Melbourne: I'm Back in Black!

I just got back from my trip...

Destination: Melbourne (nothing too WOW-zer)

Purpose: ACDC (i know right.. the ONLY reason we went is because my bf missed out on syd tix..)

Anyway, without consulting me he booked us into the Grand King View @ Grand Hyatt Hotel
Here's our view

Our Awesome king sized bed
And the tennis court which we decided we have too much money in our pockets and forked out $18 to play tennis for half an hour
our AWESOME marble bathroom! (my fav place in our room lol)
I love melbourne... with brands called Acne, weird old ladies roaming around screaming at people, free trams... I love it!!!

Neither my bf nor i have ever indulged the awesome-ness of room service.

We decided to get room service for dinner the night we landed..
A bowl of grilled seafood which consists of 2 scallops 2 pieces of salmon 1 piece of tuna and 1 prawn, oh and 1 wedge of lemon $45

Classical Caesar salad $20... at least we got complimentary bread and butter..
we kinda swore that we would never get room service again...
that promise didn't last... he got hungry again the next night and ordered a sauteed mushrooms $20 or so...

and pork chops... $35

and that was the last of room service.
The next couple of arvos we found oursevles a nice jap restaurant..

The food was great!!!! $42 fed both of us

Here's my dork drinking some foreign beer from a cup.

We went and walked abouts at the botanic gardens for about 3 hours....
I have a thing for birds!
and OF COURSE... we went moshing @ the ACDC concert..

one word. AMAZING.

Beer, Tits and Rock n roll... what more could a girl ask for?

We decided to dine at a nice looking restaurant the last night.. we found this one..

He ordered a glass of champane because he never had champane @ a resturant and I ordered a glass of cranberry juice because i'm obsessed about it atm..

$18/dish... You should've seen my reaction when I saw the bok choy...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! 2 strands of choy floating in water!?!?

Here's our half eaten assorted seafood and vegies tempura but it doesn't look much different from when it first got to us..
Don't worry, we went to Maccas after this rabbit meal..

Melbourne beats sydney.. hands down.


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