T101 (Pizza in a Cone) - Hurstville Westfield

We ordered the $11 meal deal (Pizza, drink & Waffle) per person

Smokey Chicken
 I didn't taste much of the smokiness. It wasn't too bad, I liked the top of the pizza it was quite flavoursome. However, I prefer woodfire pizzas.


 Chocolate Devil Waffle
This was nice, it was smaller than I expected. Topped with fresh cream, mini chocolate drops and some nut flakes. They need to put ice cream on this!!

 Taro Milk Tea
I went with Taro because taro milk tea has never failed me. This was an awful choice. I don't know what they put in this, but it was REALLY purple and think - pudding/gelatin like..... I couldn't finish it.

Honeydew Green Tea
A good choice. Sweeter than milk tea but kinda refreshing and not pudding like....

Finally got around to try this place. It wasn't as bad as some of the reviews said to be. However, it's not a place I'd go regularly, probably a twice per year thing.

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