Movie Review: A Serbian Film

The sickest, filthiest movie that explores every aspect of sexual taboo (rape, incest, sodomy, necrophilia, child pornography, masochism and much more)  in the most explicit way I've ever seen in any transgression films.

This is torture porn at it's best. This is extravagant metaphor that shoots off the pendulum. The conventional ratings would blast off the left hand polarization because it's oh so wrong.

Sex is a powerful symbol. In order to make a movie based on sex and torture, yet at the same time maintain some underlying/subliminal messages, is even more powerful.

I was warned by a friend about this movie, after a short debrief I was curious. I'm the sort of person who watch SAW while having dinner, watch an open heart surgery while spooning ice cream into my mouth. I dissect rats like ABC and spending my day off at galleries to see the human anatomy, sliced, diced and up close.

This movie was pretty out there. From rape, to raping a corpse to raping his own fresh and blood. It's graphic. It's meaningful. It's significant. I guess you can call it ..."art".

The film explores victimization on a whole new level. The fragility, the vulnerability and the exploitations. Yet at the same time, when power is excess and utilised in the most unconventional and destructive ways eventually, you'll become the victim. The power demonstrated in this movie is phenomenal. It's almost like Milgram's study but 10382190481204 times more unethical. It explores the power of authority, the power they pursue and grasp over ordinary people... if you retaliate... they will use force.

The film elaborated the extremity of the most tabooed events, string them together, roll them up in a ball and fit them into a 40mins interval. (The first hour or so was "storytelling"). It's because they pushed further than far, the film was able to comprise and coordinate a balanced "WOW" factor. To others, "WTF is this shit".

Here's the Trailer (just press play):


  1. can't find it on IMDB unless it is the 1915 one ?


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