Cafe 41 - Penshurst

No idea why the picture is perpendicular and not technical enough to figure out how to fix it. Feel free to tilt your head to the right.

The whole thing looks better than it actually tasted.
Balsamic dressing with feta, pine nuts, tomatoes.... not sure how I felt about the salad. Papillae not too big on the sourness.

Sour-dough was tough enough to be croutons, I'd advise freshly cut sour dough for all cafes..

Egg, mushroom and bacon was overly salted, might just be the bacon though.

Out-of-packet halloumi .. unimpressed. Having said that, the table next to us ordered burgers and fries... didn't look too shabby. I'd go back to try their other stuff before I make a grounded judgement.


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