I attended every class this week, it's quite an achievement. Mother dear wasn't too hopeful on my attendance and persistence. She said this to me after my first day back.

"I bet you won't be going to class every day."

"Have some faith in me."

"You'll get bored, you'll end up getting a job again and start skipping school again"

Woman, I will prove you wrong!

It's not even my birthday yet and I received a lovely $10 voucher from Myer :)
I'm satisfied for the year, yes I'm easily pleased.

Since I will now be living off on $75 + $14 interest per week, I probably won't be eating out a whole lot, so prepare for my mood swings as I start posting unpurposeful and resentful blogs.

I went to the photojournalism exhibition at the state library a few weeks back. Can't remember if I posted this up but here it is.


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