Monday, September 24, 2018

Why You Should Start Using Natural Shampoo and Conditioners

I have not blogged about shampoo and conditioners for such a long time, why? Because I don't tend to find them to be anything special, they will either do the job or make my head itchy. There hasn't been a shampoo/conditioner that's been worthy of a blog until now.

For my entire life I have been using shampoo and conditioners jam packed with silicones, parabens and sulphates. Noughty is the first "natural" shampoo I have used that is free from the following:

  •  Silicones (wider brands uses this for its' anti-freeze benefits. Noughty leaves silicone out because long term use can lead to product build up and making hair limp/lifeless).
  • Parabens (wider brands uses this because it can be aggressive in destroying bacteria, Noughty leaves parabens out because it may cause skin irritations)
  •  Sulphates (wider brands uses Sulphates to allow products to foam. Noughty leaves it out because it can strip your hair and skin of it's natural oils)
  •  Petrochemicals (wider brands uses this as a smoothing agent. Noughty leaves it out because it can sit heavily on our skin and hair resulting in lank hair)

Noughty is also 100% cruelty free.

$14.99 - $16.99

  • I was extremely hesitant when I was using this duo for the first time. I have heard and read many disappointing stories around "natural" shampoo and conditioners in general. To my surprise, the shampoo lathered and foamed, not as much as some of my other products with Sulphates but lathered more than I expected. The only time it did not lather well was when my hair was quite dirty with a build up of oil and dirt over 3 days - in this case I would just double wash, I do this with regular shampoos too.
  • The conditioner applied with ease and provided the same effect as my other conditioners. It was smooth to touch and easy to spread.
  • After just one wash I could not believe how silky, shiny and fluffy my hair was - not to mention my hair smelt great. I was expecting the opposite to be honest... that my hair would look dull and unwashed. On the following day, my hair looked just as good and no itchy scalp effect. 
  • I have read a couple of other reviews indicating their hair appeared greasy the next day after using Noughty. I have a pretty healthy scalp so I did not experience this. 
  • I personally think I am a good candidate for natural shampoo and reacted very well. However please keep in mind that my hair is naturally healthy and quite shiny... but this duo just made it look healthier and shinier MINUS all the nasties. 
  • I highly recommend this duo based on my experience!


You can find a nice range of Noughty Products at Priceline

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