Movie Review: Stardust

I had low expectations for this movie.

When i saw the ad on tv I was pretty apathetic. There was nothing to do on a Saturday night so this movie was a force fed.

I thought this was a "kiddie" movie, i couldn't believe how fantastic the plot is. I'm usually not too into fantasy movies, i never really got into harry potter or narnia (i love CS Lewis' books though, just not the film).

This movie is about trying to get what you want but in the process of that, finding your true love. Very much a romantic fantasy. Boy seek the hand of his lover by retriving a fallen star on the other side of the forbidden down wall. Let me just say it's full of surprises.

Robert DeNiro was a kicker in this movie.

Cute movie.

I really enjoyed this.


  1. Cute blog! Seems like an interesting movie!!!
    Just discovered your blog and followed it, hope you will follow me too.....
    Love from Greece


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