Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Green Beauty: Two Under Rated Serums You Need in Your Collection!

The recent boom in green beauty means there are more options for guys and gals with sensitive skin or those who prefer clean and green beauty products. The owner of Scout Cosmetics, Sylvie Hutchings started her Certified Organic superfood range with the aim to provide quality products for women using organic ingredients without any compromises.

I have been trialling Scout Cosmetics for a few months now, from skincare to makeup. Some products worked for me, some didn't. Today I want to highlight two extremely under rated products that worked for me and worked particularly well.

I thought deep and hard about this, instead of copying and pasting points from the Media Release or Scout's website; I won't bore you with scientific jargons, mainly because I don't understand them and I am not an expert, you can hop onto Scout Cosmetic's website to have a read. I realised that the only thing I can share with you that is of my own is my experience.


Here's the low down, I have been using Scout Cosmetic's Vitamin C Brightening Serum by dotting the product on my nose and across the cheeks. Why? It's my dull area, brightening products are known to improve tone and texture. I have a lot of pores to the inner of my cheeks and some forming on my nose. The area is rough and needs some TLC. Scout Cosmetic's Cell Renewal Peptide Serum is then applied to my forehead, chin and around my mouth because those areas are showing my age with very fine lines. The Vitamin C serum is a little bit more creamy and slightly thicker in texture than the peptide serum.

Let me tell you, I have used a fair amount of green/organic serums and a lot of them are oils or tend to sit on the surface of my skin and does not sink in. I just don't feel that there's an adequate range of organic serums out there that is not an oil.

  • Easy to blend in
  • Extremely fast absorbing and it will not sit on the top layer of your skin, nor will it effect your moisturiser OR foundation. 
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Pleasant scents
  • Most importantly, my forehead looks plump and the rest of my face looks more refreshed and awake, even at 5:45AM in the morning and I am dead tired. At least my skin looks good. 

Featured products were provided for editorial purpose.

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