Model Co Fibre Lash Review

I've been working @ the Model Co. counter all this week...

It was pretty quite today and so the counter manager decided to spend 2hrs giving me a full on make over at work! I didn't have anything but mascara on today.

and i didn't have much of a good impression on model co..

But here's something that I thought a lot of asian girls would like.

Purpose: to give you instant natural looking lash extension

How to use:

1. apply extension mascara first, apply a generous amount on your lashes.

2. apply the lash fibers, they are like little fluff, coat it on top of the extension mascara.

3. then coat another layer of extension mascara on top of the lash fiber.

this would work best with model co's heated lash curler wand.. since if you use a normal curler.. it'll just end up sticking off.

Here's what my lashes ended up looking like.. (only top lashes were coated)

It looks very natural.. my normal lashes are long-ish (see purple eyeliner tut for my natural lashes), so this just gave me the false eyelash effect. My boyfriend have long black and curled lashes like these naturally! haha i'm jealous!

She also decided to do my whole face..

here's what she used for the base:

hydrated me with clinique's moisture surge

Model Co Miracle Veil-- It's a green fluid that minimise redness.. work kinda like a primer

Fluidsplash 3 in 1 foundation- i was a little uncertain about this because i NEVER EVER cover my whole face with foundation.. and i would NEVER EVER EVER EVER cover my wholeface with LIQUID foundation... but this is a moisturiser (50%water), a foundation and has a concealer on the lid. very versatile. The only thing i don't like about this is the smell.. it's TERRIBLE.. i can't stand the synthetic smell!
she also applied 3 neutral shimmer toned eyeshadow and a pink blush.... OHHH and she lined my lips and applied gloss.. but i had to rub it off for dinner! Oh and i dislike the gloss as well.. it was a plasticy kinda taste... and sticky..


  1. you look gorgeous :)

    but sadly, the model co stuff doesnt work for me. even my cheapo maybelline stuff works so much better. but id guess you have naturally "fluffy" lashes.


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