Bellabox February 2013

BB was giving 3 members a Tiffany & Co surprise. A very generous gift. As you can see, I didn't receive it, which I'm pretty chill about since I never wear jewelry, I'd rather someone else gets it!
To be honest, I'm not as disappointed with this month's box as a few other members, I thought it was an "alright" box. Haven't worked out the value but it's over $40. I'll come back to it later.

Eye of Horus Eyeliner in Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil
RRP $30

The other option was charcoal obsidian goddess.... which I assume is grey. I'm so glad I received this colour.. I'm not much of an eyeliner wearer but I would definitely wear this!

John Frieda Frizz ease dream curls curl perfecting spray
RRP $16.99 for 198ml
30ml valued @ $2.57

This one was a bit of a fail item. I have straight hair and I pretty much never curl my hair.. I guess I can always "make" special occasions to curl my hair and use this product.

 Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush
RRP $9.95 for 150ml
50ml valued @ $3.31

I heard a lot about this dry shampoo and noticed many long term subscribers have already received this from BB or LHI... lucky for me I've never tried it and have been dying to do so.

Fing'rs Nail makeup

Another product I've been curious about. pretty keen to try it out. The design is a little extravagant for me. I'm just glad it's not full pink.

USkin Solutions Clean and go exfoliating gel cleanser
$30.95 for 125ml
Received -- unmarked.. but i'm guessing about 5ml.. approx $2

Banana Boat Sport SPF 30+
$14.99 for 200ml
15ml valued @ $1.12

I don't actually mind this too much because I'm a huge sunscreen user and I haven't tried banana boat.

Total Value:$48.99

I guess I'm lucky that most of the products in this box are item I've been wanting to try. At the same time I can see how frustrated some users might be by continuously receiving the same product of products of the same brand over and over. Nonetheless I'm quite content with this box, especially the eyeliner!


  1. Haha your blog url is funny, I'm Louise! :) I'm hoping I don't get the same box.. the only product I like is the eyeliner and maybe the dry shampoo. Hopefully I receive my box tomorrow!


    1. The eyeliner is beautiful! I hope you'll get a box you like :)

  2. Hya Lily, I love the eyeliner you received, I am hoping that I get one of those too, mine won't be here for a couple of days and it's usually different to the first round of boxes that comes out so I am not holding my breath.

    Great blog, I am following you now, I would love it if you would follow me back.

    Jac x0x


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