Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel with Me: Blue Mountains Food Post - Picture Heavy!

First stop, we went to the Three Sisters Cafe for lunch - it was one of the only cafes close by.

We were planning to have a "snack" but the portion was much bigger than anticipated! We ordered a Greek Salad and Vegetable Breakfast - essentially a burger with veggie patty... the patty tasted like a vegetable samosa filling.

Three Sisters Cafe Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ThreeSistersCafe

That night we made our way to the infamous Common Ground Cafe, also known as  The Yellow Deli. The history is quite fascinating, it is run by a religious group called Twelve Tribes. Apparently the workers there do not get paid, their labour is exchanged with food and accommodation. I have also read up on it's alleged cult-like structure and accusations of racism, child abuse, domestic violence, child labour... etc. Other articles and people who have lived among them describe the group as friendly, well mannered, good nature bunch with well balanced children. Hmm... anyway.

Food and services-wise...If you are ever in the area, you must come here. Amazing food, good service and fascinating interior made from scraps. Although food can be a bit slow as it is usually packed at night. We waited for about 20 mins to get a seat and 30 mins for the food. It was worth the wait.

Photo from Trip Advisor

Hot Not Chocolate - I'm guessing it's not chocolate? There was a hint of coffee in there.

Blueberry smoothie with Yerba Mate - very interesting taste... my partner really enjoyed it.

Veggie Burger with tofu patty - This was delicious. Oh and fresh WHOLEMEAL BUNS! I love my bread wholemeal and/or seeded. I'm so sick of seeing glucose buns at burger joints. It ruins the whole burger.

Barramundi Burger. I heard they make everything by scratch. My hunch is they make their own bread and the thinly sliced chips. Again, delicious wholemeal bread, REAL barramundi - not crumbled - and home made tartare sauce.

The next day we were off to Bygone Beautys for high tea - another "must go" place if you are in Katoomba!

The waiter with our high tea! Music was played as he wheeled it out ^_^

Tea, Water, Sugar, milk etc - we got Irish Breakfast.

Bottom Tier: Ham and mustard sandwhich + Cucumber and spinach? sandwhich

Second Tier: Pistachio macrons (better than Zumbos...) , Caramalised popcorn, Banana cake, Passionfruit cheesecake, caramel slice with peppermint chocolate, biscuits and a brownie with marshmallows.

Top Tier: SCONES!

It was delicious, SO MUCH SWEETS ^_^

We had our final meal at Sanwiye Korea Cafe. The place was jam packed when we walked past on previous nights, so we decided to give it a go!

Soy and Honey peanuts - I'm not too big on this, my mum make something similar to this at home

Warm Tofu Salad - The tofu was packed full of flavours! The shallots and seaweed did a great job!

Hot and Spicy noodle soup with enoki mushroom - again, fantastic flavour. Generous amount. Although the noodles looked like 2 minute noodles.

Pan Fried dumplings, all their dumplings are vegetarian. Fantastic flavour, lots of garlic ^_^

Pumpkin Tea

Hot Corn Tea - I really liked this, a hint of sweetness. The baggie was in Korean... I've been trying to hunt it down! If anyone know anything about it please let me know!

Last stop - Norman Lindsay's Gallery. We took a bite at the Lindsay Cafe.

German Apple Crumble with Ice cream

Sticky Date Pudding


  1. Lily, I love your food reviews. It all looks so delicious and the places you visited look beautiful.

    I agree with you about real bread it makes all the difference.

    How do you find all these places?

    Jac x0x

    1. Thanks for your comment Jac ^_^

      I usually do quite a bit of research for places to eat before I go anywhere, that tends to sacrifice my research for touristy destinations. My holidays usually turn into a food holiday instead!

  2. Love the three sisters. This is the first time I've seen one of your food reviews, are you vegetarian? Some of those dishes look absolutely delicious! My mouth is watering looking at those 3 tiers of yumminess!! :) And the places themselves look amazing too.

    1. Haha, no I'm not, my partner is vegetarian. I love food sharing, but he can't eat my meat dishes so I've been progressively ordering more vegetarian.. which creates a good balance since I always over eat on meat and not enough greens!

      The high tea was amazing, I couldn't believe how full I was!

  3. Yo ^^ Pan fried dumplings are actually called "man du" in Korean, I loveeee eating them! And I absolutely love the honey and soy peanuts salad, can you ask your Mummy to share the recipe for the dressing please haha ^^

    1. They taste so different to chinese dumplings, i really like the korean version. Haha! I'll ask my mum ;)

  4. The food looks brill! I'm hungry for all of them. I wish I could just take a bit of each right out from my laptop screen :P



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