Sunday, November 25, 2018


This is my first ever electronic toothbrush. I was quite hesitant and concerned about my level of adaptability in switching from manual to electronic. I can now say that I have been using my ISSA 2 since June 2018. That's a full 5 months of testing and trialling, I am finally ready and comfortable to give my verdict!


- Waterproof design with sonic pulses (with adjustable speed)
- The brush head is made from PBT Polymer and soft silicone
- Tongue cleanser on the flip of the head
- Rechargable via USB
- 365 day charge
- Available inn 4 colours (pink, blue, black and mint)

RRP $235


- Waterproof - This toothbrush is 100% waterproof I have not had any water leakage issues. I use this at the sink and I'd take it into the shower to brush my teeth sometimes.

- Pulses - The pulses are quite gentle. It took me a week or so to become adjusted to it as I have been using a manual brush all my life. The brushing using ISSA 2 is not harsh.

- Silicone - Before I started using my ISSA 2 I read a fair amount of reviews, a lot of people claimed that the silicone bristles fell off within a couple of weeks. This did not happen to me at all. I brush my teeth using a pretty heavy hand and I have not had a single silicone fall off. Unless you are biting the silicone or chewing on it... I can't see it falling off.

- Tongue Cleanser - I found this to be ok, prior to this toothbrush I would brush my tongue with the manual tooth brush so this didn't feel "enough" for me. I personally prefer smaller silicones rather than the grooves. Which is fine! Because I can just brush my teeth with the ISSA 2 brush head.

- Charging - I have only ever charged my ISSA 2 once when I first received the product, I use my toothbrush twice a day for about 2 mins per brush.  I also brush my night guard in the evening. I LOVE that it's chargable via a USB cord, this is a big thing for me. I tend to stop using battery operated electronic devices.

- Hygienic - I feel that silicone bristles makes this brush hygienic and very very easy to clean.

- Brush Head- . It is recommended to change your ISSA 2 brush head every 6 months or so, they can be replaced for $27.90. It's probably time for me to change my brush head!

- Recommendations - I have two recommendations, one is to ensure you spread your toothpaste across your teeth and allow it to foam. If I don't do this, I often find a small chunk of my toothpaste to have fallen to the back of my lower front row of teeth. It's been an easy fix but just letting you guys know. The other thing is to store it on a dry surface. I was putting it in a cup that is often wet, this made the bottom of the toothbrush a bit gross. BUT since it's silicone it was sooooo easy to clean.

The end note - I will not be able to go back to manual toothbrush!
Foreo ISSA 2 is an investment but there are always sales going on so grab one while it's on sale, this is a long term investment.


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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mirenesse Shona Collection + Brow Sculptor Review + Swatches

I have been eyeing Mirenesse's Shona Collection since it was launched. There's something about ombre sticks that makes my heart throb. This collection is limited edition with original art designed by Australian Artist - Shona. The products are 100% cruelty free.

Today we will go through the products I have been trying from Mirenesse x Shona, I have tried these products for the last few months and ready to now give my verdict. If you'd like to know, read on.


This was one of my favourite products trialled from this lot, I was very hesitant at first but once you know where to draw your lines it is the most simple contour product a girl can ask for. The stick is super creamy and sits on top of your foundation nicely. The application will not shift your foundation and you will be able to blend the contour out with absolute ease. I like to use a dense brush. The highlighter is not as visible. But if you are looking for a natural easy cream contour, I highly recommend this!


When I first saw these Shona eye art sticks I was very curious and wondered how they would work! I have used them quite a few times now and found the stick to work ok with the darker colours closer to my lashes and the lighter colour on my lids. The application is quite easy, two clean sweeps. Personally, I think they would work better for people with more eye lid space than hooded eye lids. However... if I take a brush to slightly blend the colours out and smoke the darker colour out a little, it actually looks decent. The liner colour will stick to your lids so make sure you blend quickly. If your lids are oily like mine, use a primer otherwise this will crease after a few hours.  


I've really started to focus on my brows more now, the automatic pencil end of this brow sculptor is absolutely perfect. The formula is hard, not creamy which is exactly what I have been looking for. The shade is universal and suits my black brows really well. You can draw individual brows and adjust the colour by using slight pressure when applying. Even though I have black eye brows, I found light strokes with this to work well. The mascara end of the sculptor is a light brown shade and to be honest, I was very scared but it actually didn't make my brows look lighter. If anything, it did really well at making my brows look fluffy and stay fluffy throughout the day!

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