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Reusable menstrual products can take some getting use to. You really have to ease into it, I started off with a regular flow reusable underwear from Love Luna, followed by a heavy flow ModiBodi underwear. Eventually you become accustomed to the process of  washing your own blood. Recently, I started to use reusable pads, there are pros and cons to reusable pads; the major pro other than it being reusable is that it's odourless. And the cons? Well, it's strapped onto your underpants so there is some expectations of sliding. Period undies and reusable pads are also great for those who cannot use menstrual cups due to fear or a case of sensitive cervix. Bonds joined the wagon and released their Bloody Comfy Period Undies.

There is a good variety to select from.


I was buying disposable cotton pads in bulk, 2-3 cotton pads to remove a full face of make up and I'm not a heavy makeup wearer! During the evening we have toners and acids, more cotton pads going straight into the bin. Reusable cotton pads seemed like a hassle but after using reusable undies and pads, it was nothing. A quick wash with soap or my least cleanser after each use. Ecosophist uses Organic bamboo (soft, gentle and sensitive for daily use) and Organic hemp (durable and designed to remove heavy set makeup). Bambu Face have their own range made from Bamboo Rayon Fabric (Bamb Velour fabric for a buttery finish and Bamboo Terry for durability).

These small but mighty heroes can be used up to 250 times!


Given that we need to change our tooth brush every 3-4 months, there is a lot of plastic toothbrush / brush heads going into the trash. I was introduced to Lovebyt  and started using their bamboo toothbrush, it works a treat. I was also introduced to Jack n Jill's nonGMO Cornstarch handle toothbrush. Cornstarch? I'm impressed.  


When I first met Marzena, I stood there thinking.. "Oh not another wax strip company... BORING.. why do they bother with...COMPOSTABLE... WAIT, WHAT!!!".  The strips are bio-compostable and the wax itself is made from sustainable pine tree resin. Before Marzena, I shaved and I only shaved. I admit to enjoy the feeling of my legs after a good wax, but I was going through 10-15 strips on my wookiee legs. Marzena offers body strips and facial strips. Now, I wax my legs for special occasions.


Who chews straws? Guilty. Pro at deforming plastic straws and shredding paper straws. In my experience paper straws cannot stand the test of time. 10 minutes in and the paper straw will fail to hold  it's shape, tarnishing my beverage drinking experience. Metal straws managed to break (no pun intended) my chewing habits. They are fairly easy to wash with a small scrub head and some bicarb soda. Biome sells a range of stainless steel straws and scrub heads. Otherwise, you can free range and explore on Ebay. 


We have 1 roll of emergency glad wrap at home that is rarely ever touched, thanks to Beesewax wraps We use it to cover everything. Including wrapping sandwiches from time to time. The sheets can be customised, buy a big sheet and cut them or purchase pre-cut sheets to your liking. I personally find the bigger sheets  to be bulky to use and opt to cut mine personally. We do have a bigger sheet (photographed) just in case! There are so many sellers out there, Bee Wrappy, Honey Bee Wrap or jump on Etsy


When my coconut bowl came into my life, everything change. I was no longer accidentally breaking bowls and worry about the porcelain while I am enjoying my yogurt. I find coconut bowls to be durable, light weight and easy to wash. I love multi-purpose items... like a coconut, quenches thirst, eases hunger and holds your food. There is a good range from Coconut Bowls, they sell regular and larger sized bows as well as coconut bowl candles. Just remember not to put your coconut bowls in the oven, fridge or microwave and you are sweet. My tip - the ultimate yogurt/fruit/ice cream bowl. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020



QT For You New Zealand
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Nuggett and  Charlie Australia
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Kisskin Australia
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Soap 2 go Australia
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Tuesday, September 8, 2020


 Another agenda to tick off my bucket list during the jolly days of COVID. 

I have never been under General Anaesthesia, I am the type of person who'd like to stay awake through the drilling, sawing, cracking and wisdom teeth pulling... AKA wisdom teeth removal. 

