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Brand Focus: Thin Lizzy Makeup

Thin Lizzy (not to be mistaken with the rock band from Dublin) is a makeup brand from New Zealand, the first time I saw Thin Lizzy on TV was via an infomercial when I was 19 and I was glued to the TV every time the 6in1 was introduced and used. Until now, Thin Lizzy was not a readily accessible brand for me. On this note, I have a confession to make, I  can watch infomercials for hours.. there must be other like minded people out there!!!

I was recently invited to Thin Lizzy's Masterclass hosted by Wendy Nowell-Usticken (who was extremely down to earth, her personality made half the pitch for me). Wendy demonstrated corrective techniques for redness/acne and methods to cover tattoos or birthmarks. Unfortunately (fortunate for the models) they all had amazing skin! Alas, I had a great night, it was an excellent way to end a working day.

Fortunately (for the products, not for me) my skin has coming up with all sorts of issues, from small bits of redness to pimples and a little bit of scarring because I can't keep my fingers away. I thought, perfect!

Left to Right: 6in1 in Light, Compact mineral foundation in Minx, Loose Mineral foundation in Minx, Concealer in Minx

Left to right: 6in1, Compact foundation, Loose mineral foundation

I was colour matched on the spot and they were spot on. My shade is Minx (light-medium olive). I instantly feel in love with the foundations and have been using the Loose Mineral Foundation at home before heading out. This product is easy to use with Thin Lizzy's brushes (see below) and provides light to medium coverage, you can keep layering until you achieve the coverage you desire. My Compact Foundation is perfect for my bag, it's so small and slim! I noticed the powders had some light reflecting properties to blur my imperfections, both foundations did well at concealing my redness and blemishes, but I personally prefer the compact powder.

I was extremely skeptical about the 6in1, there are 2 shades, "Light" and "Dark". So did this product tick all the criteria?

✓Eye Shadow: Yes it's a beautiful pearly brown shade, worked well as a natural eyeshadow colour for all over the lids.
? Blusher: I personally felt it was too much of a beautiful bronzer. Call me narrow minded, but when I think Blushes, I think rosy/coral/pink cheeks. However, I can see how this may work as a blusher for other skin tones.
✓Bronzer/Contour: It certainly did! It gave me a beautiful healthy and natural glow, wasn't muddy at all. It was also able to act as a contour powder to provide more definition. I've merged Bronzer/Contour into 1 category because I only use my bronzer to contour.
? Lip colour: Yes, however my lips are extremely dry and I just wouldn't put powder on it.
✓Body Bronzer: I used this around my decolletage and I sure did achieve a nice bronzey glow!

The Concealer Creme was excellent, it's definitely a high coverage product (comparable to my It Cosmetics concealer which I love dearly). I've been using this for my under eye circles, redness, freckles and acne/scars. This concealer did better at covering redness and blemishes for me rather than darker brown spots or freckles. But if you use the concealer in conjunction with the compact powder it'll hide pretty much everything. I am really impressed with this product and would boldly say that it's better than some of my expensive, high end concealers

The Duo Eyeliner was very pigmented, it's not as creamy as I would like (but that level of creaminess would usually leave a huge crease on my lids). Both eyeliners lasted the 10 hour test, with a tiny crease from the black liner.

I gave the Lip Gloss to my mum because it is very glossy and shiny. I don't think I am a particulary glossy and shiny person, I'm more of a sheer or matte person. The gloss was quite thick and a little bit sticky, it doesn't come off. I wouldn't recommend this for windy days (to avoid the hair on lips situation). My mum on the other hand, LOVES the glossiness and yummy scent.

Unfortunately my lashes didn't love the All-Day Flexi Mascara as much as I personally wanted it to. It's a tube mascara that is water resistant and easy to remove. It's a great everyday mascara for watery eyes, however, it did weigh my lashes down a little and did not assist with curling my annoying straight and un-curlable lashes. I can definitely see this working amazingly well for those with naturally curled lashes!

Thin Lizzy also brought out their new synthetic brushes, they are oh SO soft, small and cute. I finally have brushes that I can put in my bag if touch up is needed for a night out. The black brush feels denser than the white. As a result, I prefer to use the black for mineral powders to pick up more product and assist with the blending.

Ok guys, brace yourself, below is the before and after pictures. A part from the moisturiser, I ONLY used Thin Lizzy products in the AFTER picture. Thin Lizzy products used in the following order:
1. Thin Lizzy Concealer
2. Thin Lizzy loose mineral foundation (with a thin layer of the compact foundation)
3. Thin Lizzy 6in1 (cheeks, lids and a dust on my nose)
4. Thin Lizzy Eyeliner (Brown)
5. Thin Lizzy All Day Flexi Mascara
5. Thin Lizzy Lip Gloss

In the scary BEFORE picture you can see some of the following issues:
- A little bit of reddness between my brows
- Small acne around my forehead, nose, chin and left side of my face
- Very dry lips
- Ghastly skin

Overall, I am really happy with the outcome of Thin Lizzy's base products, it exceeded my expectations. I haven't been able to part with the compacts because they are so small, slim and light in weight, and yes, they are perfect for my small bags and purses.
Now that Thin Lizzy is easily accessible via most Priceline stores, I HIGHLY recommend for everyone to visit Thin Lizzy's stand and have a play with their testers!

EDIT : 21/9/15 I took my thin lizzy products on my week away without a primer, i have a lot of pores thats quite prominent.. my pores became extremely visible with the compact foundation. If you have large pores like me make sure you use a primer beforehand.


*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own.

Have you tried Thin Lizzy?


  1. Wow, I love the before and after pictures! Thanks for the very detailed post, I've always been interested in Thin Lizzy because I love my mineral foundations, especially pressed powders because they're waay less messy. I will definitely check them out next time I'm in Priceline, thanks :)

    1. Thank you :) definitely worth checking out!

  2. I never tried Thin Lizy products, your before and after pics say every thing, the face products have great coverage. I have see them in Big W but never thought of buying them, will check them next time.

    1. Ohhh I didn't know they were at BigW! Thanks for letting me know x

  3. The products worked so well on your skin Lily! Gorgeous!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  4. I remember seeing the ads for this product on TV as a child and I was so skeptical! Particularly about the 6in1 product. Nice to see a "real person" review it.

    1. Haha same here! I was so sceptical when I saw the products on tv, hence was surprised when it worked so well!

  5. Excellent before and after pictures, although, I have to say, you're pretty cute in the before too!

    1. Aw Leah you are too kind!!! the before pic looks like a mug shot to me LOL

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Great review...I am a few years behind (!) but had just bought the compact and wasn't sure about the pink brush (with white bristles) which was how I found your post. Exactly as you said, the compact came with the pink brush (white bristles) and I preferred the blue (black bristles) brush, which i'll use for my loose powder : )
    I particularly like your added note about the compact as well re. using a primer, good to know!


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