What's in my Travel Bag? - Carry on Edition

So I'm off for a short one week getaway later next month, I am so excited and cannot wait. Work has been exhausting and I've been counting down the days.

Some of you may know, I travel light.. unless I'm going for a holiday that's longer than 7 or 8 days, I don't bring luggage. I put everything in a back-pack and off I go. This time I'm flying international with my boyfriend and mum - thank goodness, otherwise the 100ml liquid restriction will drive me nuts. Mum is traveling with us for the first time and she is shocked that we won't have luggage.

After a lot of thought, I decided to bring my WorkCover Sunscreen 65ml, mainly because all three of us will be using the sunscreen all over our limbs and I didn't really want to bring a beloved facial sunscreen and waste it on everyone's limbs.

I don't trust the WorkCover Sunscreen on my face so I'm bringing my trusted Sunsense.

As for skincare I'm bringing my Trilogy Age Proof Starter Pack, it is the perfect travel kit, why? Look at the size of that cleanser, I usually finish my cleanser before anything else. I'll also be doubling up the Booster oil as an under eye treatment. While on the topic of Trilogy, 8th of March is International Women's Day, Trilogy is donating $2 to every bottle of hand harvested sunflower oil to the So You Can campagin, raising awareness supporting disadvantaged women in Tanzania and Kenya.

I generally never take a lot of makeup during my travels, it's humid and I'll be walking around in my joggers, sweating. It just seems logical to have the bare minimum on my face.

I am taking my Thin Lizzy 6 in 1, + Compact Foundation and brush AGAIN! The 6in1 is honestly one of the most versatile and travel friendly compact I have in my entire makeup collection. Although I'm not a very big fan of the compact foundation, it is still travel friendly, slim and easy to store.

In case my skin goes crazy, I'm taking my Bloom's Secret Weapon Concealer Kit with me! It's got 2 colour correctors and a highlighter.

I am also taking my Rimmel's Brow This Way compact with me (again), as you may have seen in my previous No Foundation Makeup video, I use the wax for my brows and the powder to contour.

Now a few miscallaneous products...

Unfortunately, there won't be any lipsticks in this travel bag, I just can't see myself wearing it, so why bother bringing it?.. BUT.. I can't go on a holiday without my Sunsense SPF 50+ Lip Balm.

Since I got laser hair removal done in my arm pits, my sweat started to smell... I'll be going to a humid country so deodorant is a must, I'm taking my mini 35ml Nivea Invisible Deodorant.

Last but not least, the yellow product to the right is facial wipes! I purchased this in Japan from a brand called Yojiya (they sell the best blotting paper, facial powder paper, blush paper etc).



  1. Great post. I wish I could pack this lightly. I'm such an over packer!! :(

  2. I think you have it pretty covered here! I wish I could pack this lightly - I think I've got it alright clothing wise, but when it comes to skincare & makeup...that's a whole other story!

  3. Wow! No luggage, that's impressive! I couldn't not take a lipstick! Even when I wear no other makeup, I need to wear a lipstick or lip tint.

    Have a great holiday!

  4. Have a fabulous holiday. I'm a chronic overpacker so I am in awe of your light packing skills!

  5. Great inspiration for me to cut down for my upcoming Sydney trip. I always overpack!

  6. My travel bag is an epic fail every time hon, especially when compared to yours - I just can't seem to drill down to the basics. I'd add a hydrating mist spray, like Sukin - just the ticket if you're going somewhere hot, and it's great for the flight.

  7. Have fun! Wow, when you pack light, you mean BUSINESS! I'm so impressed! I just take all my little sample sizes instead!

    1. I really should save my samples for travel, i always end up using them at home :/

  8. Love those Trilogy products in those cute little starter kits. They are the perfect size for travelling!

  9. I've never even heard of WorkCover sunscreen! Where did you get yours?!

    I think you've got all your bases covered with this carry on! The one thing that I tend to include is a tiny sample bottle of cleansing water to fix up any messed up make up!

  10. Some great products here! I would recommend also taking some hand sanitiser. I don't trust public bathrooms and airplane bathrooms to have soap, I've been caught out before! Also handy when you're in public and need to apply makeup, good to have clean hands for that! Enjoy your trip girl!

    Kate | themintedblog.com


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