It was a scary through "going under"... getting "fully knocked out". My mum went through several surgeries and she happily announced that she had never failed to experience the terrible nauseating sensation followed by a woeful vomit - all in order to "wake up fully".


I was pushed into a docking station where my Anaesthetist greeted me and asked where to send the invoice. Lovely. The Anaesthetist tapped and tapped away at my veins, finally one popped. A beautiful vein is what he called it. I looked down, wow, it looked like worm. He inserted the cannula... man, I'd say that it's equivalent of shoving half a toothpick into your arm. After the insertion, he realised that it was in the wrong position and proceeded to insert a second cannula. I have a high pain tolerance but MAN I was a little squirmish watching him shove a second toothpick further up my arm.

Here's a picture of a cannula in case you have not seen one. The silver bits goes all the way in, just don't look and it will be over in a jiffy. I made the mistake of watching the Anaesthetist stick it in my vein. 


Once the cannula was in and taped down, he injected the anaesthesia into my vein, apparently it will make me nice and relaxed. They proceeded to push me into a room which I assumed was the surgical theatre? I wasn't sure, 10 seconds in images were a little staggered, as if I was a drunk without the drunk sensation. They docked me next to the surgical bed and asked me to transfer. I remember transferring onto the bed and I have no memory of anything else until I woke up. 

I didn't dream

I don't remember the surgery

It's as if time had escaped me. Now I understand what it's like when people get drugged. It's a scary thought. 


My surgery was scheduled for 11:00am, I was knocked out 20 seconds after the injection and woke up at 11:45am. I believe I woke up in the pre-recovery room with nurses walking around, as soon as they saw me waking up one nurse came and asked for my name/date of birth. Everything looked fuzzy at this point, I answered her question with a slur. I was pretty much in and out of consciousness. By 12noon, I was wheeled into recovery and more or less awake. One of the Asian nurses told me usually Asian females often feeling a little dizzy or nausea when they wake up. 

I was docked in recovery, I was given the choice of egg sandwhich or ham + cheese. I asked for egg. Shortly food came. The nurse advised that I will need to eat and pass urine before I can be discharged. I was STARVING, it was lunch time and I have no had anything to eat since 7ish the night before. I gobbled up my egg sandwhich, water, coffee, apple juice and biscuits in 10 mins. The nurse came back shocked that I had chucked all that food into my belly. The next step was to pass urine. I got up, walked to the bathroom to pass urine. Things were a tiny bit fuzzy but almost normal by this point. I went back to my bed and started to get changed. By 12:15 I was sitting on by bed texting my husband and waiting for the Surgeon to come and speak to me. 

No dizziness.

No Nausea

No Vomiting

No groggy feeling

Nothing. It was just like waking up but the visuals were slightly fuzzy. 

By 12:30PM, my Surgeon came and had a quick chat with me and I was discharged. Hoooorayy. 


The beds were separated by a curtain, I was able to hear some first hand experience of the girl curtained off next to me. Unfortunately, her experience wasn't as pleasant as mine. The had a lot of trouble staying awake/waking up in general. I heard her talking about feeling dizzy and unable to eat. The nurses were lovely, they went to her and told her to try and stay away and have a little bite of the sandwhich. 

We were wheeled into recovery at roughly the same time. By the time I was discharged she was still trying to wake up. 


The Anaestheisa wore off completely, I didn't experience any pain, I didn't feel tired or the need to nap. It was pretty much business as usual. I was hoping to see some lotto numbers, have some sort of mind blowing out of body experience. Ha, i guess not. Anaesthesia really affects people in different ways. 

Monday, July 13, 2020



I had my eyes on this for the longest time, initially, it was the only thing I wanted. The application and swatches looked amazing on Instagram and youtube. Oh I watched a LOT of youtube - I was a real sleuth. I was lacking a stunning peachy blush in my collection and was keen on this. I was concerned that this blush would end up acting as a highlighter as a few reviewers said the colour did not show up. I really didn't need another highlighter....

