Review: Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle

I've seen this product been advertised on TV quite a few times, I very rarely talk about hair down there with people so I giggled a little when I saw the plant based "bushes" the models were trimming in the ad. We are going to get a little personal and a whole lot friendlier in this post. I am quite hairy and I love removing my hair, but I've always found hair removal to be intriguing as every part (or most) of our body serves a purpose... so why are we so quick on removing "unwanted" hair..

History of Shaving

  • Shaving first occurred in Ancient Egypt (as with most beauty routines)... Egyptian women (and men) would remove all hair from their body with stones, beeswax and makeshift tweezer from seashells or clams. However, hair removal initially occurred not for beauty, but for survival - just in case enemies or opponents need to grab onto you, having long hair or any hair at all would be an obvious disadvantage.
  • For Romans, minimal hair equates to maximal beauty. In fact, in both Egypt and Rome, facial hair on men signified a lack of status, bearded men were associated to servants while pubic hair was considered uncivilised.
  • As time went on, like Chanel bags, hair removal signified class and wealth. In the middle ages, Queen Elizabeth (I) removed hair from her forehead and eyebrows to make her facial features appear more prominent, local women followed, some even utilised materials soaked in ammonia... Oh, the price of beauty!
  • The first razor for men was created in the 1760s by a Frenchmen, it had a wooden handle and resembled a foldable butchers knife, it was apparently damaging to the skin. In the 1880s a safer type of razer was made by Gilette, an American businessman; and in 1915, Gilette made the first razor for women.
  • Fast forward to the 21st century, hair removal is more or less a part of daily life in the Western world, regardless of wealth, or class we have a choice as to whether we'd like our hair to be removed or attached. For some time hair removal was a gender focused practise, today, it's widespread to people of all gender.. male, female or other.

About Schick Hydro Silk Trimstyle

  • Razor with water-activated moisturizing serum.
  • Curve Sensing Blades with Unique Skin Guards, designed exclusively for the curves and contours of a woman’s body and to prevent irritations.
  • Built-in waterproof bikini Trimmer is a wide trimmer with sharp blades and a new removable comb design.
  • The Trimmer has four settings providing an easy solution to obtain a customized trim length and desired look and feel.
  • Handle with a grip pattern designed for easy handling and an integrated stand to prevent blades from touching countertop surfaces.
  • The pack includes a premium AAA lithium battery, and the blades are compatible with Schick Hydro Silk refill cartridges.
Price: $21.99

My Verdict
  •  My review is based on my previous experience with shavers and razors, I started shaving my legs in high school and have only used endless packets of disposable razors for $4.99... occasionally I'd just rip hair off with my bare hands or use tweezers if I'm feeling ladylike. This is my first encounter with...what I consider a luxurious razor.
  • This product is INSANE, it has a razor AND a v-zone trimmer. I am in awe by the water activated moisturising serum on the razor, for the first time in my life I didn't need to use soap or shaving cream. My legs felt silky and smooth with no dry bits. I felt like a fish out of water.
  • At first I was concerned about taking an electrical device into the shower with me, this product is 100% waterproof, I did not have any issues shaving and showering at the same time.
  • Now onto the sensitive part, I like to keep my bits neat and tidy and I've been doing that with a pair of scissors... which probably is not the safest method and I have nibbed some skin here and then.. talk about cavewoman, right?  I love the 2in1, I can shave with one end and trim with the other. The power trimmer is excellent, I like to leave the comb on the trimmer, but if you want to go baby bald remove the comb.
  • I had a field day in the shower with this product, it was so easy to use. The one thing I would suggest to change, which I don't know how... is that my leg hair often get stuck in between the blades and it's difficult to rinse off without have to run my fingers on the blade - which I hate doing. It would be great if the razors would switch like a venetian blind to allow hair to be washed off. The timmer on the other hand was extremely easy to rinse and clean with the comb removed.
  • The other suggestion is to potentially have a cap for the razor? As a clean freak, I don't like to see my razor exposed to the open hair... I probably just sound insane now.

*This product was provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own.


  1. Great post! I saw a voucher from Priceline for this and I am keen to get it and try it! I'm still putting off making THAT appointment at the beauty salon XD

    xo Kat @ Katness

  2. I love razors like this where there's no need for shaving cream! It's so much quicker and easier to just have the serum come out. :)

  3. I've got this and its sooo good!!! I need to buy back ups so i have one all the time haha!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  4. I loved the little history you did! This product looks great. Will it last a long time? I'm pretty cheap when it comes to razors!

  5. Well I did not know the history of razors! Fascinating! I only just bought some new leg shavers but I'll keep my eye out for this next shop! X

  6. Sounds like such a convenient and easy to use razor!

  7. I do love this razor! How clever is this, really?

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  9. I enjoyed the history lesson! This sounds like such s convenient product x


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