November is not my month

Ah fuck

Uni is shit and can't find a job.


  1. I've been through the same slump during uni times, hopefully things will start looking up for you very soon xo

  2. Don't feel so bad..there's a lot of people who are in the same boat as you. It's very admirable that you put yourself through college..not a lot of people can do that! It can be scary after graduating college...but once u get used to's really not so bad. Try not to compare urself to others..just do what u love/like to do..and I believe things will fall into place! (: Cheers!

  3. I am soo the same atm... And with Christmas coming around the corner... I have even more to spend out!! Thank-God for Overdraft!! hee hee!!
    Do hope Dec will be better than Nov and you get chance to enjoy some time off, feet up and snuggle under a blanket xx


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