Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's in My Travel Kit?

It's been long time coming but it's finally happening! I was about to die working a fairly stressful job for the past 1.6 years without a proper break. At last, my partner and I decided to take a week off to go on a little national holiday. I'll make a holiday post when I get back so I won't give the destination away yet..but it'll probably be on instagram..

I am trying to take deluxe samples only due to my 7kg carry-on limit, all the products I've pack are  100% necessary... and they all fit in to my Lust Have It pink mesh bag :D

I like to bring my own hair and body products, so I've packed some Head and Shoulders shampoo/conditioner and a Dove body wash. I've also added Clairol's intensive hair treatment because my hair often turns into unbrushable clots after a day at the beach.

For makeup, I've got my Thin Lizzy  6in1 and compact foundation, as well as a Bloom concealer sample kit just incase I need it (Oh and a brush... silly me).

Thin Lizzy's all-day flexi mascara and Rimmel's eyeliner got included because they are both water resistant and easy to remove. Now, I am not a brow person, but since I received Rimmel's brow this way... I became a brow person (Review up later)

For skincare, I decided to bring some Simple wipes and Dermalogica eye cream sample (probably need to dig up another one).

I am so glad that I've got these cute Elucent samples (cleanser, day and night cream) in my stash, they are perfect for my little trip.

Since my skin is going a little crazy with dry spots popping up intermittently I decided to include Rosehip Plus rosehip oil skin boost, it's the perfect product that I can use on the go.

If I was allowed more luggage, I'd probably take a whole bag of Sunsense products.
Sunsense is my go-to brand for sun protection. I have a lot of freckles on my nose and we're going to a beachy area so it is extremely important that I am sun protected at all times. If I am under 7kgs after I pack my bag, I'll chuck in a full size Sunsense product... just because I don't think this is enough!

What are some of your travel must have products?


  1. Wow, that is one magic makeup bag! You can fit so much in there :) sunscreen is definitely a travel must have for me too :) and powder, mascara, lipbalm and a bajillion skincare stuff haha.

    1. I was amazed as to how much that mesh bag was able to fit too! I had to cut a lot of skincare back.. next time I might consider luggage! 7kg limit is painful!

  2. I've never traveled so wouldn't know what to recommend other than lots of wet wipes and sunscreen. But in theory it's a great way to use up all those samples! Love to see a review on the Thin Lizzy 6in1 and compact foundation btw.

  3. I'm going on holiday soon too! Though I will have an entire caravan to stash my goodies in, I'll still be taking bare minimal. I have some must haves like dry shampoo and a shower cap! Sunscreen and an after-sun product too. Hope you're having a fab time!! :)

    Ps... The Bachelor!! Desperate times! I've been watching Constantine, though it's been axed already so I don't know why I bothered lol

  4. I love taking NUXE as you can use it for so many things, hair, cuticles, body oil!
    I also take a few little GWP palettes which have eye/cheek/lip colours in them so compact yet still aloes some choices!
    Have fun x

  5. I see quite a few things that I also love and use! Let me know your thoughts on the oil - I adore it!

  6. I am going to try Sunsense. I have been needing some new sun protection products.


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