Pizza E Birra, Surry Hills

According to Urbanspoon Pizza E Birra is the "best" italian restaurant in NSW

The restaurant was smaller than expected, it wasn't too busy when we first arrived, within 30mins or so it was packed. a busy night, rather crammed.

The ambiance was good thought; lively and relatively fast paced.

However, we sat there for about 15mins till I flagged down a waiter to take our order. One of the male waiter was rude, snobbish... every time he walked past, he pretty much ignored us. I blame his parents for not teaching him mannerism!

We ordered this dreadful pizza, i forgot what it's called... convenient isn't it? I'm surprised i'm even writing a review. It started with T...... toppings were: spinach, mushrooms, artichoke, tomatoes, basil, Parmesan....

the pizza came, it sat on a tall stand. It was WTF, the pizza i mean. they bloody had 1/4 of the pizza covered with spinach only, other quarter with mushrooms, another quarter with tomatoes...... there was maybe... 3 slices of artichoke. Note. it cost about $22 and it was the size of your average plate.

Taste... it was ok, i think they buttered the base, it was buttery, which was nice. The topping was less than was scarce and the flavour wasnt' quiet there. the edge was very crispy it was a thin base.... I think we just picked a bad pizza.

For dessert, we had semifreddo.

It was quite nice, the cherries were way too sweet though, but i was able to consume the mascarpone in large quantities, ongoing.

I would go back there again.. but next time.. pick another pizza.

I would go back, to give it another shot yes. And next time i'll go prepared. with my camera!


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