My top 6 Man Perve!

In no particular order, i present you my top 6 eye candy..

Mark Wahlberg- I recently found out he started off as a rapper..

Hugh Jackman- He won me over in Kate and Leopold

Dwayne Johnson- Need I say more..

Milo Ventimiglia

Jensen Ackles- Usually not into blonde guys but he's an exception.. just about the only reason i watch supernatural (that show scared the bejesus out of me in first season!)

Keanu Reeves- There's just something about him that i can't put my finger on.. HOTNESS.

Anyone i missed? Give me your list!


  1. good list Lily. Milo is on my list too. Some other eye candy for me include:
    -Gael Bernal Garcia
    -Paul Wesley
    -Brad Pitt
    -and Anderson Cooper. He is so sexy!

  2. ah i forgot about paul wesley! when i first started watching the vampire diaries, i thought he was pretty ugly.. but now i rkn he's not bad at all.. very charming guy haha. I have a dislike for damon tho.

  3. Man I have a funny story about Mark Walhberg for you! My older sis met him at a Hollywood party and he asked her if he wanted his autograph :P LOL he carried around head shots of himself and signed one for her! BUT afterwards he came back and asked her to give it back because she didn't seem very appreciative hahaha Douch bag!!

  4. Olive: no way! that is hilarious! LMAO @ carrying his own pics!!! what a dooshbag for taking it back!!!

    was this before he got dirt famous?

  5. Channing Tatum!!

  6. Aww i hope that mark thing was not recent, it seems like he has really grown and matured over the years. He is on my list of sexy men as well as Jensesn. Another one i love is Ian somerhalder from Vampire Diaries and def. Leonardo Dicaprio!

    Jenna Nelson


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