Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mini Beautorium Haul - April 2014

Happy Easter long weekend ^_^

I placed my Beautorium order on the 15th.... and it arrived on the 17th. Incredible velocity, beauty boxes ought to learn from this! If you're not a member, head to  to sign up and start collecting loyalty points!

Again, I only picked up 1 item this time round. (See my previous Beautorium order here). I paid $4.95 for postage - mind you the package was delivered via express post!

Looks like I ordered a whole bunch of products but I only ordered one!

Lonvitalite C8 Collagen Crystal Eye Mask 6pk
560 points

I've been progressing well with my previous eye masks, but I wanted to try something a little difference. I have previously trialed a couple of Lonvitalite face masks and I really liked the result so I thought I'd give it a go!

Now onto the freebies... BeautyHeaven is always so generous with freebies!

Left to Right -

Lapurete Okuru Facial and Toner
Lady Jayne Digital Romance Hair Ties - Yay!! I love these!
Glameyes Miranda Lashes - My first pair of falsies :O
Vagisil Feminine Wash - My inner child giggled. This is actually quite handy, a lot of women are experiencing irritations from using ordinary body wash or soap to clean their lady bits. pH balance is important!
Lapurete Night Cream

Did you order anything from Beautorium?


  1. Congratulations on your first pair of falsies!!! I remember mine and it was a very exciting first :)

    Beauty blog Philippines

  2. Holy samples. I need to check this place out.

  3. Eyes mask! I haven't thought of getting those in a while! I get puffy eyes easily and something like that would be useful! Great stuff, the lashes look great!

  4. Woah I thought you ordered a lot at first too! xD They really ARE generous! I don't have enough points yet but I'm hoping to get some when the next beautorium opens.
    x Court

  5. I can't wait to get my order! Mainly because of the very generous freebies, because I only ordered a couple of things, lol

  6. I obviously wasn't paying attention because I didn't notice those eye patches! Now I want them :/ but I've already received one order and have another on it's way so I'll be saving the few points I have for next time.

    I reckon BH get more and more generous with the freebies as each Beautorium rolls around, when I saw those hair ties I was SO bloody excited, I just tossed everything else aside, waved them in mums face and squealed like a little girl. When I saw the feminine wash I laughed too but still a generous and handy size to trial or travel with.

  7. Nice review have a great week end!

  8. Very nice haul, the samples are so generous...I haven't placed an order yet but I'm thinking I might because those lashes look so pretty!

  9. Wow that was a quick delivery! Love how generous BH are with the freebies :)

  10. those eye masks looks so cute! i've used the hand mask from that brand from a lust have it box and they were really good!

  11. I haven't ordered from from Beautorium but your haul looks so cool! It's great they gave you a lot of things (*^O^*)

  12. The eyelashes looks great!
    Comment to me back to keep in touch~

  13. I love eye masks! How great that they threw in all those freebies!!

  14. Ohhh I'd love to see a full a review on the eye masks! I'm always on the hunt for some good ones because my under eye area is super dry...basically the bane of my existence! LOL.

  15. Haha! You saying lady bits made ME giggle! I was overwhelmed by the freebies too! And I also ordered some Lonvitalite stuff.

  16. I'd like to see what the lashes look like on. I'm sure they'll be amazing. Enjoy. ^^

  17. Nice haul, and great freebies too, how generous. I decided to save my points so I can shop up big next time!

  18. Awesome stuff you go there :) the eyelashes looks cool !! xx

  19. Gah those hair ties - I have got to get me some of those. They're all the rage right now. If I wasn't so lazy I'd make them myself but then I just laugh and think, like that's really going to happen (unless I get dragged into a crafts store by my mother...) Do you have a favorite out of this bunch?

  20. That's such a bonus how you got so many things, but only ordered one. Congrats!! :) I've tried those Lonvitalite masks as well, they're really good! :) I posted my Beautorium haul a few days ago. xx

  21. the lady jayne hairties look like the ones from sephora that everyone raves about! I still kinda dont buy the hype lol but looking forward to your review if you ever do one!

    ♥ M&L twoplicates


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