in Carol's Tanning Enhancer includes sunflower oil, almond oil, carrot oil, henna extract, ylang ylang oil and bees wax. Proudly Australian made and owned, so you know when you purchase Carol's Beauty, your money stays in the country to assist our economy.

I had a tiny bit of time to sit out in the sun before heading out, it was quite sunny and the perfect time to put the products to the test.

How to:

1. Slip slop slap with a minimum of SPF 15 (I personally use SPF 30-50)
2. Apply Carol's oil or lotion
3. Sit in the sun for approximately 5-20 minutes (Personal recommendation: Up to 20 minutes during winter and 10-15 minutes during summer)

After 6 minutes in the sun! (On a really sunny day).. Imagine 12 minutes..

The product smells lovely, it's a little on the sweet side but I feel like I can really smell the carrots.. or maybe my head is just tricking me!

The same results can be achieved by using either the lotion or the oil. I personally preferred the lotion as it was easier to apply (I'm never good with oils and it tends to somehow seep through the cracks of my fingers).

These products are made from natural oils, so you will definitely find it to be a tad "oily", a little bit heavy, but I didn't find it greasy. However, I did avoid using the product on my face as I am prone to breaking out and didn't want to acne on my current acne-free face! Nonetheless, it did a wonderful job on my legs, I know it's only a slight colour difference..  but that was achieved in 6 minutes!! I kid you not, my mum was there to witness the outcome.

Since then, I've pretty much kept at least one of the small bottles in my bag so I can tan on the go or tan at my partner's place!

Where to buy?
Do you sun tan, fake tan or not tan at all?

*Disclosure: These products were provided for my consideration all opinions are my own


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet and Velvet Matte Nail Polish

I've been living under a rock, I've never seen matte nail polish - until now.

These products reminds me of the upcoming Cinderella movie, I can imagine Cinderella at the ball with matte products ... not sure why I think this, but it'll probably counteract her sparkly dress. With my old age, I always think that's it's never good to "double sparkle"... just like "double denim".


Rimmel Velvet Matte in Midnight Kiss
- 4 shades available
- Price: $8.95
  • This is my first matte nail polis and I absolutely loved the matte finish. The formula was fast drying and easy to apply with one single stroke.
  • I don't usually wear blue, and I felt that the other colours would've suited me a little bit more, but I was wrong! I loved it!
  • I would strongly recommend a top and base coat to go with this baby, unfortunately it started chipping on the second day, but you'll get some longevity with some quality top/ base coats.
Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet
- Weightless, velvet finish with intense colours that lasts for up to 8 hours
- Moisturising formula
Price: $15.95
  • Unfortunately this wasn't the lippie for me, I was delighted with the shade at first, however it was way too light as my natural lip colour is significantly darker. I looked a bit sick when I had it on.
  • The formula was a little bit dry for my lips and really highlighted the little flakes. My lips are unfortunately quite dry to begin with.
  • The formula was indeed light weight and velvet smooth. The product was easy to apply and literally glided across my lips.
  • I did get a few hours of wear from it - but not 8 hours, however I had to re-apply my lip balm to keep my lips hydrated on a regular basis.

 Are you a matte or glossy person?
*Disclosure: These products were provided for my consideration all opinions are my own

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Restaurant Review: Pu'er @ Waterloo

Pu'er is a funky fusion tea house hidden in Danks Street, Waterloo. We spotted the restaurant from a far, the neon orange panels of the outer shell was easily distinguished from the neighboring dull buildings. As we entered the restaurant, we felt like we've stepped into a vibrant, semi traditional Chinese Tea House that's been fitted with a restaurant and bar.

Tropical Jasmine Punch and Peach Phoenix

I could drink these tea infused drinks everyday, they are sweet, but not syrupy and deliciously refreshing! Absolutely loved the combination of Jasmine tea, papaya and pineapples.
Osmanthus phoenix cold infusion and fresh peach, now we all know peach flavoured ice teas are a common selection at almost any store as they are one of the more popular iced tea beverages, because they are so refreshing. Most store bought concoctions can often be obnoxiously sweet, this peach beverage is not overbearing and allows tea enthusiasts to try a more natural tasting peach ice tea - Which is something I have been desiring for sometime. With Osmanthus fast becoming one of my favorite teas, I loved the combination, absolutely perfect! This will be in my order again when I return.  

Hazelnut Martini

This drink was a perfect match for me, with my old age, I've parted with most alcoholic drinks, however, I will be forever receptive to yummy martinis! This would be my pick for a pre-meal's drink.

Peach Cocktail

My partner had the peach cocktail, and he adored it, the alcoholic content is a tiny bit higher than the martini.


The prawns and scallops were juicy and succulent, the baby bamboo was tender and blended in well with the other ingredients. The roe on top provided an extra crunch. The yellow egg dumpling skin was rolled out nicely and a bit thicker than usual, but was able to hold it's content without breaking. The fluffy skin created an excellent equilibrium between the chewy contents and it's soft and vibrant outer shell.


