Yay! I'm going away + What's in my Travel Bag?

I'm finally going on a relatively extended trip!  We will be visiting Japan and various parts of China. I am very excited but also a bit nervous because I get bus sick... sea sick....car sick, you name it, i'll get sick in it. Though I haven't been sick on planes for the past few times I've been on *touch wood*.

 I spent hours stuffing presents into my luggage bag and a mere 10mins packing my beauty bag (thanks to all the beauty boxes, I have travel friendly everything).

I didn't pack much makeup products because i'll be SPLURGING IN JAPAN!  ^_^

Left to Right
Big Head Shampoo and Conditioner -  Finally satchels put to good use!!
Ecomarine Body Lotion

 Left to Right

WISC Disposable Mini Tooth Brush
Hair Ties
Bobby Pins

Left to Right (I'm Packing for Winter!) -

 La Clinica Soothing Moisture Replenishing Balm
Swisse Body Wash
Indio Facial Scrub
Nude by Nature Paw Paw Ointment
Nude by Nature Tinted Moisturiser (Medium)

Left to Right

Libra Hotties 
Lady Jayne Aztec Travel Comb 

I will be sure to catch up with everyone's blogs when I get back ^_^ See you guys in a few weeks!!!!  


  1. I'm so jealous! Have a safe trip and we all know you're going to have fun anyway. ;) Looking forward to seeing what awesome Asian products you pick up.
    - Mary

  2. Have a great trip away! Enjoy splurging :D p.s - those disposable toothbrushes seem like a great idea!

  3. hahaha sounds like a plan! (to buy all cosmetics in japan). Have a great trip hun! can't wait to see your photos!

  4. Have a fabulous time Lily! I hope your travel sickness doesn't rear it's ugly head at any time! So jealous... take care, 'see' you when you get back :) xox

  5. I love the Hotties! Best invention ever! Have a wonderful time! :) Can't wait to see what you purchase!

  6. You are so lucky! Have a great time in Asia! x))

    ✿ Rinako ✿

  7. I hope that you have a wonderful trip! :)

  8. have a safe and wonderful trip lily! Loving that travel bag! Your giving me some good tips when I leave soon as well! x

  9. How fun! Enjoy your trip and tell us all about it when you get back!

  10. Oh very interestig products!


  11. Hi! Take a look at my site if you want some comedy :) Xoxo

  12. I hope you have an amazing time on your trip and that you don't get sick.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  13. Hi Lily! I nominated you for a Liebster award :)


  14. Great post. I hope you have a wonderful time there. Just mentioning the trip sounds exciting :)
    If you'd like to follow each other (gfc, bloglovin), just let me know. xx


  15. Have a wonderful time! :) omg Japan <3! Also want to visit Japan one day :D
    cute cat <3

  16. Your blog is such a delight to read! You just got a new follower from Denmark :)
    Have a great day and keep up the good work!
    Mikkel Weiss


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