My first impression was "Wow, Michelle even used good quality hard cardboard.. not the cheap stuff". The compact itself is chunky but flattering. A decent mirror that is indented in the contact lid. The blush is baked, next to Magic Hour - it looked lighter. It looked like a highlighter. I felt my heart drop when I witnessed this. It was a recrudescence of disappointment - seems to happen every time I purchase products.

I took a fluffy blush and gave it a whirl and swished it onto my cheeks. WOW I was in awe.
It turned my frown upside down. I was flabbergasted by the warm peachy tones on my cheeks. It was just STUNNING. I was instantly head over heels, faded clementine turned into my favourite blush within seconds.

I was legitimately concerned about the shimmering effects accentuating my pores - it's a popular occurrence. Alas - it did not! Faded clementine stood the test of time, after 6 hours it sat tightly on my cheeks.

My skin tone is somewhere between a MAC NC25-NC30.


Described as a warm peachy pink with a soft gold pearl.
I personally found this show be less pigmented on my face when compared to faded clementine, even though it swatched better. Nonetheless, this blush is equally beautiful. I recommend it to those who are looking for a more pinky tone. However it still works well on olive skin.

I probably could have gone without this blush but I am glad that I picked it up. It triumphs the other blushes I have by a mile. There is a small amount of kick back, depending on the type of brush that you use. Just for comparisons...It's not as finely milled as Hourglass.

I don't think this blush will show up on a lot of skin tones.

A soft fluffy brush is the ideal for Em Cosmetic's blushes.

This blush is beautiful but I think I could have gone without it.


Palette Includes:
Terra: Milk Chocolate Matte
Phoenix: Warm Clay Matte
Sunset: Soft Peach Matte
Radiant: Bleached Copper Shimmer
Magic Hour: Duochrome Nectar Shimmer 
Heavenly: White Gold Shimmer

I really didn't need another eyeshadow palette. I was reluctant to get this, I asked several people who had ordered from Em Cosmetics to see if this palette was worth it. I received some positive feedback and thought - heck. I need to make it to $100 so I chucked this palette into my cart.

First impression - wow this is a tiny palette. Considering it was the most expensive item in my cart. But once I swatched the shades.... I can't help but feel impressed. It was pigmented and the colours were beautiful.

There is kick back if you use a small fluffy brush, however I like to use a small flat dense brush and pat my eyeshadows - less kick back and less fall out.

The shades are absolutely gorgeous. 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. Best to apply the shimmers with your fingers.

I wore it for 11 hours and it did not crease. I don't prime my lids.
There was a bit of fading (as expected) especially with the shimmer shades, but the matte colours lasted surprisingly well.  My whole face was creasing except for my shadows. The Duochrome nectar shimmer colour is my favourite. Oh my lids, this palette worked incredibly well, it's small but I think it's worth it. I was going to purchase a Tom Ford eyeshadow palette... I won't be doing that anymore.

The colour palette is more pink based, I don't think the matte shades will show up well on deeper skin tones as the shades are quite soft.


To be honest, this was the only product I wanted from Em Cosmetics for a long time. I actually wanted Rose Milk but it was sold out. I also realised that I had enough pink blushes and wanted to try a different shade.

Soft Amethyst is a rose berry shade.

The consistency of the serum blush is one of a kind, so easy to blend and almost gel like. It's pigmented and it doesn't streak.

The one thing I noticed is that it gets crusty around the bottle (see pic). I would prefer a pump bottle VS a droplet dispenser. As beautiful as this is, I think I could have done without it... ironically it was the product that caught my eye initially and I wanted to purchase multiples.

Yes, from the products I have tried so far. They are of high quality and all Made in Italy.
I would 100% repurchase the eyeshadow palette and faded clementine.


Monday, June 8, 2020


Please note that this is a live list, tried to make sure it's as accurate as possible but there may be human errors.

