Organic Expo and Greens Show -Sydney 2011

Let me just start off by saying WE HAD AN ABSOLUTE BLAST.

Tickets were $18 for adults & $15 for concession. You can purchase them online, or at the door.

We arrived at 10:30AM and thought we'd probably stay at the expo for 1-2hrs.. MAX.

But we ended up doing rounds for 5hrs... FIVE HOURS. I've always been interested in organic/green products but I knew very little about the concept behind it. Why feed our bodies with chemicals and nasties when you can go organic, help the environment + animals???  This visit was REALLY insightful! Yep, Lily is going organic... (to the extent she can afford)

As you can see below, they had little stores for every brand.
Sampling was VERY generous, we were full on food samples!

The pic below is EVERYTHING i carried home!

 Below: Australia's Own Organic Premium soy x1 honey oat milk x2
It was 3 for $5 and the lady gave us organic corn flakes for free!
 Organic Beetroot Chips x1 Sweet potato chips x2  3 for $5
 Organic facial wipes 2 for $9.95
 Organic Black Tahini $5

Organic White chocolate with almond $5

FREEBIE: Got this from the solar store
 FREEBIEL From Thursday plantation
 FREEBIE: Various stands... Inca Berry, Harmonis Kiss lipgloss Organic pads/tampon, QI tea, more tea, and some samples from DR Hauschka
 Range of pamphlets and business cards


  1. It's great isn't it! I didn't know what to expect the first year I went but I was so impressed!

  2. waah so many products ^^

    btw, I have GIVEAWAY on my blog. Hope you want to check it. the prize would be 5 korean BB creams and 5 Cleansers from Luview ^^ thx~


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