Saturday, November 14, 2009

Product Review: Everyday Minerals Icing On The Cake Lipbalm

Before I start Reviewing this, I'm a big ORGANIC/NATURAL product junkie... In my perfect little realm, everything would be organic, all skin care, all chickens and eggs. Organic products ridiculously expensive around here... i "try" but sometimes I must opt for the latter.. *sigh*
I Received "Icing on the Cake" Lip balm two days ago, i was absolutely flabbergasted to see a box sitting on my table as I stumbled home after a tedious week of exams and intense cramming. This was a part of the prize I received from Everyday Minerals.
I LOVE everyday minerals! Unfortunately the balm was melted, and half of it was stuck to the inside of the case... I had no choice but to pull it a was MESSY!
I really liked the colour, it's a frosty pink, no where near as dark as it seems to be...

Here's my lips with nothing on:
Here's my lips with Icing on the Cake:
it kinda reminded me of a pale barbie pink.

-It was quite consistent.. it stuck around for quite a while, however i didn't eat during.
-I liked the texture, it was soft and creamy.
-Very pretty colour, great for a pale pink nude with smokey eyes!
- It's pretty much organic and natural, you won't need to worry about the harsh chemicals you're gobbling down with that donut.

-It seems like EVERY time i get an everyday minerals lipbalm the plastic container fail to twist all the way down, so i always get half of my lipbalm sticking it just me?
-I thought it lacked moisture.. even though it felt creamy on my lips, i could feel the skin peeling. I have pretty dry lips and this didn't work for me. As you can see from the lip swatch my lips got pretty dry while wearing it. and this is what happened after i removed the balm...
I don't think this is a "winter" lip balm...... maybe during summer when your skin produce some natural oils. It would suit "normal" lips... but not recommended for dry lips on "bad-lips-day"!!

Personal Rating: 5/10

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