Two Weeks Dog-Sitting

This morning we welcomed Coco. Coco is approx 52 years in human years (same age as my mum). Upon arrival, she was sitting in the garden, I went into the garden for a meet and greet. She greeted me generously, Coco then started a short course of gallops as I decided to follow her lead and galloped as humanly as possible. Subsequently, she stopped in the middle of our petite yard, shaken, her tail was tucked between her hind legs as she shivered and backed away from me.

I was left alone with Coco from noon onwards. I decided to use this time wisely as I attempted to reconnect the initial bond and bribed my way to a second chance. I tried to allure her with Frank Sinatra and various soft and rubbery toys. Still unimpressed. So I did what I do best and gave her the cold shoulder (despite her lack of warmth, she was a very compliant dog). An hour later, she'd come up to me for some minor attention then waddled back to her dog bed and slept for most of the afternoon. I guess unlike young puppies, 52yr old malteses are not attention deprived.


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