Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Winter Edit: Hands ft Jurlique and Lanolips Lano Hands

The one thing I am terrified about is signs of ageing.

Mum always told me that our age is often given away by our hands and neck. I confess that I have never been the one for hand creams and it's probably my own doing that my hands looks older than my face - although some days I like to think that I was born with slightly wrinkly hands.

The past month had been extremely chilly, I woefully regret not packing a hand cream in my bag during Vivid. As pretty as the Sydney lights were, my hands were dry, cold and started to generate static from my Polyester jacket, I couldn't wait to get home and put on my hand cream.

This post is hand cream focused because I want to ensure that we are well equipped with handy hand creams this winter (yes lots of puns!). I wanted to share with you hand creams mum and I love and adore.


First up, a fabulous trio pack from Jurlique. If you didn't know this already, Jurlique is created by a Botanist and a Biochemist in Adelaide Hills, their mission is to connect people back to nature. Hence they created a skincare line combining alchemy, herbal medicine and homeopath. I am quite into natural healing for my general and overall wellbeing at the moment.

As a teen, I worked in retail, Jurlique was THE skincare brand that I would always oohh and ahh over every time I walked past their counter. The aesthetics of their hand cream is beyond simple visual pleasantness, the beauty is spread across four out of five senses - for me anyway! As a tactile person, I enjoy the matte feel of Jurlique's hand cream packaging, the hand cream itself is thick and creamy, but at the same time light weight and non-greasy. As for the scent, you'd be pleasantly surprised with the variety; Rose, Citrus and Lavender. I think my favourite is Lavender, but I love all three scents to be honest. It's quite strong upon application, however it will leave your skin feeling soft with a lingering pleasant and muted citrus, rose or lavender scent. Mum felt that the scent is quite strong, however, my nose felt it was it was just right.

You can find Jurlique's hand creams in Myer and David Jones.


Lanolips Australia is another iconic Australia brand. Kirsten Carriol is the brain behind this brand, Kristen's father is an award winning research pioneer in DNA who provided the secret to skin moisturisation - Lanolin. Lanolin is a naturally occurring substance found on sheep's wool to help protect and keep the wool dry. All products from Lanolips Australia is 100% cruelty free and natural. For example, a sheep's wool needs to be shed in order for it to function properly, just like how a cow needs to be milked so they don't get an infection.

I'm sure we have all seen or used Lanolips Lip Ointment at some point (even though I haven't tried it myself  - shame shame shame!) and have read amazing reviews for chapped lips. Well, these hand creams deliver results, the cream itself melts onto my hands, it has a slightly melty texture that glides onto my hands with ease. Immediately upon application my hands felt smooth and supple. This too is light weight, non greasy or sticky. Scent wise, in this particular trio there's Rose (everyday), Rose (Intense) and Lemon. My favourite is Lemon (because I love lemon meringue and lemon desserts.. is that bias?), Mum's favourite is Rose Intense, the scent lasts for ages! I personally feel that the scents are quite strong, yet Mum's nose begs the differ, she feel it's very well balanced - different nose, different opinions!

Lanolin Lano Hands can be found in David Jones, Mecca, Priceline and selected Pharmacies.

I love both products and can't think of a single con for either. There are a few differentiating factors between the two products from our experience i.e., the colour of the cream, texture (Jurlique is a little bit thicker, although the outcome and results of the hand creams are both extremely positive), the lids (Jurlique has a flip top cap and Lanolin Lano Hands has a screw on lid) and the scent (so make sure you have a smell to compare to ensure you purchase the product with the right scent for you).

Both are highly recommended  :)

*These products were provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are our own.


  1. I really have to keep on top of my hand cream game during winter and apply it regularly throughout the day. Love the Lanolips hand cream...need to try the Jurlique one.

  2. Hand creams are definitely a staple for me in winter and actually as I write this I feel an urge to slather my hands in some. At work I think I apply a hand cream almost hourly ... Haha I guess it is a weird habit of mine! I love L'Occitane and Jurlique hand creams, they always smell amazing! I haven't tried the Lano one though but if it is anything lanolips it must be amazing - can't believe you haven't tried that by the way!!! xx

    Chantalle |

  3. Well you've made me want both of these, especially the lemon scent mmm! I have so many hand creams to use up but I get so lazy with it, I think it's because I need to take my rings off to use them all over? Should stop making excuses and just use them all haha


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