Sunday, February 1, 2015

Yoga with Benefit Cosmetics @ Sydney Tower

Early Thursday morning, I dragged my zombified  body out of bed at 5am to attend a free event held by Benefit Australia.

Ideally, I would like to sleep in till 8am everyday but some thing's got to give, it goes without saying that attending Benefit's Yoga session was highly prioritised, more so than sleep. I was paranoid that my friend and I wouldn't be the first 30 to enter the session, as a result, we boarded the train with other sleepy souls and arrived in the heart of Sydney at 6:30am,

We were instantly awaken after seeing the breath-taking views! 

Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia

As a partial office worker, back pain and discomfort is no stranger to me. A good 60 mins stretch/yoga session before work really made a difference. I felt relaxed (a little sleepy to begin with) and surprisingly energetic for the rest of the day.

Other than a couple of giveaways via blogspot/instagram, I have never been fortunate enough to win lucky draws. So it must've been my lucky day, I walked away with a lovely Benefit prize pack :)

Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia
Photo by Benefit Cosmetics Australia

Apart from the awesome yoga and amazing views, everyone went home with some generous memorabilia from Benefit Cosmetics. Everyone received a Benefit singlet, beach towel, water bottle, visor and some They're Real samples!

Below is a picture of my amazing prize pack- all full size products :) YAY! I'm so excited to try everything. To date, I've only tried They're Real Mascara and it is among my favourites.

- Majorette Blush
- Hoola Bronzer
- They're Real Mascara
- The Poreferssional primer
- The Porefessional agent zero shine

Below is a picture of the sample pack that we all received :)


  1. Ooooh! Well done on the prize! I can't wait to see some reviews! I wanted to go, but seriously lacked the motivation.

  2. Ohh good on you for winning! You'd definitely love the Hoola bronzer!

    t w o p l i c a t e s

  3. What an amazing way to do yoga! So refreshing! Congrats on the prize! I want to try the primer and see if the hype is real!
    xx Kat @ Katness

  4. id love to do yoga more often! congrats on the prize pack from benefit! can't wait to read the review x

  5. I've tried yoga once which didn't turn out so well... but I do wish they'd have this event in Melbourne :P

  6. Such an amazing view, that would get me motivated to do yoga early in the morning. Great selection of Benefit products you received too!

  7. You lucky duck! Just the goody bag is enough to drag your sleepy soul to the city! I can't wait for you to review your items! I went into a Benefit buying frenzy last year so I'm trying not to cave in this year.
    Do let me know your thoughts with the Majorette blush. :)

  8. Super duper jealous of your gift pack but even more jealous of the fact that you got to do yoga inside the Sydney Tower! That would have been absolutely awesome. Can't wait until you put up some reviews - especially the Porefessional!

  9. How awesome! I love yoga but don't do it regularly enough, your prize pack is fabulous, can't wait to hear your thoughts on them x

  10. Yoga is something I'd like to fit into my weekly routine. ^^ Looks like it was fun oh and the view!

  11. Omg you lucky girl I'm so jealous šŸ˜†


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