All photos belong to the brand.
All information extracted from the brand's website or summarised

Please email if you would like to add your brand:  (Please include where you ship to! :)


1 (Numbers and Symbols)

54 Thrones
  • Luxury skincare created made in Africa with plant based solutions
  • Ships Internationally

79 Lux

  • Organic and wild crafted skincare for the body
  • Ships Internationally (according to checkout - however unable to accept online payment through the online store and recommended to email for purchase)


Alikay Naturals 

  • Premium all natural and organic hair care, bath and body products
  • Ships Internationally

Anita Grant
  • A range of Afro hair care
  • Ships Internationally

A Complexion Company
  • Eco-luxury African Wellness and clean beauty company for women of colour living within 
  • Ships to a selection of International countries that can be found in the Country/Region drop down button at checkout

Adwoa Beauty

  • Clean gender neutral beauty, hair care and merch
  • Ships US (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and other US Territories)

Ayele And CO
  • Organic, cruelty free skincare and cosmetics 
  • Ships Internationally


Base Butter

  • Aloe veral gel based moisturiser for PH balanced and hydrated skin + cleansing cloth
  • Shipping location TBC

Beauty Bakerie
  • A range of Cruelty free cosmetics
  • Ships Internationally

BeautyStat Cosmetics
  • Vitamin C Skincare Serum, moisturiser and eye cream 
  • Ships US and Canada 

Bekura Beauty

  • Speciality, avant-garde line of sanctuary botanicals for skin and hair 
  • Ships US (US Stockists available

Beneath Your Mask
  • Non Toxic, vegan, organic beauty, skin and hair care
  • Ships Internationally

  • Shave products to help reduce bumps and skin irritation + skin + Hair products
  • Ships US, US territories, Canada and to APO/FPO/DPO addresses

Black Girl Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen with natural ingredients 
  • Ships Internationally 

Black Opal Beauty
  • A range of both makeup and skincare 
  • Ships US

Bomba Curls
  • Natural and organic curl care products 
  • Ships Internationally

B. Simone Beauty

  • A variety of lip products + Merch 
  • Ships US


  • Natural haircare products  fortified with hair healthy oils antioxidants and vitamns
  • Ships Internationally 

Bush Balm 

  • Balms incorporating wild harvested medicinal plants expertly collected on Aboriginal Lands in Central Australia. 
  • Ships worldwide except New Zealand 

Bush Medijina

  • Handmade skincare using bush recipes from local Aboriginal Women. Groote Eylandt Australia. 
  • Ships Internationally

Buttah Skin
  • Enriching skincare for multicultural tones
  • Ships Internationally


Carol's Daughter

  • Natural hair care body and skincare 
  • Ships US

Charlotte Mensah
  • Award winning Afro hair stylist, located in London; Hair products and tools 
  • Ships Internationally

Coloured Raine
  • Cruelty Free cosmetics made in the USA
  • Ships Internationally, however suspensions due to COVID19. See here


Danessa Myricks Beauty

  • Cruelty free colour makeup
  • Ships Internationally 

Dehiya Beauty
  • Plant based, Vegan Botanical Skincare + Tools
  • Ships Internationally (Can also be purchased from Glory Skincare

Dilkara Essence of Australia

  • Natural hair care using ingredients sourced from local Indigenous communities. 
  • Ships Australia

  • Hydration wash, deep conditioner
  • Ships Internationally

Dr Locs 

  • Homemade organic product line created for the loc, dred and dredlock community 
  • Ships Internaionally 


Earth Blended

  • Alternative healing and contemporary Aboriginal Art
  • Ships Australia, New Zealand, US, UK and Ireland

Epara Skincare 

  • Luxury organic and natural skin care using African ingredients.
  • Ships Internationally


Fenty Beauty

  • A range of colour cosmetics by Rhianna
  • Ships Internationally

Form Beauty
  • Premium hair care for consumers with coily and curly hair. Offers 30 day money back guarantee. 
  • Shipping Information TBC

