Monday, July 15, 2013

Bellabox July 2013 - Luxe Travel Box

I've been flipping through everyone's review on this month's box, there seems to be a fantastic variation of products!

My initial reaction when I got the box was, "Ooohhh heavy..... SOAP!?! =D??". I'm not sure what my receiving-a-soap-from-a-beauty-subscription-box fascination is. Hopeful, but no soap :(
One day Lily, one day!

Luxe City Guide - Singapore 
RRP $12.99

YES!!!!!! I got Singapore! I always wanted to go there. It is probably one of the most likely destinations that I can afford within the next year or so! So happy I got this!

Yu-Be Moisuturising skin cream
RRP $34.95 for 70g
Sample - 3g

I haven't tried a lot of Japanese skin care other than Shiseido. So I'm looking forward to try it.

Libra Hotties heat patches
2 per pack $4.99

This is a new product for me. Apparently it is great for cramps, heats up to 50 degrees and lasts for 8 hours. EDIT: I just read on BB, that the date is the batch date not the expiry date. Good to use! ^_^

La Fresh Nail Polish Remover
18-20 satchels for $16.50
Received 1 pad

I have tried the La Fresh face wipes previously, they were fantastic for travel. I hope this is as good!

Egyptian Magic all purpose skin cream
$49 for 118ml
Sample- 3ml

This sounds interesting, I hope it's good for sensitive skin!

Model Co Cheek and Lip Tint
10ml for $24
Sample: 5ml

I have seen some reviews for this product, it looks novel but I'm not too keen to stain my fingers after every application, especially since I'm always on the go and sacrifice makeup time for sleep time. Application tips anyone?

La Clinica Balancing green tea and mineral water mist spray
RRP $23
Received 50ml

Best product of the box! ^_^

Clear Scalp shampoo and conditioner
200ml @ $5.99
Received 50ml ea.

The this the only product in the box this month that made me go "Noooooooooooooooo". I think I have received too many random drugstore hair wash products.

Not a bad box overall, I'm quite content, love the product variations. ^_^


  1. good to know it's a batch number, not a best before! think Libra might need to change it to avoid confusion in the future. I think there's a good variety of goodies in each box I've seen, not lovin the shampoo and conditioner you got though.. but the spray and the Egyptian magic sound interesting. I used a lip brush when I tried the Model Co... not sure about using it on my cheeks!

    1. Thanks for the tip Loz I'll try it with a lip brush :) It does loop a bit pink, I'm not sure how it would go on my cheeks either! I agree! Or have two dates, one for batch one for expiry.

  2. I agree with Loz on the batch number too confusing.

    The Egyptian Magic is great Lily, I use it on my cuticles and hands mainly but it is good for dry skin and I haven't had a reaction and I have sensitive skin.

    The shamp/cond are a good size to pack for travelling I think.

    Looks like another great box.

    Jac x0x

    1. Thanks Jac! I always have skin coming off my cuticles, I'll definitely give it a go :)

  3. you should do a review on the model co cheek and lip tint! i love cream and liquid blushes!!

  4. I keep a think of cheapo make wipes near me when I do make up lol works to get most of it off I guess.
    I was so annoyed to get the clear samples, I already use it and they are so cheap >.<

  5. I think you received pretty good products! I would love your hair products :p im sure it smells divine!

  6. wowww! usually im not a fan of anything of there beauty boxes. but im SERIOUSLY loving this one. the Yu-Be Moisuturising skin cream is actually really popular! :)

  7. Hi lily. I really enjoy reading your posts and I'd like to nominate you for a Liebster Award (see ). Looking forward to your next review!



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