Sunday, January 25, 2015

Japanese Makeup

It's been close to a year since my Japan holiday, I've been meaning to make this post for a very long time! Due to the kawaii and kitsch nature of Japanese make up, I instantly fell in love and brought home a small haul.

Yojiya was founded in 1904, Yojiya is known for it's quality and craftsmanship. As a result, the brand quickly spread across Japan. Their beauty products are designed to enhance natural beauty. Their top selling product is Aburatorigami - blotting paper.

I purchased who products, which I thought were unique and would assist me in my travels.
Face powder paper to the left, there were three shades; clear, natural and pink. I purchased mine in Natural. These are so efficient, each sheet is covered with finely milled powder.  To the right, we have portable soap, there are 20 sheets of dry soap in the packet.

Make sure you check out Yojiya's Cafe if you are ever in Kyoto.

Dolly Wink

One thing I dare say is that Dolly Wink's mascara definitely lives up to it's expectations, easily one of the best waterproof mascaras I've ever used. Can't say the same about the liquid eyeliner to the right. I forgot to include my Dolly Wink highlighter pencil + sharpener, but I'll have a review post up soon :)

Sana - Pore Putty

Pore Putty is one of the makeup line within Japanese beauty giant, Sana. Pore Putty is designed to smooth out pores and rough skin. The two products I purchased goes hand in hand, base and powder! Since I don't read Japanese, I had a lot of trouble picking the right product. I've been using the BB Cream as a primer as coverage is minimal.

Canmake founded in 1986. The brand expanded across Asian countries and was endorsed across demographics due to their cute packaging, diverse colour schemes and natural ingredients to suit sensitive skin. The bush is beautiful with great colour pay off, the concealer to the far right is not too bad. The eyeshadow palette is a little disappointing with poor pigmentation (see review here)

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