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Review: Brite Organix Wash Off Hair Colours

Hair dying is not my thing, as much as I love the idea of changing my hair colour to something funky, I wouldn't go near the chemicals with a 10 foot pole. I did a home dye with mum's help at 16, I tried it once and and that was enough, I'll never forget that smell of ammonia.

As for temporary hair colours and sprays, well I don't even bother... nothing shows up on my jet black hair. So I lived contently for the past decade with my natural hair colour (well, partially content.. I did think about hitting the dye but decided it wasn't worth the health of my hair).

That was until I got these babies in the mail... maybe I can finally enjoy the thrill of having funky hair colour without sacrificing the wellbeing of my hair and scalp!

About Brite Organix One Day Hair Colour (Purple & Pink)
  • Super quick and easy to use temporary hair colour
  • No lumps, bumps and no transfer to clothing
  • Available for Light Hair and Dark hair
  • Non-toxic
  • Ethical Vegan Colour
  • Cruelty free
Size: 50ml
Price: $14.99 each (Available selected Woolworth)

About Brite Organix Liquid Hair Chalk (Blue)
  • Works on both light blondes and dark brunettes
  • Starts out as liquid and dry into a vibrant pigment colour
  • Super high pigment coverage
  • Watch out for colour transfer to light bedding and clothing
  • Cruelty free
Size: 14ml
Price: $14.99 each (Available selected Woolworth)

My Verdict

Liquid Bottles (Purple and Pink)
  • The first time I applied the One Day Colour, it went horribly wrong as I was literally scooping the content onto my hair and waiting for it to dry. Second time round, I got the hang of it, I rubbed the content onto my hair with my finger as if it were a hair mousse  and attempted to spread the content evenly and repeated the process as required.
  • The purple hair colour did not stain my fingers, it's like a gel consistency and easy to rinse off. The pink on the other side did stain my fingers and required immediately wash off with soap.
  • Since my hair is jet back, I applied two coats in order to achieve the desired effect, as claimed, no clots. Once dried, I brushed my hair otherwise my hair will stick together.
  • PURPLE: The purple was very visible in light and under the sun only, it was fairly faint otherwise, more like a nice tint. It's not as pastel as expected, it's more of a neon on my hair. Either way, I was impressed that the colour came through at all.
  • PINK: The pink was much more visible both in and away from the light. I really liked the outcome of the pink colour and was very very impressed that it came out so nicely on black hair.
  • The colour lasted all day right up until I washed it off at night, it's easily removable with shampoo, alternatively I did manage to remove the dye with lukewarm water.
  • Overall, I really liked both products. This would be a fantastic item to have at home just incase you wanted to temporarily change your hair colour to suit your mood, occasion or outfit.

Hair Chalk (Blue)
  • The liquid hair chalk had a hard spongey foamy nib, to dispense content you had to depress the nib several times. I'm not sure whether my nib was a dud or if I wasn't pressing  it correctly.. but I just had no luck. I depressed the nib a few dozen times and only had a tint of blue seeping onto the dispenser. Eventually I gave up and took the nib off to retrieve the liquid hair chalk direct from the source.
  • I applied the liquid chalk with my fingers (it didn't stain and washed off easily). This product was very pigmented, more so than the One Day Colours. I was really happy with how easy it was to coat my jet black hair. Once dried, the coloured strand did feel a bit "crispy" and required more brushing than the one day colour above.
  • Even though the colour of the Liquid Hair Chalk was much more visible, I prefer the One Day Colour range for their application and the feel of my hair upon application.
Pastel Purple

Pastel Pink

Blue - Liquid Hair Chalk


*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


  1. wow! I wonder how it would like on my hair now, that I'm blonde! Love the results on you!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. Wow, they all look great (I thought it would be more extreme, but it's quite subtle). How fun!

  3. I've used the One Day Pink colour on my dark brown hair and have been really happy with the results. It looked quite a bit darker on my hair compared to yours. I may have put too much colour into my hair - lol!

  4. I've used the One Day pink on my dark blonde hair, I applied it and didn't like how it looked so I jumped in the shower and washed it straight away. The colour still took to the lighter ends and gave me a nice rose gold tint for about a week (despite more washing!) The purple and blue look great on your black hair!

  5. Ooh, I love that purple in your hair, Lily! xx

  6. This looks amazing in your hair! love it!!! lots of love from a new follower beyoutyfulyou x

  7. I tried these and loved them, although I had blonde hair at the time which definitely helped. The blue looks amazing in your hair and really suits you! xx

  8. Even though I do dye my hair, I couldn't do the funky colours thing personally. I'd have to go from dark brunette to bleach blonde to bright colours & that's not something I'm willing to do - I put my tresses through enough as is. I'd like to have fun with a bit of hair chalk though.

  9. Oh wow, these look terrific Lily - I particularly love the blue on you, clever gal, and thanks for bringing these to my attention ♥♥♥

  10. These look like great fun and terrific for parties. Thanks for showing me that it need not be difficult to apply something new and different.

  11. Great colour payoff on your dark hair. I like the blue


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