Thursday, December 27, 2018


We have been doing quite a bit of traveling in the past few years. This year we went around the former Yugoslavia and had the most educational and invigorating experience. As soon as we got back, I started to write down a list of countries and cities I want to visit, excited about my next trip! This brings me to Sisley Paris' new Le Phyto Rouge release, their shades are linked beautiful cities around the world. 

  • Full coverage, long wearing lipstick
  • Hydrates, protects and soften lips all day long
  • Glide on formula that will not bleed 
  • Gold magnetic casing 
  • Active ingredients includes Calendula (softens), Vitamin E (Anti oxidant, Anti free radicals), Vitamin C (anti oxidant) 
  • 23 shades with different finish such as pearly, satin and iridescent 
RRP $65


  • Shades: 21 Rose Noumea (a dusty rose, an everyday shade for me) and 43 Rouge Capri (More of a brick red, this would be my go to shade for events!). I went to Noumea a couple of years ago and thrilled that I was matched with this beautiful city. Capri is on my list! We were planning to head off to Italy this year but found it impossible to budget for it now that we are moving into a 2 bedroom. Both shades are needless to say, stunning. 
  • The Case: I adore the gold zebra stripe casing, the fact that it's magnetic makes it easy to ensure the lipstick won't be twisting out if it's tube. The casing is quite heavy compared to my other lipsticks. It provides a very luxury feel to it. The lipstick also comes with a velvet red, this is great to make sure your case won't suffer any scratches. 
  • The Texture: It's velvet soft, extremely light weight, creamy and glides on with absolute ease. My lips felt soft and did not feel like I was wearing product on my lips. The lipstick did not tug at my lips. 
  • Finish: Matte finish (I think there is a tiny bit of pearlescent in Noumea)
  • How long did it last? I wore it to a few lunches. If I am not eating or drinking the lipstick seems to last until removed. Once I started eating I noticed the lipstick to fade very slightly, however still very visible... until I subconsciously start to wipe my lips with a tissue and notice the amount of product that came off. Overall, really good lasting power!
  • Hydration? The lipstick itself is quite hydrating once applied, it did however feel slightly drying after a couple of hours of wear if I do not prime my lips with a balm. If your lips are naturally dry and prone to chapping, apply a generous layer of lip balm.
  • Did it bleed? Rouge Capri is a fairly vibrant shade and I did not notice any bleeding. Mum tried it and did not notice any bleeding either. Note this was the result with both no lip balm and lip balm applied. We were very pleased with this.
  • Other Recommendations: 
    • I don't tend to use a lip liner, however if you are looking for very defined lips or if you are looking to make your lips slightly bigger by drawing outside your natural lip lines, I would recommend you to use a lip liner. 
    • The lipstick itself is very creamy and silky in texture, so use a semi light hand when you swatch it. Don't let this factor stray you because I assure you that this does not happen when you apply it on your lips. Lip application is flawless. 

This lipstick screams luxury, from packaging to the shape of the lipstick bullet. If you are looking for a feathery light lipstick that is pigmented and true to colour, this might be your pick.

You can find Sisley Le Phyto Rouge Lipsticks here.

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