- SPRING 2015 -

Spring is a loveable month where the weather is just right for a capped sleeves knit wear. I don't usually categorise colours by seasons and often wear black and greys all year round. Autumn is my preferred season as I am more attracted to warmer colours than cool tones.

My boyfriend has been gifting me coloured clothing for the past few year in attempt to make me wear more colours. Well... it worked. However, I still dress like Rex Hunt at home.

Fashion is not my forte.. I'm actually quite daggy.. but I'm trying! I've been inspired to introduce more fashion to my blog thanks to Lisa @ This Damsel Loves for posting up incredible fashion/lifestyle inspos and Simply_Kenna a Youtuber I recently discovered who possess a sense of style and fashion I can only wish I had.

Here's a look into my spring picks..

A soft aqua top by Review Australia (one of my favourite clothing stores) some gorgeous pink Lady Jayne hair ties alongside a pair of the cutest flats and some playful cherry blossom beaded necklace from a thrift store.

 Spring is the perfect time for "fresh" looking make up. I like to keep my lip moist with Carmex, it is perfect for those who prefer sheer lips and Korres lip butter is my go-to lip product for a hint of colour.

In order for me to stop using deep purple eyeshadows I decided to pick out something that's quite the contrary, but also an eyeshadow that I adore, Rich List by Marsk is an amazing gold eyeshadow that can be worn alone or used in conjunction with other eyeshadows to add depth. I'd usually pick mascara over eyeliner during Spring, but I couldn't look past one of the most gorgeous eyeliner by Eye of Hours in Charcoal Obsidian, it's a grey liner with sparkles!!

As for blush... it just had to be Canmake ... it's a no brainer, this blush has spring written all over it.

Two options for nails - OPI's Is Mai Tai?  for colour lovers or Revitanail's Graphite  if you are having trouble parting from darker colours like me.

What are your Spring picks this year? 


  1. That blusher is gorgeous! These bright colours are perfect for spring and I think you should wear more colours!~~


  2. Hi there Lily and happy Spring to you hon! Love all your choices - I tend to wear pastels at this time of year. Mind you I'm not averse to going a bit bolder either, but I usually save my out-there brights for Summer when everyone is wearing their sunglasses lol. I will ALWAYS encourage gals to get into colour - it gives me such a boost, and I couldn't live without lots of rainbow hues in my life. Loving the aqua top, such a pretty hue... ♥

  3. I love the soft Aqua colour of your top! It's totally gorgeous and perfect for Spring! I've been changing some of my makeup around to more Spring friendly options. My blog post going up tomorrow is all about some Spring makeup options. :)

  4. Great post! Spring is such a lovely time of the year. The weather is definitely warming up. I love all of your springtime picks and the pretty orange and pink colours.

  5. Korres lip butter is the bomb! I need to pick up some of those pretty Lady Jayne hair ties. Love the sparkly silver one! ps I've just seen Pixels (terrible), Minions (better than I expected) and Jupiter Ascending (pretty bad but still entertaining) so my movie watching has picked up! :)

  6. I've seen the little Korres lip butters at Mecca! I havent gotten too much into spring makeup, I"m still abit stuck on winter makeup :S

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  7. Spring is my favourite month. I love brights, but I can't say my makeup changes depending on season, I love colour all year round, lol

  8. Gorgeous picks! I have that Canmake blusher as well, it's so pretty isn't it! xx

  9. That Canmake blush is too cute! I should have picked one up recently when I was in Singapore!

  10. Amazing post dear! I love it:)


  11. SO much pop of colour for me, since i love the monochrome look all day every day.
    Lovely post!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  12. Loving the colours, a very pretty post. I love Korres products as well they are just divine.

  13. The weather doesn't really define what I wear at all, but I definitely tone the warmer makeup colours down at this time of year. I'm in need of some nourishing lip products so will have to check those ones out x


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