Movie Review: Shortbus

My friend recommended this movie to me in disgust. In fact, she didn't recommend it to me. It was more of a diplomatic way of saying "There's this *disturbing* film called Shortbus"--- and that she felt nauseating during the group orgy scene.

Take a look at the picture above and you'd know that this isn't your average friday night movie. Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, Transexual, Sexual, Sexual, Sexual...definitely sexually diverse.

An explicit film with a gutsy opening scene of sadism, auto-fellatio and 100% real sex scenes. I was pretty shocked seeing all that 5minutes into the movie. but the producer was incredibly intelligent for exhibiting the most intimate scenes at the very beginning of the movie, why? because viewers get desensitised. The most important aspects of a movie, book, article, or even a situation is the beginning and the end.

I can assure you that this movie started with a BOOM and ended with a BAM.

Another thing, the cinematography was incredible.

If you dig deeper and seep beyond the fornication you'd see a flip side to this film, I loved how realistic it was, unlike major hollywood flicks...ongoing predictable plotline. Instead of the movie driving you, you were driving the movie because you'd know exactly what would happen.

Not with Shortbus, because Shortbus will drive you.

This film plucks at the core issues lying within every individual, whether it's personal, relationship, or social issues matter how different you may think you are to the person across the road from you, they'd most likely to be experiencing , experienced or will soon to cross paths with the very emotional rollercoaster you're encounting.

Before I watched Shortbus, i read a summary and was almost certain it'll be a film that's something short of being borderline pornographic. I was surprised to find so much more. Although I haven't seen anything this explicit but this is definitely the "dark" film that touch basis with reality. I guess people were so afraid of having reality reflected at them so they banned this movie in several countries.

Not recommended for the faint hearted.

 "Watch it if you can handle it, and if you can't... prehaps you should ask yourself why."

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Hey Lily! It's moviefan19S! You've got such guts and openness to review that fim, so bravo! I'm dying to see that film since I love John Cameron Mitchell's work! Thanks for your great review and people shouldn't be scared of seeing it if they're ready and mature to understand and enjoy it! Check out his previous film "Hedwig and the Angry Inch", a rock'n'roll musical! Lots of love!


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