Well cooked, tender prawns (some of the best cooked prawns my partner has ever had) with a mysteriously delicious salsa, combined with freshness of half cut cherry tomatoes, a sprinkle of salt and candied tea. I can eat this everyday.
 A spectacular off the menu dish, definitely worth the wait for it to be on the menu.

Crispy Skin Cone Bay WA Barramundi

The Barramundi was cooked to perfection. The skin was crispy and the meat lightly cooked - just how I like it! The fermented black bean broth was rather strong and gave a light-tangy and tingling sensation on my tongue. The crunchy spring onions went really well with the fish and was a great tie-in with the black bean broth.


Caramelised Berkshire Pork Belly

These were served with Pu'er and spice infused tea eggs. Caramelised pork belly is a dish I grew up with, hence, I had to order this classic main. Under the crispy pork crackling were several generous pieces of pork belly. This dish was well composed with tender meat and some juicy layers of fat. The sauce was strong and ideally, the flavours would be complimented with a bowl of steamed rice to balance out the strong savoury flavours. The tea eggs were flavoursome, just like how mum makes it.

Chocolate Brownie

This scrumptious chocolate brownie was rich, velvety smooth and gooey in the center, it was topped with salted almond praline that brought a sweet crispy crunch to the dark chocolate sensations and soft textures of the brownie. On the sides were sliced banana coated with a spiced wine jus, giving the banana a taste similar to cherries. To finish the dessert off, is a small bowl of salted palm sugar ice cream - the taste was comparative to salted butterscotch flavoured ice cream.

Coconut and Kaffir Lime Sorbet

The coconut and kaffir lime sorbet was relatively icy, however deliciously refreshing and tangy, perfect for summer evenings. I love that they serve this in an actual coconut shell that surrounds the sorbet with the meat of the young coconut. Overall, all elements of this dessert compliments each other, the black sticky rice was chewy, while the sorbet was refreshing, then you'd wash it all down with fresh coconut water.

The really cool thing about the layout of these desserts is that it allows you to combine your desired amount of each element so the dessert is to your palette.

Osmanthus Phoenix

This took us back to our trip to Shanghai earlier last year, it brought back sweet memories! With authentic Osmanthus sourced directly from China, we thought we would never have Osmanthus of the same capacity outside of China. We were wrong!

Pu'er is a perfect homage of the funky little tea bars/houses that are extremely popular in Shanghai.

 Pu'er is a great place to relax and share a pot of tea, have a delicious meal or a few cocktails. It is a very tranquil environment with classic funk tunes playing at an enjoyable volume which makes it a great place for a catch up and chat with friends. The staff were very friendly and provided excellent customer service with a smile and few laughs during our visit. With good food and superstar customer service, it is definitely a restaurant that is worth returning. We would like to thank Quinton and Siev for the invitation to sample their unique menu and for their excellent hospitality.

Pu'er on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review: Rimmel Mascara - Idol Eyes by Kate Moss

Before I even start my review, I just wanted to express my joy for Birdman winning best picture and best director at the Academy Awards. This movie was nothing like how I imagined a superhero movie to be. If you haven't seen Birdman already, I suggest you to do so!

Rimmel rolled out the first ever mascara made by global supermodel Kate Moss. I've thoroughly enjoyed Kate Moss' previous lipstick collection so I was excited to try her mascara!

Product Claim

- Broken heart shaped brush designed to reach lashes of all sizes
- Carbon black formula, providing dramatic volume and intense lash effect
- No clumps
- Volumise with one stroke

Shade: 004 Eye Rock Jet Black
Size:  12ml
Price: $16.95 AUD

Ingredients (Thanks to


Curled Lashes

 Mascara on top lashes

10 mins later, mascara applied on bottom lashes

My Verdict
  • I quite liked the broken heart shaped brush much better than the usual gigantic brushes from drug store brands. The brush was able to reach all lashes, big and small.
  • The formula will eventually smudge if you have watery eyes, it is not waterproof. However, you can easily remove the mascara by rinsing under warm water.
  • Unfortunately, the formula is not quite designed for straight lashes, the mascara weighed my lashes down and my cur was immediately eliminated after application. Miraculously, a fraction of the curl re-appeared after 10 mins. 
  • No clumps, however I can see how this formula may clump after 2-3 months of use. At the moment, I'm able to brush out any wet clumps with no issues.
  • This mascara is quite similar when compared to Rimmel's Wonderfull Mascara. Not a bad mascara to keep in your stash for everyday use.
Which Rimmel Mascaras have you tried?

Disclosure: This product was provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lust Have It January 2015

Lust Have It! is finally here! The delay in this pack angered quite a few people. In a work environment, I focus on being punctual, getting things done correctly and to the best of my ability. Since I am so laid back, I didn't mind my pack being 20 days late, as long as I get my pack and it's of quality!
Before I even start... I am thoroughly impressed with this month's pack.

 Natraganics Avado Organic Avocado Oil

 My sun spots and freckles are running wild, this is absolutely perfect. Even though I can never part from my high end products, I've become a lot more health conscious this year, certified organic is right up my alley.

