Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish - 150 Petal Pusher

 Received from October Bellabox

Product Information

· Ultra fast-drying in just 60 seconds
· Amazing formula leaves a tough-as-nails, high shine finish
- Long lasting
-Specially designed brush with width and depth that will allow you to paint on colour in one stroke
-Long lasting wear

RRP $13.95
Shade:  150 Petal Pusher



  • Visible shine and smoothness, no clumps or lumps
  • Nude peachy shade that suits my olive skin tone (Usually my fingers don't suit coloured polish)
  • Sleek bottle

  • One coat is long lasting, if you apply two coats it will start to flake at a rapid rate over time. I was washing my hair and found a huge chunk of polish in my hair... it flakes like the those peeling paint.
  • It does not dry in 60 seconds.... I have to walk around waving my hand to make it dry faster. 
  • I don't particularly like the brush... it does not assist in applying the product evenly, usually too much polish is dispensed onto your nails.
Maybe, given if I can't find another colour like this. I'll shop around, but nail polish is not an essential for me.. it's more like an excess or a special occasion product.


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