Review: La Fresh Travel Wipes
I got this from meg in my last package.. these travel wipes really appealed to me... alcohol free with vita E and biodegradable cloth.
i've tried a few make up remover and wipes all of which gave me a stinging effect (alcohol) and irritate my eyes.

I tried this on my trip, they were the perfect travel wipes!
It folds out quite big, you'd have enough room to wipe every corner of your face

Here's a yukky pic, I wore pressed foundation, a bit of blush and mascara that day

I felt that the foundation etc came off with ease i was squeaky clean in seconds.

I remember reading that it's safe to use around the eye so i gave the mascara a go..
But it didn't do as well , i had to go over it a few times... and i don't think it removed the mascara completely.

Nonetheless, instead of taking a bottle of make up remover these are a pretty cheap alternative!

6pack of individually packed travel wipes in a zip bag for $3.99 .. i think it's ideal for traveling.
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  1. I tried my best to convince myself it was real. I was even sad to the point of depression as it gradually dawned on me that my fantasy was impossible.

  2. Jonny: it's real.. you're the most hardcore, intense travel wipe fanatic i have ever seen


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