Monday, November 25, 2013

Jasmin 1 Lebanese Restaurant @ Bankstown Review

I purchased a meal deal from Groupon for Jasmin 1. I've gone past it on the train so many time and have always been curious. I was blown away by the generous reviews on Urbanspoon and decided to give this meal deal a go. I prepared myself for some true, authentic Lebanese food!

The deal was approximately $23.

The staff were friendly, the interior was quite nice and spacious... but most importantly, food came out quickly with generous portions.

We both got a vegetarian plate each. The sauce, pickle and bread were complimentary.

Vegetarian Plate: Deep fried egg plant, Cheese sambusak (the pastry/turn over thing, it had cheese inside), falafel hommous, Baba Gannouj (mash egg plant dip), tabouli and herbed bread.

Complimentary dips and sides
Lebanese bread, pickle, tomatoes and olives.
Chili dip and garlic dip.

So the aim is to make your own mini wrap with all the fillings (eggplant, falafel etc) from your mixed plate dips etc included with pickles.

The following two sides came a bit later on.

Kebbeh - Minced meat with blend of nuts with hummous

 This might have been Meat Samboosik - a deep fried doughy outer with minced lamb in the inside.

Full table...... for two! we had more than enough, so much we had to ask for 2 takeaway boxes!

And of course Baklava for desert!

This was probably one of the best voucher I have ever purchased!! I'd say give Jasmin 1 a go, you'd be stunned by the quality. I've seen countless pseudo-lebanese restaurants around selling small portions of unauthentic over priced platters. Jasmin 1 is worth the travel!

Jasmin One Lebanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  1. looks really interesting... that's a whole lotta food for $23! :)

    1. Best lebanese food i've had for a while :)

  2. I've been there before! I really enjoyed the food and what we paid for a whole group of people was extremely reasonable. Good buy!

    1. I was amazed! I had went to a few Lebanese restaurants down south of sydney and they charged an pretty penny and a few ugly ones for a simple platter!

  3. Hello! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement on my blog- finally got around to replying

    xxx Brooke
    p.s. this post made me hungry!

  4. Oh wow, this sounds and looks so awesome. Yay for good deals!

  5. Missed your food posts, haven't had the luxury of time to sit around at the computer!! xD Sounds like you've got a great deal and I really think vegetarian food looks delicious!! =D

    1. Oh No! I hope you'll get some free time soon! :)

  6. Oh wow sweetie all looks delicious very delicious, thanks for share~

  7. oh it looks delicious, haha I love shawarmas and their hummis :D


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