Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merlin Finale - The Diamond of the day (Part II)

This Christmas morning marked the ending to Merlin's five year journey. I'm guttered. You know the feeling you'd get when a beloved TV show you've been following for years ended..... and you kinda feel a sense of emptiness and ask yourself what you'll do with your life now. Yeah, that feeling.

I thought it was a decent ending, very emotional.. I cried... a lot. The bromance between Arthur and Merlin was impenetrable. My favourite scene was when Merlin confessed his identity as a sorcerer at Arthur's disgust. Granted Arthur now having knowledge of Merlin being the greatest sorcerer to walk the earth, Merlin carried on with his initial role and duties as Arthur's servant. While Arthur was dwelling on his feelings of betrayal, the bromance continued as Merlin explained his use of magic was for Arthur and Camelot only.

Even though the prophecy was revealed early in the season, I was surprised that they stayed true to it. Yet still, allowing small glimpse of hope. My heart dropped when Arthur died, I cried at the fact that his last words to Merlin was a simple "Thank you".

There were a few disappointments....

  • How fast and easily Morgana was killed... I was expecting a magic war with Merlin.
  • How clean Mordred and Arthur's swords were after they stabbed each other, not a spot of red. 
  • Merlin didn't summon the dragon until after Arthur died...


I heard there is a possibility of a movie to give closure and to highlight Arthur's legacy playing out in modern day. 

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