Movie: The Way, Way Back Trailer Preview

I've been seeing trailers of The Way, Way Back on TV for the past couple of weeks, and it looks like quite a substantial movie exploring topics surrounding adolescence. A few things caught my eyes - the dry use of humour, Toni Collette and Sam Rockwell (He starred in "Choke", a movie inspired by Chuck Palahniuk's novel - I am quite a Palahniuk fan). The Way, Way Back premiered at the Sundance Festival, the movie will be realised in Australian cinemas on August 1st.

I am extremely fortunate to be invited to a screening of the film next week! ^_^ !! I am really interested to see how the movie will play out. Stay tuned for my review.

What is your first impression of the movie?


  1. Looks good Lily. congrats on the screening. Let us know if the only good bits are what you see in the preview... great cast, have fun! :)

  2. Awesome! Do share what you think! I think the movies air here slower.. haha. So it gives me ample time to wait for your review teehee!


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