Review: Model Co Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss in Morocco

I received this gorgeous lip gloss from my recent Lust Have It! Pack.

I've previously had some relatively negative experience with Model Co and their product quality. I picked the shade Morocco, it was such a gorgeous shade, I couldn't resist and dug into it.

Product Claim (from Model Co's website):
  • Pigment-dense, long-lasting lip colour.
  • Non-sticky formula with a vivid colour tint.
  • Slim and slender; the ideal handbag staple.
  • Hydrating, all-day moisture
 Price: $27 AUD

My Verdict:

  • Perfectly glossy, this would be a great top up on already coloured lips. This shade is very close to my natural lip colour, instead of a colour boost, it gave me a natural shine. The gloss itself is quite sheer, you won't really get a real colour pay off by wearing it on it's own.
  • Not really sticky. Sticky is such an arbitrary term ... this gloss is sticky in the sense that my hair will get stuck on my lips if the wind blows the wrong way, but it's won't seal my lips together or form obscure lines of horizontal gloss goo when I snap my lips. Overall, a thumbs up. EDIT: Over time, this lip gloss became unbearably sticky and I had to throw it out.
  • My lips did remain hydrated for most of the wear, I didn't experience any chapped lips phenomena as I had with a few drug store glosses.
  • The wand of the gloss is flat. This is a hidden bonus, it allows easy and quick applications of the gloss on your lips.
  • Reapplication after approximately 2-2.5 hours.


Have you tried Model Co?

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  1. Looking good! I wonder if mine would be pigmented? Only one way to find out, I suppose!

  2. Looking good! It actually looks quite hydrating, which I think it pretty good since the large majority of my lip glosses both look and feel sticky.

    I also like a flat wand! Makes it so much easier to apply!

  3. Glad to see your thoughts on this new one- looks good! I have one of the old glosses and I don't mind the formula but it leaks everywhere!

  4. I think I got a similar shade, but I am not a fan of the formula. Just removing the wand/applicator makes a mess, I end up with stringy bits that just won't let go of the tube lol and it doesn't wear well on me either.... I do like the nude shade though

  5. Love the shade I have very similar shade from a different brand that I don't mind wearing every now and than ��


  6. Ooh! This lip gloss looks so cute 。+。:゚(〃・∀・〃)゚:。。+。

  7. Oh very lovely color~


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