Thursday, September 17, 2015

Brush Cleaning and Makeup Brush Holder

As a clean freak - not a neat freak - those are two completely different things! I am "clean" but not necessary neat and tidy, quite the contrary actually. I clean my brushes at least once per week, if I had the time, I would want to clean it after every use.

After two weeks, your used make up brushes (especially foundation brushes and sponges) would've sprouted 15 times more bacteria than a public loo. No joke, this was on a science channel, I don't believe a lot of things on TV.. but this I do.

Recently, I purchased a brush holder from Ebay for approximately $10 including shipping (it's a bargain!) it's not the most well made piece of equipment (the base is not quite stable and it does wobble a little - but i'm happy to just let it sit as I dry my brushes) but it does the job and. Just be aware that these little plastic brush holders are quite attracted to dust. For the actual cleaning, I use Shampoo if it's good enough for my hair, it's good enough for my brushes!

How often do you clean your brushes?


  1. Not as often as I should! But, I do try to let them dry naturally, and hopefully, as it gets warmer, it'll get easier!

  2. This post reminds me... I really need to clean my brushes! I'm running out of clean ones so if I don't, I won't be able to wear any makeup tomorrow! I am almost done with the Beautyblender solid cleanser. I'd definitely repurchase because it makes cleaning even foundation brushes/sponges easy!

  3. I use my camping fold-up hanger, it's got eight arms with two pegs on each arm, that's 16 pegs for up to 16 brushes (I don't have that many!). I hang it over my shower rail with the brush heads pointing down.

  4. OMG I try to clean them at least 2 times a month, which is still probably not that good enough! Love this little tool you reviewed though!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  5. That is such a cool brush holder! Something I definitely need to get myself too! xx Thanks for posting this post :)

  6. Love bog post. Very cool brush holder:)
    Great work.

    Kisses from Germany

  7. Oooh this makeup brush holder looks so useful! I confess, I don't wash my brushes nearly enough, but when I do I tend to use a cleanser on them (currently The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash), because I figure if it's good for my face it can go on my brushes :)

    Helen xx
    Hels Yeah | Fashion & Lifestyle

  8. what a great idea !!

    wow amazing blog post!!!! I been following you for a while now and I can always tell you work hard on your blog !!

    keep up the good work !!!

    would love it if you check out my blog and video :)


  9. I'm so slack with cleaning my brushes! I might have a look on eBay as I need a brush holder. My little compartment in my makeup organiser is too small to fit them all! :)

  10. That's brilliant. I have my brushes in a plastic container inside a drawer and I always have to pull them out and look for the brush I'm after. I love this idea. I need a brush holder!

  11. I have quite a few brushes to rotate, and I don't wear makeup as often lately.. so once a month!? >.< And I usually use my fingers, so I don't have to wash them HAhhaa.. but this makeup brush holder is definitely something I have been eyeing on...

    Celly | Asian Beauty and Makeup Blog

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  13. This best reminder for ladies :) Well done.


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