Tuesday, December 25, 2012

NaruOne Korean Restaurant - Sydney CBD

This was my Christmas Eve Dinner
I read a few reviews prior to our mini feast. Majority of the reviews were fairly negative - indicating the blandness of their food and a lack of chilli powder??

We stood in line for about 8-10 minutes. There were spare tables available but the waitresses and waiters were too busy cleaning up other tables etc. The line quickly built up, we weren't seated until the lady behind us requested one of the waitress to accompany the line of customers to their tables. However, staff were friendly.

Seafood pancake - $13
This was quite yummy, but I wasn't sure if it's because I was hungry or the food was actually good. The pancake was incredibly glutinous and chewy - it was different. The sauce was nice.

Fried Chicken with Spring onion (Bone) $32
Infamous fried chicken. There were a few combinations, on the bone - boneless. Fried - saucy.
You can go half half. The chicken was skin crispy, but they didn't season the chicken - a huge let down.
It wasn't as juicy, succulent and flavoursome as I expect it to be. The actual chicken was a bit stringy and dry.. needless to say, the breast of the chicken was extra dry.

Side Dishes

Overall, the restaurant was harshly criticised. It wasn't as bad as reviewers made out to be, but at the same time.. it was nothing special. 

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