Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maybelline Dream Mousse

I've always had a thing for mousse eye shadows, they just feel so smooth and velvety!

So i purchased 3 dream Maybelline Dream mousse recently...all in basic neutral colours.

First... Vanilla Veil...it pretty much just gives out a bit of a shimmer.. see the sparkly things around my eyelid..thats it. thats pretty much all it does


Second Ivory Illusion...it really didn't give much of a colour... pretty much did the same job as vanilla veil...gave out a nice shimmer


Third Seude Sensation...this one actually gave a nice brown neutral colour, i liked it, it's still shimmery but with colour.


To be honest...I don't think these maybelline mousse are any good. good if you want shimmer on your lids (HOWEVER, they are not the easiest to apply!!!! they don't go on as smoothly! SHAME!)

I bought these off ebay for $13 frankly i don't think they are worth it...i think i'll stick with eyeshadow or pigments

Rating: 4/10

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara

So...I'm just gona do a shit load of reviews, because I hate it when i can't find reviews on products that I'm thinking of buying.

I have tried a few mascaras (which I will review them all) but by far, the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide is the Best I have tried.

- It actually extend your lashes!

- after multiple applications you will still have your soft defined by natural looking lashes

- The brush is structured in a way so that when you put your wand back in there wouldn't be a whole heap of mascara squeezing through the side (YUCK!)

- It contains a whole heap of vitamins which helps strength your lashes.

- It is easily rinsed out, forget make up remover! just rinse with water!

Just check out the before and after pic!

Where can you get it? Reminder: I'm in Australia...so I guess Myer, david jones etc. OTHERWISE EBAY!!!! (I got mine from my bf..)

How much? I'd say about $30-$40...possibly cheaper on ebay


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