Monday, May 20, 2013

Bellabox May 2013 - Beauty SOS

Finally received my Bellabox!

La Roche - Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel
RRP $19,95 for 200ml
15ml @ $1.49

I always enjoy receiving cleansers, especially for sensitive skin. My skin tends to dry up after I wash it. Very curious to test this out

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
40ml for $25.95
3ml @ $1.94

I have pores, and they become blocked... perfect!

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment
125ml for $24.95
6ml @  $1.19

I've been struggling to use hair treatment products. It takes me forever to clean everything in the shower. I'm usually exhausted after I come out , I always forget to use after-wash treatments. Good thing this is only a small sample!

La Clinica for skin and body - sensitive skin soothing moisture replenishing balm
50ml for $38

Yay! more skincare for sensitive skin :)

Palmer's Eventone BB cream
30ml for $9.99
5ml @ 1.66

Aww I really wanted the nanoblur! 

Bloom shadow liner - emerald green

I don't usually wear coloured eyeliners, but this is such a gorgeous green!

Manicare duo mascara brushes

They look really handy, but I have no idea when I can use these. My eyebrows are way too stubborn, and they wouldn't sit down by combing through. The only way my lashes would curl is if I sleep on it or with a lash curler.


Total box value:  $64.23

Overall, I'm quite happy with the box, even though I was lusting over few other variations of the box. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Gardener's Lodge - High Tea - Camperdown, Sydney

I purchased an online voucher to high tea for two at Gardener's Lodge.

Situated in Victoria Park, this gothic-style rustic sandstone venue is one of the oldest buildings, built in 1888.

The cafe at the lodge is set up by an Aboriginal elder, Aunty Beryl. In conjunction with a menu filled with native Australian ingredients, the lodge is also an advocate for Aboriginal employment - providing employment and training for Indigenous Australians.

Photo from

English Breakfast

Wattle Seed Pancake - I 'think' the topping is goat's cheese or ricotta.

Top Tier: 

- Chocolate Muffin - SO SO rich!!!
- Almond Slice? - Not quite sure what it was but, whatever it is, it was delicious

Bottom Tier 

- Lamb Skewers with Mint Sauce?? - I think it was mint sauce, the lamb skewers were tender and full of flavour.

Bottom Tier

- Garden Salad
- Salmon Wrap
- Mini spinach and ricotta tarts

We had a lovely meal, lovely view and good food! The voucher saved us quite a bit. Ended up being about $19.50 per person.

Your thoughts on High Tea?

Gardener's Lodge Cafe on Urbanspoon

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