 Urban Skincare Co Infuse Body Balm

I enjoyed my last Urban Skincare Co body product, so I'm quite pleased to see this again :)

 Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Mudcake

I fell in love with Marsk after my initial encounter with their Rich List eye shadow in one of the previous LHI packs.  I am THRILLED to see TWO Marks products :) We had the option to pick a shade; Mudcake orVanilla Frosting. I forgot to pick... but thankful that got the shade I wanted.

Marsk Certified Organic Eyeliner in Pitch Black

I recently ceased mascara use and jumped back onto the black eyeliner wagon. The liners I am using are not certified organic, I have no idea what I am putting on my eyes but I get random itchy bumps here and there. I can't wait to give this a go and see how it works on my skin!

 Colour by TBN

I love neon colours. I'm a little disappointed that the purple is not exactly... neon. I'm hoping that it'll look different on my nails.

 BONUS PRODUCT: Designer Brand Chubby Lipstick Crayon 

This was our bonus product from LHI as a way of saying sorry for the delay. This is my first Chubby Lipstick Crayon!! Very exciting. I adore the shade, a very wearable pink. I'm looking forward to trying this!

This is the third time I received a Hello Fresh voucher... I might consider giving it a go this time.

Overall... I absolutely loved this month's pack, it's high quality, excellent value for money and filled with a lovely range of products. More Kudos for all the certified organic products :) Great work LHI! Looking forward to my Feb pack!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Enter Hair 2 Go's Muk Deep Muk Pack Giveaway!

Happy weekend everyone! Just wanted to share this wonderful giveaway!

Hair 2 Go is giving away a Muk Deep Muk Pack (full sized Deep Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo 300ml, Deep Muk Ultra Soft Conditioner 300ml and Deep Muk 1 Minute Ultra Soft Treatment 200ml). Valued at $71 via their weekly giveaway on social media and their online store.

You'll have till Monday night (9/2) to submit your entries, don't miss out :)

Enter Here:

Mobile friendly link:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yoga with Benefit Cosmetics @ Sydney Tower

Early Thursday morning, I dragged my zombified  body out of bed at 5am to attend a free event held by Benefit Australia.

Ideally, I would like to sleep in till 8am everyday but some thing's got to give, it goes without saying that attending Benefit's Yoga session was highly prioritised, more so than sleep. I was paranoid that my friend and I wouldn't be the first 30 to enter the session, as a result, we boarded the train with other sleepy souls and arrived in the heart of Sydney at 6:30am,

We were instantly awaken after seeing the breath-taking views! 

Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia

As a partial office worker, back pain and discomfort is no stranger to me. A good 60 mins stretch/yoga session before work really made a difference. I felt relaxed (a little sleepy to begin with) and surprisingly energetic for the rest of the day.

Other than a couple of giveaways via blogspot/instagram, I have never been fortunate enough to win lucky draws. So it must've been my lucky day, I walked away with a lovely Benefit prize pack :)

Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia
Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia

Apart from the awesome yoga and amazing views, everyone went home with some generous memorabilia from Benefit Cosmetics. Everyone received a Benefit singlet, beach towel, water bottle, visor and some They're Real samples!

Below is a picture of my amazing prize pack- all full size products :) YAY! I'm so excited to try everything. To date, I've only tried They're Real Mascara and it is among my favourites.

- Majorette Blush
- Hoola Bronzer
- They're Real Mascara
- The Poreferssional primer
- The Porefessional agent zero shine

Below is a picture of the sample pack that we all received :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Japanese Makeup

It's been close to a year since my Japan holiday, I've been meaning to make this post for a very long time! Due to the kawaii and kitsch nature of Japanese make up, I instantly fell in love and brought home a small haul.

Yojiya was founded in 1904, Yojiya is known for it's quality and craftsmanship. As a result, the brand quickly spread across Japan. Their beauty products are designed to enhance natural beauty. Their top selling product is Aburatorigami - blotting paper.

I purchased who products, which I thought were unique and would assist me in my travels.
Face powder paper to the left, there were three shades; clear, natural and pink. I purchased mine in Natural. These are so efficient, each sheet is covered with finely milled powder.  To the right, we have portable soap, there are 20 sheets of dry soap in the packet.

Make sure you check out Yojiya's Cafe if you are ever in Kyoto.

Dolly Wink

One thing I dare say is that Dolly Wink's mascara definitely lives up to it's expectations, easily one of the best waterproof mascaras I've ever used. Can't say the same about the liquid eyeliner to the right. I forgot to include my Dolly Wink highlighter pencil + sharpener, but I'll have a review post up soon :)

Sana - Pore Putty

Pore Putty is one of the makeup line within Japanese beauty giant, Sana. Pore Putty is designed to smooth out pores and rough skin. The two products I purchased goes hand in hand, base and powder! Since I don't read Japanese, I had a lot of trouble picking the right product. I've been using the BB Cream as a primer as coverage is minimal.

Canmake founded in 1986. The brand expanded across Asian countries and was endorsed across demographics due to their cute packaging, diverse colour schemes and natural ingredients to suit sensitive skin. The bush is beautiful with great colour pay off, the concealer to the far right is not too bad. The eyeshadow palette is a little disappointing with poor pigmentation (see review here)