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Review & Tutorial: Natural Eye Looks with Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes Palette

Brand/Product Information
Canmake is a Japanese cosmetic brand founded in 1986. The brand expanded across Asian countries and was endorsed across demographics due to their cute packaging, diverse colour schemes and natural ingredients to suit sensitive skin.

This palette contains squalane - a moisturising agent allowing smooth applications and minimising eyeshadow fall outs. There are 6 different palettes (colour variations) in the Perfect Stylist range.

Shade: 02

RRP: 780 yen (approx. $8.50 AUD)


I followed the combinations from the back of the palette to create the following two looks. I think we can all agree that there is really not that much of a difference..

Combination A, B, C, E

Combination A, B, D, E


  • Cute packaging - always a bonus
  • Highly affordable
  • Wearable, natural colours. Perfect for day wear
  • As mentioned in product information, there were no fall outs! I'm amazed!
  • I love the "how to use" instructions on the back of the palette
  • Long lasting and doesn't crease

  • The pigmentation could be improved, I had to double swatch everything to ensure the product's visibility on camera.. probably not the best palette to use if you want a picture perfect look.
  • Difficult to find in Australia! I've never seen this around Sydney.

Maybe, I did get turned off by it's lack of pigmentation. However, it's a great travel palette, I like to wear minimal makeup when I'm on holidays, so this is perfect.

Have you tried Canmake products? What are your thoughts on Japanese cosmetics?


  1. Your eyelashes are amazingly long! My top lashes are shorter than your bottom ones! Ahah what mascara are you using?

    I haven't seen Canmake around Sydney either! I swatched some of their eyeshadows in HK and, you're right, they're not very pigmented. That's why I didn't pick one up because I think the colour combos are pretty spot on.

    1. There's a japanese cosmetics store on George St... and a new one in Broadway, not a lot of canmake products though. I'm using Benefit's They're Real mascara :) The brush is a little scary lol

  2. your lashes look so good! im sure you've stated what mascara you've used, but seriously what mascara is it?

    1. I'm using Benefit's they're real mascara. It's not too bad... but the dollywink mascara will do amazing things to your lashes!!!

  3. The shades are lovely in the pan, but swatched on the skin its all very light! I'm interested in a different palette from them! I think you'd need a good primer or cream base to make them show up better!

  4. The colours are nice ^^ love it; perfect for a natural look!

  5. Oh I love Canmake! I'm a huge fan of their cream blush. Haven't really seen it outside of Japan, and on the few occasions I did, it was greatly overpriced...

    Excellent review! ^^

  6. Asian brands in general tend to have sheer pigmentation which is a shame.. This could be a very nice little quad though, too bad the pigmentation is not very good..
    I have tried the blushes from can make and have been happy with them so far ^^

  7. The packaging is cute! I prefer my shadows a lot more pigmented.. ^_^

    1. And it's all your fault!! Your fault that I haven't vacuumed or fed my kids for a few days while I watch Orphan Black haha! Only up to the 4th episode but I'm pretty hooked.. can you imagine meeting a heap of 'you's?? :) Have a great weekend Lily x

  8. The packaging looks super cute, that's one of the reason I want to try more Asian brands. I've been eyeing off some Etude House products!

  9. I didn't know this brand at all, I hope I can find it on ebay because the colors of this palette is perfect and the packaging so cute, the price is also great. Too bad about the pigmentation, but I think it is worth it :3

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  10. I'm not sure I would bother if it's not really pigmented! I think I've already wasted enough of my life on not super pigmented products!

  11. I love the packaging, too bad it's not very pigmented but then again it can be good for a natural look ^^

    恵美より ♥

  12. The packaging and colors are cute. I have never tried any Japanese cosmetics. I cannot imagine a place they would be available in Kentucky.

  13. The packaging is so cute! *.。(๑・∀・๑)*.。

  14. It's so hard to find Japanese Cosmetics in Australia! Thank god for Online shopping :)

    I also wanted to let you know that I love your blog and have nominated you for the Liebster Award.

    Here is my post with directions :)

    Ellen Rozalia xx

  15. The pigmentation is meh~ Cute packaging and very shimmering~

  16. the colors are really pretty .... love the cute packaging :) xx

  17. Ive been wanting to tryout Canmake's eye shadows for so long due to the extremely cute packaging but its a shame that it isn't really pigmented. Thanks for the review!

  18. I love canmake products! I've heard that japanese eyeshadows tend to have less pigmentation than other brands so it's a pity because they have the best packaging ever.

    I've also reviewed some canmake stuff on my blog if you are interested!


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