Fortify'd Naturals

  • Natural hair care products, cruelty free
  • Ships Internationally

Foxie Cosmetics
  • Vegan and handcrafted bath, shower, face, body, hair and fragrance.
  • Ships US, Canada, UK and Mexico. Also offers local pickups (free of charge in Nashville Only)

Frederick Benjamin Grooming

  • Men's Grooming 
  • Ships Internationally 



  • Superfood health and beauty products
  • Ships US


Hair Rules

  • Wide range of hair care products + Salon in New York and Los Angeles 
  • Ships US

Hanahana Beauty
  • Handcrafted skincare using 100% natural products + merch
  • Ships Internationally

Holy Curls

  • UK based vegan and cruelty free curly hair care made with naturally derived ingredients.
  • Ships Internationally

Hyper Skin 
  • Cruelty free skincare that treats hyper-pigmentation and enhances glow
  • Ships US (working towards international shipping, please check back)



  • Range of skincare, soaps and oil and premium bush foods (incl, chocolates, chutney, jams, spices, teas etc)
  • Ships Australia

Iman Cosmetics

  • A  selection of foundations, highlighters and coloured cosmetics
  • Ships US, Alaska and Hawaii (IMAN Cosmetic Partner in Africa, France and UK see here


Jane Carter Solution

  • Natural hair care products for all hair types and textures
  • Ships US

Janet and Jo
  • Vegan, cruelty free, 10 free nail lacquers
  • Ships US


  • Natural chemical free skincare using Indigenous Australia ingredients 
  • Ships Australia and New Zealand

Juvia's Place
  • A range of cruelty free colour cosmetics 
  • Ships Internationally


Kakadu Tiny Tots

  • Soaps Candles and Aboriginal Children's Clothing 
  • Ships Australia (Please email for International Shipping)

Karen's Body Beautiful 

  • Retail store and spa for natural hair care
  • Ships to a selection of international countries

Kayaire CBD Skincare

  • Luxury CBD Skincare line
  • Ships Internationally

Kaylux Cosmetics
  • A range of highlighters, lip products, lashes and powder 
  • Ships Internationally

Kintsugi Candle Co

  • Scented Candles + Apparels and Accessories 
  • Ships Internationally 

KNC Beauty
  • All natural lip mask + tools
  • Ships Internationally

  • A selection of hand crafted colour makeup
  • Shipping Location TBC (website under maintenance see Instagram here)

Kurly Belle

  • Hair care for curly hair, natural hair and relaxed hair.
  • Ships US Canada Europe and UK


Lamik Beauty

  • Makeup line made with vegan, natural and organic ingredients + merch
  • Ships US

Lauren Napier Beauty 
  • Range of skincare for different skin types
  • Ships Internationally 

Lena Lashes 
  • Lashes, mink lashes, liquid lipsticks
  • Ships Internationally


  • Natural, Vegan, Multi-Use Skincare
  • Ships to a selection of International Countries that can be found in the Country/Region drop down box at checkout

Loving Culture
  • Revitalising organic hair oil
  • Ships US, US territories and Canadian territories. For international shipment email 

Luv Scrub
  • The original mesh Body Exfoliator 
  • Ships Internationally 

Lowanna Skincare 

  • Indigenous owned, Australian made native ingredients 100% cruelty free and vegan skincare.
  • Ships Internationally


Makeup by Sparkle

  • A range of lip kits, sets, gloss, mattes and vinyl
  • Ships US

Mary Louise Cosmetics
  • Natural Skincare made easy
  • Ships Internationally

MDM Flow

  • A range of coloured cruelty free lip products and Mascara
  • Ships Internationally 

Mented Cosmetics
  • Cruelty free and vegan makeup 
  • Ships US only - International shipping to launch soon


