Nine West Bounceback Pumps: Most comfortable heels ever!
I'm not a high heels girl, I'm few of the unfortunate ones to have sensitive feet, i get blisters from wearing kitten heels.

The night before my 21st birthday i thought to myself, I'm gona go out and get myself a pair of real high heels! So I grabbed my mate and his gf and out we went for late night heels shopping.

I didn't think we'd find anything... but an hour later we went into Nine West.
My mate's gorgeous gf Paola picked it out for me.


  1. Gorgeous!!!!
    They look so nice, you should do an outfit post!

  2. lovely! they looks like a good investment that'll go with anything XD

  3. hot hot heels! once u find heels that are comfortable they become an investment ;)

  4. They are gorgeous! As a matter of fact, I've been looking for a pair of shoes like these myself. Can't believe they're that comfortable, lucky you!


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