Friday, March 29, 2019


We have been gifted with rays of sunshine well into Autumn, a few rainy hiccups but we are back on track. My optometrist told me the importance of sunglasses when I went to get my eyes tested, a good pair of sunnies will shelter your eyes from sun damage, UV rays and... FLYING ROCKS! I used to walk around in the sun without sunnies, this was until I noticed a freckle on my eyelid - yes you heard right! Every time I get my skin examined the therapist will tell me about the amount of sun damage around my higher cheekbones and closer to my eyes *sigh*

Since then, I ALWAYS have a pair of sunnies in my bag. For the past few weeks I have Quay Australia's Firefly in my bag without fail. 

Firefly is available in Black/Green, Violet/Pink and Black/Brown (photographed). This is a category 3 pair of sunnies made from both metal and stainless steel. My face is slight square with a bit of a point stemming form my chin... depends on the angle it may also look round or a bit oval (if I don't grind my teeth!). The fit was spot on. The style speaks for itself. I swear it's instant class as soon as you put in on. I can wear the daggiest clothing but once I have Firefly on - the world is my oyster.

Quay Australia stocks some of the coolest and edgiest designs, have a browse through their site and the style/frames will amaze you. If you are like me and struggle to find a pair of sunnies that really shouts at you at the shops, you will LOVE Quay Australia, they think outside the box with their designs.

Love a discount? 

Use "LILYNOTLOUISE20" when checking out from 
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