  • Organic hair and all natural skincare 
  • Ships Internationally

Mira's Hand

  • Simple Moroccan skincare + Body care 
  • Ships Australia

Mischo Beauty 
  • Luxury vegan 10 free nail lacquer + tools
  • Ships US and Canada


Naturall Club 
  •  Handmade Avocado hair products 
  •  Ships: US and Canada (Form Available if you wish to be notified when they ship Internationally)

Nine Three Beauty
  • Hand Crafted cruelty free highlighters
  • Ships Internationally

Noodle and Co Apothecary
  • Hand crafted soaps
  • Ships Internationally

  • Handcrafted, all natural, cruelty free vegan skincare
  • Ships US, UK and Canada

  • hand made, small batch beauty products using cold-pressed oils crafted with ethical, sustainable and natural ingredients from around the world. 
  • Ships US Available from Target(US) 


Oui the People

  • Skin razor, Shave Gel to Milk, refills and bodycare
  • Ships US and Canada 

Oyin Handmade
  • Skincare made with natural, organic and food grade ingredients
  • Ships Internationally


Pat McGrath Labs
  • A wide selection of high quality makeup products
  • Ships Internationally (store locations available here)

Pattern Beauty

  • Hair Care + Tools and Accessories 
  • Ships to selected International Countries, please see pic above. Email to request your country 

Pear Nova 
  • Cruelty Free Nail products, Merch and nail appointments
  • Ships US (check back for International Shipping)

Pholk Beauty
  • Natural, vegan, affordable skincare
  • Ships Internationally

Plain Jane Beauty 

  • Clean, cruelty free organic cosmetics
  • Ships US and Canada

Prime Beauty Cosmetics 

  • A range of cosmetics pigments, eyeshadow palettes, lip products and apparel
  • Ships Internationally 



Range Beauty

  • Affordable, high performance, clean makeup products
  • Ships Internationally

Rosen Skincare

  • Skincare for acne prone skin types
  • Ships US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Ireland and France


Salt Spray Salt Co

  • Bermuda based scented handmade soap and body products 
  • Ships Internationally

Scotch Porter

  • Men's grooming products
  • Ships Internationally

Countries where delivery services are not available for Shani Darden Skincare 

Shani Darden Skincare

  • Anti aging products and skincare 
  • Ships to 150+ countries across the globe List of countries they do not offer delivery services above.

Shea Moisture

  • Raw Shea butter, African Black Soap, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Manuka honey, Coconut oil. Skin and hair care. 
  • Ships Australia, US (Available in Canada via Stockists)

Shop Kaike

  • Plant based skincare brand + Bath and Body 
  • Ships US

  • The Cult 7 day hold curl styling cream + merch
  • Ships Internationally. Stockists available in England and Brooklyn, USA

Skin Buttr
  • Natural skincare products made from shea butter
  • Ships Internationally


Tahlia Waajid

  • Natural hair care using nature inspired ingredients
  • Ships Internationally (COVID Restrictions apply)

The Crayon Case

The Honey Pot Company
  • Wipes and pads for female health through plant based products
  • Ships Internationally

The Lip Bar 

  • Vegan Cruelty Free lip Colors 
  • Ships Internationally 

The Mane Choice
  • Vitamin rich hair products
  • Shipping locations TBC

TPH By Taraji
  • Clean and Luxe hair care
  • Ships US (Purchase from


Undefined Beauty

  • Cruelty free, Clean beauty skincare 
  • Ships Internationally 

  • Superfood (Baobab) hair care products 
  • Ships US

UnSun  Cosmetics
  • Mineral Based, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 UVA/UVB Sunscreen
  • Ships Internationally 

Uoma Beauty

  • A range of coloured cosmetics and foundations 
  • Ships  Internationally 


Vernon Francois

  • Hair styling collection for textured and curly hair 
  • Ships Internationally


Willow & Co

  • Australian Indigenous beauty brand. Vegan, Cruelty free organic skincare
  • Ships Internationally




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