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Review: Hair & Me Hair Rejuvination Treatment (ft Movie Rant)

Fantastic 4 hit the big screens a few weeks ago and was literally trampled by viewers and critics. The amount of negative criticism was overwhelming, I entered the cinema expecting rubbish. However, deep down, I knew it cannot get worse than DC's Green Lantern and I quite disliked the previous Fantastic Four movies with Jessica Alba etc


I personally felt that the reboot wasn't THAT bad, yes, it was bad, but I was still able to sit through it. The acting was poor and there were plot holes, but I preferred the plot to this re-boot than the original storyline. There was a lot of public outrage as the film made some significant deviations from the original comic - but I like the idea that the 4 teleported to an alternate universe and obtained their "powers" rather than powers gained from explosive outer-space cosmic rays in the previous movie. There were countless complaints about Dr Doom, I personally don't have any beef with his appearance, as long as his in a green cape and his face is all mangled with metal, it's fine. The characters were quite detached and not exactly lovable... this movie wasn't great but I still preferred this to the previous Fantastic Four movies. The reviews were so bad that they pulled out from making a sequel reboot. All Marvel movie fans know that you gotta sit through the credits for a preview... well, there were none for this movie.. which is probably a good thing..

Ok.. now onto hair

Product Claim

- 100% oil based pre shampoo treatment
- Repair, moisturises and strengthens hair and scalp
- Encourage hair growth
- Decrease blow drying time
- Controls frizziness

Price: $19.95

1. Damp your hair
2. Apply the product and massage it into your hair and scalp
3. Leave the content in your hair for at least 45 minutes
4. Hop into the shower and shampoo x2 + condition

Ingredients and ethics

My Verdict

I'll start off by saying that I am not a hair person, I wash my hair every 2nd or third day and recently gotten over my laziness and started to conditioning. I will brag, my is naturally healthy and low maintenance so I don't use a lot of hair treatment or products. However, my fly away has always been an issue.

Shower time is precious, doing a full body scrub, exfoliating my face, shampoo and conditioning takes a long time, and I do not wish to add additional unnecessary time in the shower. I've put off using Hair & Me so many times because of the procedure that I was required to follow.

It's still cold... and I can't stand in front of the heater for 45 minutes.. and shampoo twice!? Nooooooo

But I decided to finally put the product to test last weekend, I thought to myself... it better do amazing things to my hair.


My fly aways no longer flew and was reduced by at least 60%. My hair felt nice and silky, dry scalp was no more and most flakes were gone. I was shocked, this product is living up to it's reputation.
However, this will be a special occasion product for me, my weekly schedule is pretty crazy and I dislike having damp hair! If I have a special event to attend (i.e., birthdays, weddings etc) I will definitely use this product the day before to put my best hair forward.

*This product was provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own

Have you tried this? What's your favourite hair product?


  1. Great Review!
    It seems everyone loves this product!
    I might have to give it a go!

  2. I love this hair mask. I actually apply it onto dry hair and leave it for an hour or two then wash it out. My hair feels so soft since using it.

  3. Your movie review lol. I've never been a huge fan of Fantastic 4 anyways so I wasn't overly fussed they deviated from the comics so much... I never actually saw the original films just because they looked so bad, and I wasn't really planning on seeing these either. The fact that you've said it's watchable but not amazing means I will probably give it a miss as well haha.

    I've been using this one as well and I agree the entire procedure is the frustrating part, but it's well worth the results! I'm glad you enjoyed using it and it was worth it :D

    1. haha the movies erks me like transformers movies. I think it's something that you need to just sit down and watch once... one day :P

  4. I accidentally just read that top part there about Fantastic Four :P, I've never tried this product before. But I'm glad that you've had a great experience from it, my favourite hair product at the moment would have to be the Tresemme Heat Tamer Protective Spary (I've just started using it again) and its really helping my colour last longer and strands less damanged!

  5. I agree Lily, this treatment is something special - I didn't realise my hair could be so soft ♡

  6. Another top review of this product! I must get some to try- nothing but positive reviews all round!

  7. This hair treatment sounds ah-mazing! I'll have to buy some for my next special occasion!

  8. But you don't HAVE any fly aways! And now I know what movie to avoid!

    1. Haha thats becuase i gel the crap out of my hair before i leave the house :p

  9. I've been putting off using this for the exact same reasons, that an I needed to wait until my cast was off :) Maybe this week I'll get a chance, hope it controls my flyaways!

  10. The treatment sounds really interesting! I don't really use anything for my hair, but I definitely want to try this hehe. And I haven't watched Fantastic 4 yet... there were too many bad reviews and I got scared of "wasting my money" LOL.
    Junniku blog! (Korean beauty blog)

  11. I love hair masks! I will definitely try giving this one a go! I find they are so much more effective compared to just using a conditioner.

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  12. I nominated you for a Liebster Award

  13. Agree you with on the review :) It's a lovely product but takes a lot of effort to use to I'd save it for a special occasion x


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