EOTD: Purple Eyeshadow Liner

I pretty much stopped using purple eyeshadow ever since my boyfriend told me i look like i got punched in the face when i do wear it. I don't use eyeshadow much so i looked at my 120 palette and though.. oh man what am i going to do with this..

However my primary notions weren't discouraged
 I'm not very dramatic with my makeup, everything is pretty much "everyday" wearable.



I completely forgot mascara


  1. I know what you mean bout the "punched eye look", thats why i can not ever ever pull off coloured eyeshadow.
    not sure if its true or not (and no offence first of all), but 90% of asians like me, can not pull it off.
    nice tutorial btw :)

    thanks for sharing!


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