Daily Makeup Products - November 2011

1. Australis Palette (Fantastic Australian Brand. Great little palette, but at the moment I'm only using 3 of it's eye shadows)
2. Everyday Minerals Pressed foundation in Buttered Tanned (probably not my colour but I like looking healthy :P)
3.Blistex Lip conditioner
4. Bourjois Bronzer (with just a tiny bits of gold glints)
5.Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara (Don't get fooled by it's name, it actually give a very NATURAL look)
6. Revlon Age defying concealer

I must admit, a year into my career within the beauty industry my love for cosmetics amplified. Don't get me wrong, from 0-19yrs of age, Lily HATED make up. She sworn to herself she'd never put "that shit" on her face.

A year later, this love hate relationship flourished. Nonetheless I do often go to uni with a naked face, only to suffer my wholly regret when I realised the vast amount of recent, newly enrolled cute boys.

For work, I use a LOT of make up (post about that later)

Never thought I'd say this, but I'm actually getting sick of packing on make up.. When I get really lazy, I just use mascara.

Can you leave the house without a drop of make up? If you had to pick ONE product to put on yourself before you leave the house, what would it be?


  1. I often leave the house without eyemakeup but I need a base and some sunscreen. My skin feels so dry and naked without it! :P

  2. I didnt know you had a blog. Man I love makeup... And I cant believe you use everyday minerals too! I use them because they dont have bismuth in their products, which i am allergic to! I didnt realise until I used Bare Escentuals and I had rashes all over my face. I am also a huge fan of BB and Shu Uemura. Which Myer do you work out... get me goodies :P Do you gus have SKII hahaha

  3. oh my sister is what you used to be.. she doesn't really wear makeup to work except for eyeliner! i wonder if she'll change her mind in the future! look forward to hearing about your work makeup :)


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