Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PG stories

Attempted to organise my hard-drive. Ended up finding lost accounts and what not.

Found this story my friend and I wrote on Sanrio over 7 years ago.

Excuse the language

Hello Kitty sat dreaming about bitch cunt. One day she hoped to be a motherfucker . If I pissfuck hard I can be whatever I want to be, she thought. Her parents always nipple cripple her. One day, you could be a shithead, said mama. Or perhaps a arselicker, added papa. I think you should be a renee van kraanen just like grandpa, said grandma. Hello Kitty picked up her shit eater and went into the afro bitch. Feeling a bit crater face, she decided to make a big batch of annoying little retard for her family
New Year's Eve was coming up and Hello Kitty was planning a fuck party at brothel. She sent invitations to all of her closest shit, then went to buy dickhead, to decorate with. This would look jeremy hanging on the amanda, said her twin sister, Mimmy. After leaving the store with a bag full of fuckwhit, Hello Kitty decided to go to the poo head shop to get yummy shit for her friends to piss. These bitch-filled penis look delicious! she told the shopkeeper. And I will take some of that fruit vagina to intestines, too! she added. Finally, it was new year's eve. All of Hello Kitty's scrotum arrived wearing balls boobs. nipples! announced Hello Kitty as she greeted her friends. Just before midnight, they all held clit and counted down the seconds. When the clock struck marley roper, everyone screamed alicia ewing, and threw their godzilla in the aids.

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